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  1. Go look up Jordie mckenzie or James magner stats. 40 touches of the ball (or 24) doth not make an afl star.
  2. Cerra? His 3 career brownlow votes obviously makes him an a grader,
  3. Probably in his last season. A true servant of the club. All round good bloke and leader. Vote for nev in this years demonbracket. Deserves a win.
  4. I do. But i am holding out as long as possible to see what happens with the season. I felt pretty ripped off in 2020 having paid for a reserved seat and still having to pay for kayo to watch games. The club treated members very poorly this year.
  5. Nah, they said they would call me back. Its on them. Secondly I disagreed to the direct debit and they still proceeded.
  6. I got the email saying my 2021 membership would be direct debited, to which I responded that I would not like that to happen and to get a callback. They called me up and I was busy with work so I requested a call the next day. They never called and now I get an email today - Unfortunately, we have been unable to process your upfront Easy Pay membership payment. Pretty bloody poor form by the club. It's not an insignificant amount of money i give them and to automatically try the direct debit again after I requested not to is pathetic. If it had gone through (credit card they ha
  7. Yep, pretty poor the way members have been treated by the club this year. Other clubs are doing a lot more. Expect membership to be abysmal in 2021.
  8. Good luck getting a response from the club. They don't reply to emails.
  9. I'm reasonably [censored] off the club would send out an auto-renew payment. I will renew (maybe on my current membership if it looks like i can go to live games or a lower level if its only tv again), but I never signed up for an autopayment. What have a received for my $600+ membership this year? A questionnaire about sponsorship and a request for more cash…. I know times are tough, but at least give something back to the people who are giving up their hard earned cash in trying times. A Kayo membership for the season (considering we are hardly on free-to-air) might have been nice, in
  10. Pretty sure home games have been thrown out the window. The AFL just wants games played for $.
  11. So the footballer gets 15 years to chase a ball around a field... Whats stopping them become a nurse or a teacher post footy? Nothing! They probably even have better opportunities than most as they can earn a degree whilst earning big bucks playing footy! Playing footy is a privilege.....
  12. I too would like an answer on this.
  13. Straight from the bigfooty rumours forum. Unlikely.
  14. Good pick up and my apologies. I looked on footywire and it for some reason is missing pickett's 98 season.
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