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  1. Gawn - our only winner Petty - Crows lose interest Fritsch - ineffective until last Oliver - career worst game Tholstrup - a year away Windsor - overwhelmed and irrelevant Brown - another nothing game Viney - tired and outplayed Sparrow - tried but lacking Howes - was rarely sighted Woewodin - future opportunities limited Rivers - had slight impact Petracca - rarely looked dangerous McDonald - continued impressive resurgence May - strong after first Lever - excellent after first McVee -looked tired throughout vanRooyen - another poor game Neal-Bullen - no heroics tonight Billings - far from convincing Chandler - had some moments Langdon - just a game
  2. 2 kicks in total for the half for Brown, Tholstrup, Fritsch, Windsor, vanRooyen, Pettty combined😱
  3. Great pick up, but Brett Lovett from Hawthorn was a beauty too
  4. Gawn - great without dominating Viney - great first half Petracca - class above everyone Salem - not always convincing Fritsch - classy ten minutes May - brave and impressive Lever - continued excellent season McDonald - turned career around Neal Bullen - some impressive moments Sparrow - is becoming elite Howes - maturity belies experience vanRooyen - was almost exciting Langdon - running game returns Oliver - lacked smooth transitions Rivers - was mostly classy McVee - career best game Windsor - a smooth operator Petty - slowly finding form Brown - was rarely sighted Chandler - great first half Woewodin - had limited opportunities Billings - wasted easy conversions Pickett - exciting but undisciplined
  5. 6 players with 1 possession or less for the quarter
  6. If the habitual spitter ( colloquially known as Tex ) plays well , we lose. In my opinion he’s the only danger to our success.
  7. Trac may be playing with a leg injury because it was obvious against Port that he was labouring on occasion when he tried to put on the jets
  8. Gawn - an Herculean performance Viney - blood and guts Lever - incredible under duress Neal Bullen - almost career best Windsor - the real deal Petracca - powerful, and important Langdon - form has returned McDonald - form of old Petty - needed more involvement Rivers - some vital interceptions vanRooyen - tried but overwhelmed Brown - some pivotal moments Fritsch - almost an onlooker Chandler - courageous and clever Pickett - had limited involvement Howes - calm under pressure Oliver - great in last Salem - not his best Sparrow - great tagging game Hore - limited but impressive Woewodin - some important touches Billings - a disappointing performance McVee - loose too often
  9. Yes, it was obvious to everyone at the ground except the umpires
  10. Gawn - a powerful performance Viney - not as prolific May - dominated until injured Rivers - reliable and creative Salem - solidified the defense Howes - a mature head Langdon - better second half Petracca - outstanding second half Fritsch - outplayed stronger opponent Oliver - couldn’t shake opponent Chandler - clever small forward Pickett - great first half Hore - tight and reliable Sparrow - tough and skilled Lever - quiet before injury Brown - little to commend Petty - better down back McDonald - another steady performance McVee - continues to shine van Rooyen- showing commendable versatility Neal- Bullen - consistent and focused Billings - impressive first half Windsor - a Langdon clone
  11. Gawn - reasserted his dominance Viney - impressive tagging role Petracca - excellent second half Billings - important and effective May - dominated his opponents Oliver - prolific and important McDonald - was impressively dominant Salem - better second half Rivers - less fumbling today Chandler - took his chances Pickett - important, not prolific Langdon - continued mediocre form Lever - strong and resilient McVee - reliable and steady Howes - continued impressive performance Hore - made transition seamlessly Brown - a welcome return Windsor - learning the ropes Van Rooyen - limited but effective Neal Bullen - some important touches Sparrow - was rarely noticed Fritsch - disappointing kicking skills Woewodin - had little involvement
  12. Grundy was noticeably far fitter looking than he was with us.. he looked primed, whilst for us he looked a plodder
  13. Gawn - was surprisingly monstered Viney - take first options Petracca - only in bursts Bowie - great until injured McVee - loose and fumbled Sparrow - fumbled and loose Oliver - great despite adversity vanRooyen - had no impact May - important but limited Fritsch - our only forward Lever - poor under pressure Salem - promising first half Langdon - had little involvement Billings - had no impact Neal Bullen - couldn’t get involved Windsor - a promising debut Howes - lots to like Schache - little to like Spargo - rarely got involved Chandler - nothing to impress Tomlinson - played his part Rivers - performance to forget Laurie - never inspired confidence
  14. JVR’s first half was very exciting. I suggest that along with Salem’s impressive performance in the middle ,a position he hasn’t played since his junior days, the 2 were the biggest of a myriad of positives from last night.
  15. Gus was the heart and soul of our team, and along with Max, seemingly the most popular amongst the players… and supporters. Huge loss😰
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