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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Grill'd have very questionable ethics. Offer trainee wages and get taxpayer subsidies for it. I refuse to eat anywhere that does'nt pay their employees a fair wage, and then they still charge $17 a burger!
  2. To be fair one of those games (elim final) he got zero stats as an unused sub. Another goodwin coaching genius decision.
  3. This can only end one way. Buffering and a scrolling wheel of death.
  4. It means the current board is trying to sway a few swing voters in the current board election. Probably garbage
  5. 6. Paxman 5. hore 4. west 3. Mcnamara 2. Zanker 1. b Mackin
  6. 6. Purcell 5. Hanks 4. Mackin 3. Heath 2. Gillard 1. Hore
  7. 6. Heath (18 disposals. 2 goals. Shut down Davey, and 11 tackles!!!) 5. Hore. (Viney-like leader. led when we needed to be led.) 4. Bannan 3. Zanker 2. Harris 1. Purcell
  8. Surely he wouldn't fit in with a no d1** head policy?
  9. Tommo got a lot of the ball but his kicks more often than not went straight to a geelong player. Harmes is a vfl player. BBB was excellent getting forward and back and still kicking goals. Straight into the team. Moniz-Wakefield needs to slow down. Seemed rushed and fumbly and turned it over because of this. Bowey was great. Turner was marking everything but also poor kicking let him down. Thought Deakyn Smith played a pretty good game.
  10. I cant help much here but say a particular bloke that had distinct demon tattoo was a complete peanut to me when their kid was kicking my ($100+) seat at the mel v syd final last year. I politely spoke to both child and parent but was rudely spoken back to. I hope you read this. You're an [censored] of the highest order and your tat is terrible. I was nothing but kind and respectful to your family but you chose to ruin football for me for a while. Be better.
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