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  1. This deal really stinks for reserved seat holders, 11 games with an undercover seat costs an extra $130, but it now will be 9 games with a seat and 2 without for the same price! Taking the [censored] a bit.
  2. The 'highlights' video on the club website is out of focus and shows virtually nothing of value. While there has been some improvement in recent times of what melbournefc.com.au offers, this is terrible and lets down all those who were unable to get there.
  3. Does that mean Ricky P is not training with Richmond anymore? I thought he was sure to get picked up elsewhere!
  4. Good points made that clarify it, my intention was not to talk down Evans so much as illustrate that his record is shaded by Magner, so it is odd that he got the spot. That and his issues with injury. I hope he comes good and plays some great footy
  5. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but why would we promote Evans to the primary list over Magner? I see that Evans has potential, but why him over a bloke that slotted straight into AFL footy and played a heap of games for us? Evans cannot get his body right, other players were given the arse recently for that, players I would suggest that showed more for us than what at this stage Evans ever will - Pettard was a very, very handy player when fit. What's the deal?
  6. What an insult to Hudson's victims, to be bought up so flippantly, utter disgrace.
  7. Bloke wants photo. Players pose for photo. This is not news, someone at The Age needs to take control of the situation and stop the campaign they have running against us. It is making a mockery of their sports section and credibility as a newspaper.
  8. Hogan does not come onto the list until 2014
  9. With articles popping up everywhere (there is a new one on afl.com.au today), I am confused about us getting Viney. Simply, who has to commit first? Giants, Suns or Us? What date will we find out? It will be decided before the actual draft, right?
  10. Cook was back in the Twos again. Pretty tough to see when Tom Lynch kicked 4 yesterday.
  11. Raising flags before games. Club blazers. Tom Scully debacle. Fighting with Hancook. Public coach interview process. Losing assistants and taking on old boys on tenure. Dumb game plans from the 90s. Sacking veteran players for 18 year olds that need to play VFL. Smug attitude about an unproven list. Pressers about giving famous numbers to kids. List can go on and on. Malthouse hit the nail right on the head.
  12. A lot (yes, that's right, it is two words, not one) better than 'Jimmy's Pool Room'. That was bad AND it had Brodie Holland. A good fit for Robbo and MFC.
  13. Some may be critical, but it would be amazing to get this up. These things when someone has an idea an others get behind it, the first time they did this at European soccer matches, not everyone would have done it, people need to stick at it and get behind it for it to roll on.
  14. Thanks for the report, wanted to watch the game on the NTFL website but had other commitments. Sorry to hear about Aussie's contribution. I have heard that even before the tragic passing of his dad, his hamstring problems had started to put an end to his AFL career. Thought the drop back in standard and demand on his body would have given him a chance to thrive.
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