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  1. Was curious to hear thoughts on how well we’ve traded out when the player was happy or keen to stay? I.e. Frosty, Watts, Clark, Dunn, etc... Did we get a good deal, has the player played better and made it a poor deal..? I’m NOT talking about when a player wants to go to another club I.e. Hogan, Howe for various reasons. Thoughts?
  2. There is a lot of noise about Port being the big winners in Trade Week, picking up Motlop, Watts and Rockliff, while only letting go Trengove, Impey and pick 31. Some have gone as far as to say they should be premiership favourites as a result. Lets just look at this for a moment ... Motlop ... inconsistent at best, played 2 good finals when his career was on the line, apart from that lucky to be selected Rockliff... sure, had a good season, racked up possessions, but hey, who competed with him from his own midfield ? The jury is well and truly out on him Watts, well I won't go there I have my doubts on Port, wouldn't be surprised to see them go backwards in 2018.
  3. If we win the premiership, who would your loudest cheer be for when they accept their premiership medal? Jack Watts - the whipping boy, booded by the club that crucified him. a brilliant user of the ball and integral part of the team. The face of the dees and much loved around the club.. Max Gawn - our culture is apparently hopeless and he got caught by Neitz having a smoke on the way to training. Has since embraced a leadership role Neville Jetta - heart and soul and just about everyones favourite player Jack Viney -It annoys me when commentators say Joel Selwood is tough. Jack Viney is easily the toughest player in the league. Jayden Hunt- Expect Andre Macloed's grand final form. Norm Smith medalist Jordan Lewis- Premiership hero actively wanting tot\i come to Melbourne Nathan Jones -three best and fairets' and a leader. Could dictate the game. Oliver / Brayshaw / Petracca - watch out to the competition. Even Buklcey ' coach't coach them backwads,I expect I will be cheering Jaydnen Hunt but time will tell I'll pick Dom Tyson..
  4. Date: Thursday 20th July Time: 9.45am Location: Goschs Paddock Tests for Viney, Watts, Salem and Tyson... and Jonesy only 1-2 weeks away, possibly joining in the full session. Most important training session of the season, for sure. Hopefully we have some eyes on the ground with updates and that all those 'tests' can get through and face Port.
  5. Jack Watts: Looks behind him when leading, cops one in the head and then proceeds to attempt chest marks on his next 3 marks, getting them all spoiled. Finally held one in the last in the hands. Unacceptable to be doing that in the AFL, especially when they are your bread and butter as a leading forward. Jeff Garlett: Shortest bloke on the field, repeatedly skips over bouncing ground balls in fear of being tackled. Under 10's stuff. Jordan Lewis: Loves the physical stuff, courageous in the air, but any time there's a ground ball to be won under pressure he looks like he's on ice skates and he gingerly chases it. Obviously doesn't want to hurt his media career by getting the bald spot exposed. 3 very skilled and important players but they are all guilty of having 'Pedersen' moments today and it's not the first time for any of them. How are we meant to set the standard to the young players if three experienced guys are afraid of contact? Goodwin's stated he wants to build from the contest out and these guys do not show that mentality.
  6. This season, he has led from the front, placed himself Hird-like in positions to effect the contest and kicked crunch-goals. I remember a point in the Hawks game when he went into defence and really started throwing his weight around (and got knuckle-sandwiches in the process). Apart from maybe Jack Viney or even big Treebeard Gawn, who do you think would take the mantle from Nathan The Midfield Jones?
  7. Watched a bit of this online last year and it's only gotten funnier this year. Absolutely leaves most current Australian comedy for dead, plus it's all footy. Thankfully the dees aren't too much the butt of the joke this week. http://m.afl.com.au/fridayfrontbar
  8. I've been saying for a while that the body shapes of our homegrown talent is poor. Now here's the proof. Either Watts is far too skinny or Roos has been in a decent paddock (or pink is not his colour).
  9. Quickly turn on Fox Footy Jack Watts is on
  10. According to an article on the SEN app (should be on the website somewhere) Inside Football reports we are discussing a potential trade with GCS as Swallow wants to be near his brother. Watts plus pick 2 sounds like too much for mine. I get the feeling Watts would welcome the lesser spotlight, but we'd want to get another player or pick in that trade. In the same breath they have us offering pick 2 to Adelaide, preferring Brad Crouch in return, failing that Rory Sloane. The crows seem reticent to let to of either player, understandably. I imagine the club would be on the front foot in regards to trades, especially keen to come to an agreement prior to any potential announcement of priority picks. Otherwise the other clubs would be pushing for the inclusion of the priority pick in some way. Also the pick would have more value without the knowledge it was going to be bumped down 1 spot.
  11. The Enigmas: Watts and Sylvia Peter Ryan talks a little bit about Watts and Sylvia's performance against essendon, then he goes on to discuss what opposition assistant coaches do when their players have lost confidence. I haven't watched the two games for this season so i have no idea if they are actually trying and thinking too much to play well.
  12. There has been an exceptionally large amount of criticism of a few players on this forum: Trengove, Watts, and McKenzie to be precise. I'm not concerned about these players and here's why: Watts: 15 games, 18.5 ave disposals, 80.9% efficiency Trengove: 22 games, 17.7 ave, 66.6% efficiency McKenzie: 20 games, 17.1 ave, 64.5% efficiency On the other hand, I am concerned about these players: Tapscott: 14 games, 11.1 ave, 68.6% efficiency Jetta: 6 games, 10.0 ave, 75.0% efficiency Bennell: 6 games, 5.2 ave, 77.4% efficiency Strauss: 7 games, 11.0 ave, 83.1% efficiency Stats are not the only measure but the fact is that we are at the bottom of the league for disposals. We simply must improve our disposal count. So Watts, Trengove and McKenzie are simply indispensable at this stage and must be complimented by players who can match their output. We simply can't afford to carry non KP players who collect less than 15 disposals a game. I think that there is a tendency to place too much emphasis on intangibles like attitude and intent. And this comes from the emotion of watching the games. It's time to put the focus on production, not perception.
  13. 3 potential forwards if in the 1sts, but who will stand the tallest for re-selection this weekend?
  14. It seems that the "average" player's weight in kilos is their height in centimetres minus 100. For example, an "average" player of 194cm weighs 94kg. We have a number of skinny players on our list, such as Morton, Cook, Gysberts and Watts, all of whom are more than 100 less than their height and all have had more than one pre-season on the list. Does anyone know how hard it is to add weight to bodies? How is it done? Weight training plus protein supplements? And most importantly, did the MFC, particularly under the Bailey regime (it's too early for Neeld), know what to do in this area?
  15. Haven't seen this posted elsewhere (apologies if I've overlooked it) From SportsNewsFirst twitter: http://www.sportsnewsfirst.com.au/articles/2011/12/22/mega-watts-lighting-up-the-track/
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