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  1. Welcome HL! Strong and clever HB or Mid and former All Australian. Collingwood had a glut of mids so hard for HL to break in but may prove different at Melbourne. HL together with Garlett are great pick ups without affecting draft picks much. Worth noting both players wanted to play with Us. Note that Brisbane have done well picking up Christenson and the Elite one Beams. Hoping MFC can score a brilliant Mid similar to Danger. Fingers crossed.
  2. Jack has skills no doubt about it. Would have to be a substantial trade. He appears scared on occasion and does tend to hang back a little. As to putting on the weight this may not suit his running dashing weaving style. He seems big enough just lacks some courage and heart. Shows in glimpses but thats about it.
  3. Josh Kennedy did go to Melbourne this year actually but different shape ball.
  4. There we stood, you, me, Kipper and Ray. Still got the photo. One of the best games of football. Interestingly, I read in column this morning, may have been Rohan Connolly commented the Melbourne team of 1987 was not particularly strong. After initially disagreeing I thought about that it and he was probably right. Players like Eishold, Yeats, Campbell, Brett Bailey , Chiron weren't stars but Flower turned them into Demons. Melbourne did get onto a significant run of wins and played as if possessed by some higher power to achieve what we did that year. Flower, in my mind was that po
  5. Refreshing racism is gradually being weeded out. No longer cool. I recall at a match v Tigers some years ago when LJ got the ball in the middle, managed to get clear somehow and from 45 metres out with nothing between him and the goals Jurrah grubbed the ball through for a behind. A Guy two rows back in the Melbourne Members Northern stand ground level yelled out "take your boots off next time Jurrah" a comment greeted by laughter by most in earshot. One of my big regrets was not reporting the Guy or at least challenging him then and there. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-09-09/port-ad
  6. JACK, That's called blowing the SuperCoach Budget. Great players though.
  7. Yes definitely for HL. Whoever controls the steering wheel in Demonland must act on some of the rubbish comments in this thread. Pathetic commentary. Pathetic gutter dribble.
  8. Boyd's best years are well behind him. Was a great player though.
  9. I read an article about him earlier this year along the lines of a hand or wrist operation hampers his quick hand movement and impedes his marking. He has trouble bending his wrists.
  10. Also like Neil Daniher(arguably our best and most successful coach since 64) Bomber T oozes character and charm. The players would love him and supporters likewise.
  11. landing Bomber would be a major coup for Melbourne Football Club. He would form a dynamic duo with Roos for the next two years with Bomber taking over full control afterwards.
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