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  1. I've got the Air Jurrah shirt I think, left it at my parents' place 5 years ago. I've also got Jack Fitzpatrick's (unworn) Irish themed jersey, which I still wear to games to this day.
  2. Fairly sure Fitzroy would be propping us up...
  3. Applies more to Demonland, but: "I was bored as [censored], sitting around and thinking all this morbid stuff" - Morbid Stuff, PUP
  4. What, dream we get done for draft tampering?
  5. Only this year? Nick "426" Smith would argue otherwise.
  6. Agreed 100%. I've found in the past, I've always been keen on the flashy mid/fwd player early, (Bontempelli, Stringer, etc.) but my favourite player is the hardworking back pocket/inside mid (Jetta, Viney, Oliver). In Taylor we trust. That's why he gets paid via those huge novelty checks.
  7. Shame we can't package up pick #97 and [insert scapegoat player here] for a 2nd-rounder.
  8. But will he crack in and have a crack?
  9. @Supermercado would be over the moon. I wouldn't hate it either.
  10. Despite many posters, including me, being into him pre the 2013 draft - no way, never, not on your Nellie. Not only delisted by Collingwood, but delisted by the Saints. A powerhouse at VFL level, but nothing beyond that.
  11. Go on then..... We'd all be on the "Draft Andy" train!
  12. With a heavy heart, will give his season a passing mark.
  13. Agree with @McQueen, #destinationpodcast But seriously, when is the Roos/Jones statue being erected?
  14. Literally the best deal the Swans have ever done.
  15. Get him in - next year's third rounder should do the deal
  16. Was one of the few who weren't terrible that day.
  17. Daniel Cross. Pumped up by Roos in the Demonland interview as absolutely essential to the culture they were building around the club. 5th in the B&F and best clubman in his first year here. Free Agent. Sure, not the most flashy of deals (in terms of $$$, 'superstars', contract lengths), but for mine, a free agency steal.
  18. I dunno, if Viney slightly bumped me with his little finger I would probably go down harder. That other bloke is only human, after all....
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