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  1. I went. Got to Gosch's paddock for a few minutes on Friday. It's been a while too. I was sitting in Hisense arena at the Tennis- and realised the boys had switched their training ground. Great news...but there was a catch. They give you leave passes at Hisense but they only last for a max of 30 minutes. I said to my girl friend ...would you like a coffee? I'll go and get one for you." Very noble of me. So I took off...ran across Olympic Boulevard past the 'pies and past the soccer stuff...arriving at Gosch's approx 11am. I only had a few minutes to watch. The rain had
  2. Agree. Not one of our better PR days. I works shifts and travelled from Eltham. I have a 3pm start time for my shift so the advertised time on the MFC website (still listed as 12 noon start) was ideal. Or so i thought. I had to leave for work at 1.50 so i saw approx 15-20 minutes of players walking laps, doing stretches, and having pings at the goals. There was a good crowd today...it could have been so much better. At least I got to watch poor Bernie Vince run repeat sessions around flat cones. He looked buggered at the end, but still had enough air to acknowledge the fans on the
  3. Just wondering if the training tomorrow is an open session. The MFC website hasn't been updated - it still has Wed 28th Jan at Gosch's Paddock as the upcoming session. I have tomorrow off - the first time in two years that I can watch a training session. I hope it's open - Gosch's or Casey.
  4. Wikipedia has the Skull passing away due to an apparent overdose of sleeping pills. But then again...you can't believe everything in Wikipedia. They listed the famous finishing moves of Skull Murphy as the elbow smash, foreign objects, and the powerslam. What!! No Headbutt!! Skull carried a scone that was reportedly twice the thickness of the normal human skull. Gotta love pre-season.
  5. Loved the man. And what great songs on that classic 'New Boots and Panties' album - Sweet Gene Vincent, Billerickie Dickie, Sex and drugs and rock and roll (and some nice support from Chas Jaenkel on keyboards).
  6. She's still gunning for the MFC too.. Before she took her break from AW in October, she couldn't resist asking why Melbourne hadn't been investigated for their role in the Danks saga. From 19 Apr 2013 - The 7.30 program on ABC1 - "7.30 has learned the Demons had a detailed supplements regime which it ran in close association with Dank". She will not let this go away.
  7. There was a question mark about Freeman's ball handling ability.
  8. Be nice to have at least one player in the side with pace. And atm - with all the changes - no one knows our best 22.
  9. I've heard the club is keen on Lennon. Freeman would be handy but they don't expect him to be available at 9. There could be a slider - maybe Aish - as he's regarded as more of an outside midfielder. I like Quigley's description of Freeman - stamina, pace and a little bit of a pudge. And he still won the repeat sprints. His downside is his hands but he is born with stuff other players don't have. It's disappointing to read that Quayle (and everyone else) reckons we need pace, when we have one of the quickest linebreakers around in Sam Blease. Please give him one good pre-season.
  10. Don't blame the recruiters for all our draft flops. They are given a brief of the type of player we want. They do their research and come back with a list of options, only to get overruled at the selection table - usually by the coach. In 2008 one of our experienced recruiters spotted a young kid named Zaharakis. The recruiter desperately tried to get the MFC to pick him. Instead, Bailey went for Strauss because 'he's a good kick'. They didn't consider whether Strauss could actually get the ball! Last year...Neeld says he wants 'good sized, good bodied, ready to play types'. So we recrui
  11. Port Adelaide had 51 uncontested possessions on the forward line. They even had guys walking on their own in the middle, and no-one manned up. We were undersized and undetermined. Two years ago we were competitive with Port in Adelaide. Now they had their biggest winning margin since the finals in 2007. And tactics what tactics?!! Get the ball and bomb it to a contest? Is there a law against offering a lead, and honouring it? Shameful.
  12. Has he bulked up? i don't think so. Maybe he just looks thin next to Majac Daw.
  13. I think the Tapster is actually right footed, but he can use his left ok.
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