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  1. Yes, the lights were flashed after every Demon goal, along with a ‘roaring’ sound. Not original, but quite impressive at night
  2. Gawn - is something wrong? McDonald - Weid hates him Brown - will be better Petracca - not as dynamic Spargo - applied some pressure Melksham - had little influence Fritsch - uncharacteristically quiet game Pickett - was well held May - always in control Salem - dominant and prolific Harmes - an impressive return Jackson - was surprisingly quiet Lever - was an onlooker Brayshaw - mistake riddled performance Oliver - prolific and important Hibberd - mostly in control Langdon - performed as expected Jordon
  3. Gawn - uncharacteristically quiet game Hibberd - finally got going May - not his best Tomlinson - a sad story Lever - great second half Salem - cool under pressure Rivers - loose but energetic Baker - little to commend Langdon - kept on giving Petracca - no votes today Oliver - better second half Fritsch - our most important McDonald - important in defence Spargo - great with ball Pickett - genius at work Brown - a limited debut Jackson - enjoyed more responsibility Jones - composed when required H
  4. Gawn - superlatives are insufficient Brayshaw - team before self Fritsch - was probably hampered Hibberd - licence to attack Hunt - continued backing himself Jackson - our impressive wonderchild Jones - was just going Jordon - important in close Langdon - all Australian form Lever - playing impressive rebounder May - our miracle man McDonald - creating selection dilemmas Melksham - was rarely sighted Neal-Bullen - rough but ready Oliver - prolific and impressive Petracca - sublime ball handling Pickett - rarely
  5. The sun’s out here now
  6. I feared for my life and I was only watching
  7. Daw is easily BOG in my opinion yet he only seems to be casually passing the time. Imagine if he were more than carefree.Perhaps that’s why North moved him on
  8. Daw doing well in the ruck
  9. Sparrow marks in front of goal and misses 9-9
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