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  1. Gawn - dominated centre again Pickett - needed more involvement Brown - showed some signs Fritsch - had little influence Viney - game has passed Petracca - prolific but uninspiring McDonald - was rarely sighted Oliver - incredible first half Hunt - just a game Neal-Bullen - prolific but ineffective May - playing under duress Salem - couldn’t get involved Harmes - not a tagger Jackson - hardly noticed again Lever - solid 4 quarters Spargo - went missing again Brayshaw - loose and limited Hibberd - little to commend Langdon - energy was missing Jordon - was he playing? Rivers - hit the wall Petty - was rarely noticed
  2. Viney was given votes in The Age as equal second best on the field against Hawthorn 😳
  3. Things are becoming more convoluted by the hour for the AFL and the continuation of the competition must be regarded as in jeopardy. In a worst case scenario and the season had to be terminated now, if the AFL awarded the premiership to the top of the ladder team, would you accept it?
  4. Oliver - Hollywood Olly returns Viney - selfish and wasteful Gawn - tried but unconvincing Petracca - failed important moments Salem - not as dominant Fritsch - took his chances Brayshaw - regularly butchered disposals Langdon - couldn’t hurt opponents Jordon - was rarely sighted Hibberd - never looked controlled Lever - safe without dominance Pickett - needed more involvement Neal-Bullen - retention not justified Spargo - great first quarter Hunt - successfully provided run vandenBerg - a momentum killer Brown - had little effect Rivers - has lost impact McDonald - was almost unsighted May - safe and reliable Petty - continued to impress Jackson - just a game
  5. I’m not crying about it but I think Wines was pretty unlucky not to get a vote from his own coach
  6. My family and I were teamed up for a photo shoot for the HeraldSun with Ron Barassi just prior to the 2018 finals series. Ron was already quite obviously succumbing to the onset of dementia but his body was still strong and his mind acutely aware of the Dees’ requirements to succeed.. He was still an imposing but extremely friendly figure
  7. I was fortunate enough to be on first name basis with Robby Flower, though we really only met a handful of times. He was a courteous and gentle man…the most unlikely looking football genius you could ever meet.
  8. Gawn - dominated centre again Viney - tackling was dynamic Hibberd - quiet but vital May - continued his dominance Petty - career best game Rivers - tight and attacking Salem - outstanding attacking defender Lever - wonderful defensive leader Langdon - was surprisingly inefficient Brayshaw - some important intercepts Harmes - better second half Oliver - dynamic and classy Petracca - classy and dynamic Fritsch - continued quiet phase McDonald - 4 consistent quarters Brown - was pleasingly impressive Pickett - excitement returned again Spargo - possessions were impressive Jackson - a quiet achiever Jordon - some important touches Hunt - run was vital Neal-Bullen- couldn’t stop fumbling
  9. Unfortunately Oliver is often very demonstrative when he’s not kicked to.. I agree it’s not a good look, particularly coming from someone like him who usually only has eyes for Trac at the expense of a better option
  10. Are we the worst ever top of the ladder team?
  11. Gawn - intimidated by Mumford Viney - was a liability Harmes - fumbled and slow Oliver - season worst game Petracca - prolific without effect McDonald - our best tall May - tight as ever Hibberd - always under pressure Salem - continued superlative form Petty - never imbued confidence Hunt - not Usain Bolt Langdon - couldn’t get involved Jackson - couldn’t impose himself Pickett - hit the wall Spargo - schoolboy footballer again Neal-Bullen - did nothing regularly Sparrow - overawed and overwhelmed Fritsch - only some cameos Lever - easily our best Brayshaw - loose and unaccountable Jordan - had little involvement Rivers - was rarely sighted
  12. The Essendon coach actually admitted they didn’t lose the game because of the umpiring
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