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  1. I wouldn’t give a [censored] If someone lost their health or life because they harassed my partner or family/friends. The world is a jungle and if you stick your nose in to other peoples business then you must accept a hospital bed or a pine box. If more people remembered this then perhaps there would be less smart arses. a guy punched my girls [censored] a few years ago. I put him in hospital with a broken ashtray. im sure he’s more respectful these days
  2. Exactly. Norm Smith wasn’t a ‘Melbourne person’ when he joined the club.
  3. How about leaving it alone! The game is Fine. The media jump on the odd fight but it’s been going on for decades. 99% of the time it’s not a problem.
  4. Kennett - need about 5 million more of his kind in this nanny state. What he said is dead right. How we celebrate and watch sport is uniquely Australian and it’s getting changed by PC police and immigrant security guards who have NFI - and nor should they . They didn’t grow up following footy like we did. They can’t be expected to understand the nuances of our culture - but equally so, it shouldn’t be a capital offense to point that fact out.
  5. Lol, yeah goodes has had such a tough life. Stardom and big money to play sport must really enable him to connect with those less fortunate. The guy is a professional victim ( as player and as a man) and the day he retired was a great day for the afl
  6. Can someone please explain who Lilly Mitchell is ?
  7. What a load of PC guff. eddie betts doesn’t get booed. goodes was a racially divisive [censored] of the highest order and got exactly what that delivers. betts will be remembered as a great man and a superb player. goodes tried to bring politics in to football and got exactly what he deserved. The crowd spoke - “F^*+ off mate”
  8. Hi Admin anything you guys can do to avoid RFC banner ads on Demonland - it’s offensive . thiight they were related to browsing history but I’ve never browsed that kind of dirty trash before
  9. You guys clearly haven’t travelled much if you think the daily planet is an interesting place. Lol a cliche run of the mill [censored] house, with all the over the top rules and regulations a nanny state like Australia offers you. Great
  10. Stop rabbiting on about Jessie’s considerable issues he’s had to deal with. He’s a man. He needs to deal with it. perosnally, he has been riding on the reputation of his ‘potential’ for too long. I believe we have won by trading him out. He won’t be the generational player he was billed as and we get a strong key back to add to our side.
  11. That’s a fantastic interview mate! Very well done
  12. 'very good' is a stretch. hes been ok but hasnt been busting the door down. Not even close to the top bracket of VFL forwards, let alone an AFL talent.
  13. As usual on this site, posters will see what they want to because the reality stinks. weidemann is a bust. KPF take a while but the good ones show potential in the meantime and any astute footy observer can see it. Highlighting 6 tackles for a KPF is really clutching for straws. Half of us could go out and lay tackles. move him on
  14. the age of the interchange being using tactically was the beginning of the end for Australian rules football. It will be slow but the game will die. The sport at the highest level is unwatchable now. The only reason a game is entertaining is if its close with a minute to go. There are no more highlights. cheap goals over the back are boring. Its become basketball on a big field with a rolling maul making it as boring as batshit. I don't want to see fumbling players getting tackled non stop. I want to see one on one contests, high marking, precision foot skills to hard leading forwards. AFL is gone fellas.
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