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  1. Apologies, misread the stats page. Has games from both 2021 and 2022 listed. VFL Stats - Sam Weideman (aflmstats.com)
  2. I heard Mick and Keith will call it quits after their next tour to join Geelong on five-year deals.
  3. Strangely failed to crack the top ten of Casey's B&F (congrats to Jimmy Munro by the way). For comparison, JVR finished sixth in the count and finished with the same number of games and goals for the year. EDIT: Weid only played 11 games this season for Casey. Misread the stat page!
  4. Clarry to win and equal the record for most B&F's for Melbourne alongside Stynes and La Fontaine. Still only 25...
  5. Missed the Granny due to due other commitments and just caught up with the highlights. Out of curiosity, Did BT and Brayshaw know that they were calling a Grand Final? I've heard more enthusiasm come from VFL commentators.
  6. Jake kicks his fourth after some clever work from JVR on the wing.
  7. Quiet day on the scoreboard for JVR but he's still had some important moments.
  8. Brown kicks his second and it's now officially party time!
  9. Another goal saving mark by Woewodin Jr.
  10. Important early goal with more rain potentially on the way. Going to be hard for the Sharks from here (touch wood).
  11. Laurie with a huge goal before 3/4 time!
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