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  1. Only the fifth time Buddy has been held scoreless in his whole career
  2. Gee, Collins can play a bit. Nice bit of recruiting by the Suns
  3. 10 goal quarter from the Cats. Unreal stuff.
  4. Watching it now VFL live stream: Richmond v Casey (richmondfc.com.au)
  5. Salem's a gun. His decision making and skills are as good as anyone who's come through our doors. Quite underrated one-on-one as well. Don't remember him losing too many contests over the journey.
  6. Love seeing Salem on that leaderboard. He's having a career best year. He's been a steady and reliable player in our side for the last five or so years, but it seems that he's finally taking the next step.
  7. Just to add to the spectacle, Dan Rioli from the Tiges will also be lining up for his 100th.
  8. Pickett is going to be a very, very, very, very, very, very, very good player. 2 goals, 18 touches (at 78%), 6 marks, and 10, count em, TEN score involvements.
  9. Beauty of a set shot from Rosman who gets his second and Casey lead by 56 early in the third quarter.
  10. Weed goes back to back! Next Saturday beckons...
  11. This match isn't over... Suns have kicked seven of the last eight.
  12. This is proving to be an inspired piece of list management. Jayden Hunt circa 2016-17 is back in full force.
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