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  1. Completely agree. Brad Green left the field with a detached retina before the ball was even bounced and Michael Long performed the most cowardly act on a 19yr old. Troy was rushed to hospital. Michael was raced to the AFL hall of fame. Times have indeed changed. Burgoyne did cop a massive $1k fine for his sling tackle on an opponent who never had the ball.
  2. Still trying to work out whether Goodie put a bet on against us, or whether he got out coached by a guy whose only qualifications are having played 21 of the 22 games in 2005 for Freo and leading them in hard ball gets. Oh, Troy also finished third in the club for contested marks and overall marks that year.
  3. Agree with all... except your assessment of Jones. He was prob the only one with any poise tonight.
  4. He did really well to respond following the 4 day break
  5. I’ve been wondering for years why this club has had no success for such a long time. This club doesn’t have a home. Where is our social club? The kids don’t know where the team trains. The players don't know where the kids are. They players don't have to look the kids in the eye after their last performance. If we won a flag, where would we take the Cup? Where would the family celebration be? We're the only club in the AFL without a home training ground and a heartland. We gave it up in the 80s. Simply, we don’t have a home and home is where the heart is. We have no heart. 
  6. Is this the same guy who got rubbed out for biting? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-10/essendon-conor-mckenna-suspended-for-biting-tory-dickson/9638358
  7. Switch off after the 7th goal is kicked for the match... that will warm you.
  8. Great win! I've loved both games from Zanker this year. She's got a great future in this comp. Size, pace, good decision making, overhead marking and kicking; what's not to like? (You may recall the set shot goal she made last year as a teenager from 45 out on the boundary late in the 3rd against the Bulldogs.) Also liked the games of Shelley Scott, Kate Hore, Shelley Heath, Maddie Gay, Aleisha Newman, Meg Downie and Libby Birch. It's been a great start for us given the loss of three key players with season ending knee injuries before round 1 (Lauren Pearce, Katherine Smith and
  9. Does Goodie say, "Brisbane is a quality side" or does he come clean and confess we are a crap side and a crap club?
  10. Surely it must be official now that we are the ‘inside 50 second stoppage specialists’. Ranked as No.1 in the Comp for 2018 and 2019.
  11. One co-captain hardly gets a touch. The other one can't even catch it. Really Simon?
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