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  1. Easy to pick on individuals isn’t it?
  2. 6. James Harmes 5. Christian Petracca 4. Harry Petty 3. Ed Langdon 2. Clayton Oliver 1. Alex Neal-Bullen
  3. Latest Sportsbet odds (before the start of Round 4) Casey Demons $6 Carlton, Footscray, Geelong $8 Southport $9 Richmond $10 Sydney $12 Collingwood $13 Gold Coast $15 Box Hill Hawks, GWS Giants $17 Williamstown $21 Brisbane, Werribee $26 Frankston, North Melbourne, Sandringham $41 Coburg, Essendon $67 Northern Bullants, Port Melbourne $101
  4. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Steven May 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Kysaiah Pickett 2. Bayley Fritsch 1. Max Gawn
  5. Every draft is affected by unusual factors but this one is especially so. The pandemic and the lockdowns have meant that it’s more difficult to assess many of the players. This year’s mid season draft saw some of the best ruck prospects taken in advance leaving little in the way of top end young ruck talent. The players definitely standing out are the midfielders and mid sized attackers and defenders meaning the depth for drafters goes deep into the 40s.
  6. The two oldest clubs in the competition going head to head … but we’ll be by far, they younger, fitter, faster and better.
  7. Yes, I know of someone with a son in an AFL club’s NGA. They usually start out with open days for eligible players within their zone for 14 year olds that are simply aimed at being fun and they then go on to be more serious with squads at 16/17. Jason Taylor referred to Mac playing in a trial game just before Covid 19 out at Beaconsfield before he showed some significant improvement through the Stingrays earlier this season. I got the impression that we didn’t put that much time into him - unlike Toby Bedford and Deakyn Smith who came to Melbourne through the NGA. We would be entitled to crack it if he we worked with him over a long period of time in which he was recognized as a future star and played in state under 16 and 18 squads and the like. But I don’t believe Taylor is claiming that. If we don’t get him, we might be stiff but we have no cause to complain.
  8. Does anyone know if there were in fact many Norwood fans among those who wore the red n blue in the crowd last night?
  9. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Jack Viney 3. Bayley Fritsch 2. Alex Neal-Bullen 1. Max Gawn
  10. Come back in 10 years time when we’ve won another 6 flags and ask the question again.
  11. 6. Steven May 5. Christian Petracca 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Christian Salem 2. Michael Hibberd 1. Ed Langdon
  12. From George’s Match on Demonland - “UMPIRES Donlon, Gavine, Rebeschini” The same trio. Had to favour the home team otherwise life in the hub would have been miserable for them. Still, they were good in the last quarter.
  13. I think that at some stage the club regarded Preuss as a tall forward/rucking option but that idea seems to have been shelved.
  14. Don’t know about that but our kicking for goal in the third quarter was our best of the season - 7.1 !!!!!!!!
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