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  1. I couldn’t get the image to upload so can mods please delete my last post? Sorry, I’m blonde
  2. New memorabilia 400x500 black timber framed with certificate and plaque $120 email: [email protected] to order or for more information Available immediately
  3. I can certainly help with the framing but I’m afraid you’ll have to chase up the image through the HS
  4. Thanks for the plug👍 Just a reminder that anyone from Demonland who mentions being a friend of ‘Joeboy’ will get a mate’s discount at Hang Up in Fountain Gate Shopping Centre on any frame or custom framing order.
  5. TRAC 💪 New exclusive release for Demonlanders 40x50cm black timber framed limited edition (with certificate) and plaque $69.95 (RRP $130) email: [email protected] to purchase or for more information
  6. Yes, full sized Outside of frame is approximately 80x100 cm Sorry for being a little unsure of dimensions but I don’t have the product in front of me.. it’s in the store room elsewhere
  7. For those who are deaf could you précis it in written form? I’m not deaf but don’t have time to listen. Does he have an impressive background?
  8. Yes it looks even more impressive in real life
  9. $240 Email [email protected] to order or for further information
  10. Holy Grail ( with Saturday, not Sunday ) $250
  11. Still available black timber framed $65 email : nafwood @gmail.com to order or for further information
  12. Framed limited edition ( with certificate of authenticity) Size approximately 800x1000 $250 for further information or to purchase, email : [email protected]
  13. It’s a print not a football! There are no signatures on the print.. the problem was with the date used ( Sunday was printed, not Saturday)
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