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  1. His foot skills stood out like a beacon on the weekend
  2. Gawn - willed to win Viney - great first half Salem - almost a liability Rivers - not always reliable Lever - held his opponent Petty - outstanding most game Sparrow - was not sighted May - strength and application Jordon - not moving freely Oliver - class and input Langdon - limited since injury Brayshaw - prolific and courageous Fritsch - career worst game Neal-Bullen - was rarely sighted Spargo- another uninvolved performance Brown - saved by goal Pickett - hero but limited Petracca - not as dynamic Jackson - just a game Hibberd - loose but important Melksham - only winning forward Hunt - great last quarter
  3. Second only to arrogant Carlton supporters who generally are the scum of the earth
  4. Basically if he can hold more than one mark a game in the forward line then he’d be a significant upgrade on Dogga
  5. Just as long as they’re talking about me
  6. Was Toby Green suspended for his karate kick/ mark a few years back?
  7. Gawn - couldn’t influence centre Viney - disappeared after half Petracca - few clean disposals Hunt - kept opponent quiet May - not his fault Salem -still seemed lacking Petty - season worst game Lever - dominated his opponent Brown - provided a target Jackson - needed more involvement Sparrow - was rarely noticed Hibberd - looked slow tonight Pickett - poor under pressure Jordan - couldn’t handle pressure Langdon - some poor disposal Neal-Bullen - was rarely sighted Fritsch - had little involvement Spargo - unsighted after half Brayshaw - great first half Oliver - disposals were amateurish Rivers - little to commend Melksham - five minute performance
  8. And what if the Crows won the game, would other clubs have embraced the stance?
  9. Gawn - great first half Viney - continued amazing form Petracca - classy all game Brayshaw- made a statement Oliver - beaten but valuable Pickett - lively and dangerous Langdon - reliable and consistent Fritsch - selfless and important Sparrow - enjoyed the conditions Jordon - produced as required Spargo - was always dangerous Melksham - experience proved valuable Lever - outstanding despite injury May - an impenetrable force Rivers - run was valuable Jackson - another average game Hibberd - fountain of youth Salem - beginning to shine Hunt - rarely instilled confidence Petty - continues to excel Neal - Bullen - little to impress Weideman - wasted plane ticket
  10. Gary Lyon mooted this idea on SEN this morning too
  11. For the record I swapped Lever’s name for May’s
  12. Yes you’re right… I should have complimented them for throwing away the game and probably the season
  13. Gawn - age is wearying Oliver - played without confidence Brayshaw - prolific without effectiveness Salem - intensity was lacking May - one costly blunder Sparrow - no X factor Hibberd - loose and lacking Viney - great first half Pickett - had limited involvement Petracca - season worst performance Fritsch - disappeared after half Jordon - little to enthuse Tomlinson - little to commend Weideman - disappointed yet again Neil-Bullen - was rarely sighted Melksham - irrelevant second half Jackson - overrated and underperforming Petty - yin and Yang Spargo - was rarely sighted Harmes - season worst game Langdon - season worst game Rivers - seemingly without confidence
  14. Stupid comment. A - Goodwin has won a premiership and is currently coaching the equal top team. B - How do you know Yze has got what it takes to coach a senior team ? Have you actually seen examples of his coaching capabilities?
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