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  1. Happy to see Harmes back, but disappointed to lose AVB Was far from our worst last weekend.
  2. This isn't just us, this has spread throughout the competition like wildfire. During one of the earlier game's today, one of the commentator's mentioned that goal kicking accuracy is currently at an all time low, and we're talking 150 years of VFL/AFL football.
  3. "I wish that Melbourne finish the end of the round on top of the AFL ladder"
  4. Hopefully all his flair and instinct hasn't been coached out of him already. Looked a seriously exciting player last year.
  5. Complete opposite to the Saints v Port game so far. Very free flowing football and decent skills on show.
  6. I'd say most Demon fans are hoping the same thing! I know I am! Going two games clear of the Doggies is a very appealing thought.
  7. Georgiades is a serious talent. Big future ahead.
  8. What on earth has happened to goal kicking in the last month. They just mentioned on the commentary that accuracy is at a 150 year low...
  9. Dear lord, that's the loudest GIF profanity I've ever heard.
  10. I was working in retail a couple of years ago during Grand Final day (proudly wearing my Melbourne scarf even though we were thumped by West Coast in the prelim the week before) when I served two older gentlemen. One noticed my scarf and made mention that the other's son used to play for Melbourne some years back. Curiosity got the better of me and obviously, I couldn't help but ask who the player was. The player's name was Troy Broadbridge. Rest in Peace Troy.
  11. Inspiring win by North, kudos to them. West Coast are in serious trouble. A smashing against the Swans last week, and now a flat uninspiring performance at home against the favourites for the spoon. They like Richmond, are now a serious chance of missing the 8 with teams like St KIlda and Essendon nipping at their heels.
  12. Scrimshaw and Jiath likely outs next week for Hawthorn. Getting absolutely rolled by Freo at the moment who aren't even playing that well.
  13. Might not be next week, but I'd love to see AVB get a crack before seasons end. Was a real catalyst in our success at the end of 2018. Will be watching the VFL this afternoon with great interest.
  14. One for the Smithsonian this one...
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