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  1. I could keep putting up others posts that basically say what I pointed out yesterday about Dr Evil, but I won’t, I think I’ve made my point?
  2. Again, this was my point yesterday
  3. This is what I was pointing out yesterday.
  4. All good mate. I’m over it already.
  5. Everything you posted, bar one name, had already been posted by others.
  6. You asked me here “if I end up being wrong”. I gave you my answer.
  7. He also said it was “100%”. I can’t be bothered going back and finding the quote. It’s there though, if you want to look.
  8. Stop making up S#%t for starters.
  9. Dr Evil has no wiggle room here though. He said it was, and I quote “100%”.
  10. You attract an intelligent crowd, with your comedy. The guy who laughed at your comment can’t even spell his screen name correctly (literally).
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