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  1. Just what the world needs. More plastic garbage that gets thrown out after one use.
  2. I went last week but had some fat drunk bogans kids kicking my seat for three quarters. I politely asked them to stop and said bogan got aggressive and almost wanted to fight. Totally unnecessary and uncalled for. Really ruined the spirit of the game for me and not something you see often from a fellow dees supporter. Wish we could get our reserved seat away from the riff raff for finals.
  3. Anyone else a little annoyed that trident members have to pay for the members function this year?
  4. Reckon Yze, Craig, Viney and Riley might dispute that.
  5. Yze. 100% win rate says it all. Goodwin. 54% win rate and a premiership Northey. 54% win rate. 1 Grand final and what should have been another one. Roos. Only 31% win rate, but saved the club. Daniher. 48% win rate and one gf perfomance. The up and down every year was a killer as a supporter though. Top bloke though.
  6. Looks like it’s been spotted in the wild. Very busy!
  7. I'd add night game fatigue to the mix. Getting away from 2 kids of an evening is difficult. We've had 5 weeks of it now. Have to pick which ones i attend. A game VS GWS isn't the highest priority.
  8. Even Daniel Menzel won his first 15.
  9. And Harris most goals kicked in an aflw season!
  10. 3 points off the highest ever aflw score with a quarter to play!
  11. Busted ankle. Basically a fracture and tear of the tissue between the tibia and fibula. Generally 4-8 weeks in a moonboot. They suck. Edit- Sounds like his is even more serious requiring surgery. He'll get a wire or a couple of screws in there. Not fun.
  12. I tipped the top 5 in the comp on the night but didn’t win the cash money
  13. I’ve heard a 4 or 5 year deal will be announced soon
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