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  1. Well, here we are. Amidst the doom of the season we still must admit that the off-season recruitment of established names in footy development is a pleasing aspect to the Neeld era. My concern is that many on here don't realise, or refuse to acknowledge, the need to let the more talented, if poor in performance and less mature in body, to have the time to use the expertise of Craig and Misson to turn their fortunes around. There are no promises in this game but Morton, Watts, Bennell, and Bail are a few names that given the right advice can transform their bodies and give themselves a chance to succeed at this level. And remember that this doesn't occur overnight - it is a project that takes a few years. Do we still wish to delist Bennell? Do we still want to trade Morton? List management decisions must be made I believe, with an eye to the new development dynamic. I will admit this thread is a reaction to seeing Morton called a dud this morning - not on what he has done this season, but because of the previous dynamic that was not conducive to getting the best out of players.
  2. Guest

    Player Development

    Clark is a much better player under Neeld. His output (if it continues) and his influence on games will surpass previous years (by alot) under different coaches. Many ridiculed his value and he is living up to his pay packet. The guy has class. Morton has been a revelation IMO. his skill level is up. He is out playing other more seasoned midfielders and his attack on the ball and player is up to par. I'm not saying he puts fear into the opposition physically, but he is performing admirably in a midfield that is not feeding him and playing to his strengths. Jones is performing as an inside midfielder and is kicking goals. I don't see 'dumb' football and decisions any more. In a better team he would be considered a A grader. The guy us playing like a first found draft pick (as he should) Magner has stepped up into AFL grade seamlessly. The game plan suits him and Neeld knows he will get a contest with him. Putting him on Scarlett is testament to his play. This gives me hope that player development is on track or improving.
  3. When Does Morton get dropped? The still young Bugs just not hitting any targets, too slow and just can't produce skills needed to see him help this struggling team of ours at the moment. As a 1st rounder pick 4 in the draft a few years back i would have hoped for a little more at this stage. whats the couching group doing to pull him together? who replaces him against the saints?? Anyone? Horny devil...
  4. It seems that the "average" player's weight in kilos is their height in centimetres minus 100. For example, an "average" player of 194cm weighs 94kg. We have a number of skinny players on our list, such as Morton, Cook, Gysberts and Watts, all of whom are more than 100 less than their height and all have had more than one pre-season on the list. Does anyone know how hard it is to add weight to bodies? How is it done? Weight training plus protein supplements? And most importantly, did the MFC, particularly under the Bailey regime (it's too early for Neeld), know what to do in this area?
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