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  1. Hi all, My partner and I have recently moved to Sydney for work and we’re already missing the game day experience. Is there anyone that lives up here that get together for game day? Is there a pub renowned for showing the game? Thanks, Daniel.
  2. They haven’t hurt them yet.
  3. I know it’s the hip thing to do on demonland, but how about not laying into our own players. Call yourself a supporter.
  4. *Melbourne smash blues to half time, narrative all about blues playing poor footy and Melbourne not beating anyone of note* *blues lead Sydney by a point at half time, narrative about how well blues are playing and Sydney are also an afl team playing tonight* I get that the media doesn’t trust us yet and that Sydney have been a champion team for years but what I don’t get is the hypocrisy. I guess it’s just anything for a story huh?
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