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  1. Oliver - genius at work Petracca - continued outstanding season Brayshaw - enjoyed more involvement McDonald - played his part Langdon - an important connector Sparrow - was rarely sighted Fritsch - classy but wasteful Hibberd - important attacking defender Lever - outstanding all game Weideman - didn’t take chances Salem - was rarely required Pickett - ready to erupt Hannan - was great early Spargo - surprised us all vandenBerg - didn’t offer much Rivers - composed and promising Melksham - not captain material Jackson - some exciting involvements May - confident and important Jones - did just enough Tomlinson - provided some linkage Harmes - needs a rest
  2. How much longer will commentators ((Taylor, Russell ) keep claiming he’s an elite kick? He hasn’t been a consistently reliable kick for years
  3. Gawn - great under adversity Viney - dynamic and inspiring Oliver - season’s best game Lockhart - brave but loose May - outstanding all game Lever - safe despite harassment Petracca - dominated when required Salem - prolific but wasteful Jones - important last quarter Melksham - gradually got involved Fritsch - rarely sighted early Brayshaw - last quarter appearance Langdon - some important touches Weideman - took his chances Jackson - played important role Harmes - continued to disappoint Sparrow- brave but limited Hibberd - was rarely noticed Tomlinson - was rarely noticed Neal-Bullen - little to commend vandenBerg - had limited involvement Bennell - was hardly noticed
  4. No mucking around by Goodwin, and enough last chances. Brayshaw, Harmes, and T. McDonald, have exhausted their previous good records and MUST be dropped. Others like Fritsch, Weideman, Jackson, Pickett, Jones and O. McDonald still have some credits left , for various reasons, and should be given the benefit of the doubt for at least another week. As Bartlett alluded to, it’s time for the club to stand up and show it cares, and only select players who give a crap!
  5. I thought it was a last quarter sling tackle in the forward pocket
  6. We need to stop accepting poor decisions meekly and present outrage as Zorko, Cameron, Robinson, Andrews, and other Lions’ players did regularly yesterday. We present as angelic private schoolboys rather than imposing a... holes, and umpires aren’t intimidated by us!
  7. Actually Brisbane players slowed the game down cleverly a number of times when frees were awarded against them.
  8. Gawn - dominated without advantaging Viney - relentless and dynamic Oliver - outstanding but rushed Petracca - couldn’t maintain performance Salem - didn’t impose enough Langdon - kicking below par Jones - not a wingman May - a powerful performance Melksham - took his chances Lever - tight and reliable Harmes - performance from hell Lockhart - looked totally lost Hibberd - great first half Bennell - a liability today Brayshaw - continued disappointing season Weideman - promising but amateurish Fritsch - had no influence Jackson - some impressive touches Jetta - brave but expired McDonald - good until pressured Hannan - was barely there Pickett - was a liability
  9. Gawn - the perfect game Viney - back to best Petracca - certainly amongst elite Jetta - still looked vulnerable May - composed and tough McDonald - reliable when required Salem - didn’t overdo it Hibberd - continued his resurgence Melksham - was rarely sighted Fritsch - classy and composed Jackson - showed exciting potential Pickett - exciting and important Bennell - better every week vandenBerg - tough and uncompromising Brayshaw - far from convincing Oliver - was all class Hannan - some important cameos Weideman- has hopefully arrived Harmes - great tagging role Langdon - indefatigable and important Lockhart - just do basics Lever - composure was vital
  10. The former, for both, and thanks for your support
  11. Gawn - dominated all game Viney - bullocking at best Jetta - never looked confident May - some horrible disposal Hibbert - continued impressive performances O McDonald - reliable and effective Lockhart - was almost unsighted Langdon - prolific and effective vandenBerg - some solid tackling Brayshaw - seemingly half paced Oliver - class must rise Fritsch - has little influence Melksham - continued poor season Bennell - classy with ball Pickett - just some cameos Petracca - class and passion T. McDonald - seemingly not missed Weideman- tried but limited Hannan - displayed some class Harmes - season best game Salem - great first half Lever - some important intercepts
  12. I’m not suggesting the players need to check their cycles, I’m just suggesting there’s an evident correlation between poor form and having a young baby.
  13. Lever, McDonald, Melksham, Viney.. all new fathers..there may be others Add Tigers’ Riewoldt to this list and they ALL have one thing in common Discuss
  14. Gawn - couldn’t impose enough Viney - mind seems elsewhere Hibbert - better but lacking May - solid under pressure Fritsch - better when roaming Oliver - disposal was amateurish Petracca - elite player now Salem - missing under pressure Brayshaw - little to impress Hannan - limited but praiseworthy Langdon - was rarely sighted Harmes - effective in middle vandenBerg - underdone and undeserving Tomlinson - disappointing and limited McDonald - disappeared when needed Pickett - still looks lost Lockhart - little to enthuse Lever - slow and loose Rivers - far from ready Smith - not a defender Melksham - lazy and selfish Hunt - looked completely lost
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