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  1. Simple answer but obviously more expensive, buy an mfc membership with grand final guarantee.
  2. Also watch on mute lately. The three times I’ve had sound on recently I’ve heard them say “player ‘mungs’ the ball down the line”. What is that? Not english.
  3. Thanks to those that messaged me on this. New Balance now have more kids jersey sizes on stock. Appreciate the help!
  4. Can we keep the conversation more on footy and less on which [censored] sky news commentator you want to [censored]?
  5. None of them have won a premiership.
  6. They literally kicked 1 goal in three quarters at the scg a few weeks ago.
  7. Thanks, but nothing available there between a size 2 and a 7. Also nothing at rebel.
  8. Sorry to bump and old thread, but I'm looking for a new jumper for my daughter as she has grown out of her dees jumper. It seems no one has stock anywhere of a current jersey between a size 2 or 12. Need a 4. If anyone sees one for sale anywhere let me know and I'll the place to get them to send me it. Then there is the tough decision on number. Thinking of either 6 Jackson/Daisy combo, or 29 Hunt/Zanker.....
  9. Cheer up sunshine. We’re top of the ladder.
  10. Sure. Baffles me why so many fans are keen to see us keep making the 60 years of stupid decisions that keep us out of seeing any success.
  11. Heard several people from the club say they regretted they didn’t push harder against it. We were forced to fly in same day as well. We played the most grounds of any team in 2020. Then went in with the stupid “any team, anywhere” line, and lost both. It was dumb business and dumb football.
  12. It was arrogance that led to us agreeing to playing two games in cairns last year and missing finals. Smartness beats arrogance. Play at a neural ground.
  13. Strangely Brisbane have played more games in NZ (1), than they have in Tasmania (0).
  14. Trying to take my 2 year old to my reserved seat. Previous years you just walk them through the turnstile. Earlier this year you could add a child through the ticketek process. Now they have the app barcode there is zero info about how to get your kid in even though state gov and mcg covid rules say a kid 12 months or older needs a ticket. No info from the club at all.
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