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  1. I was working today so had to rely on SEN’s coverage of the game Whomever thought Zorko could pass as an eloquent expert comment’s man was obviously high on pickle juice or some other concoction.. he was embarrassingly inept and inappropriate, and seemingly unable to string 2 sensible words together.
  2. I liked the character from the old tv show, the Waltons, however it was revealed to me only recently that the name was John Boy
  3. Shache was involved in one of the most significant sliding doors moments of our grand final win and after about 40 viewings of the replay I’m still at a loss to understand how he wasn’t paid a free kick for a high tackle in front of goal when Angus attempted a spoil that seemed so obviously imperfectly executed.
  4. Gawn - outstanding then declined Viney - important injury free Petracca - was outstanding consistently Oliver - rightfully Brownlow favourite May - the consummate professional Brayshaw - versatile and consistent Fritsch - important but inconsistent Langdon - rarely hurt opposition Pickett - exciting in bursts Petty - a major improver Lever - seemingly injury affected Harmes - only one gear Jackson - overrated and disappointing Neal-Bullen - rarely found rhythm Hibberd - found another gear Spargo - rarely imposed himself Sparrow - often went missing Salem - injury curtailed effectiveness B.Brown - a major disappointment Rivers - rarely stood out Hunt - was not convincing Melksham - passed use date Jordon - tried but vanilla McDonald - a major loss Bowey - was unfairly maligned Bedford - didn’t take chances Weideman - Jane , not Tarzan Tomlinson - deserved more chances Smith - injury plagued again Dunstan - couldn’t convince selectors Chandler - was treated harshly Brown - not required standard Turner - showed some promise van Rooyen - cause for optimism Baker - limited skill set Laurie - jury is out
  5. The elephant in the room … we weren’t fit enough
  6. I was planning to do one in the next few days
  7. Gawn - useless against mediocrity Petracca - tried but ineffective Oliver - season worst game Viney - had no influence Neal-Bullen - nothing after first Harmes - mediocre at best Brayshaw - gave little drive Petty - season worst game Salem - lost all composure Hunt - not required standard Jackson - counted his money Langdon - disposal was amateurish May - not his fault Lever - poor under pressure Brown - an embarrassing performance Pickett - important but undisciplined Melksham - another inept display Sparrow - was he playing? Fritsch - unsighted second half Hibberd - age has wearied Rivers - loose and unsighted Spargo - continued poor year
  8. WA SEN commentator Paul(?) Haselby said on radio today that he feels Freo may be getting cold feet on the idea of investing so much money into recruiting LJ because of his very average year. It’s a huge risk for them and it would impinge significantly on their efforts to recruit or retain other important players.
  9. Actually I meant the ( incorrectly paid ) but provocative manhandling of Franklin that completely transformed the momentum of the game
  10. Gawn - had little influence Viney - disappeared after first Oliver - inspirational and prolific Petracca - injured before injury Jackson - head was elsewhere Brown - was absolutely useless Langdon - disappeared after first Spargo - disappeared after first Brayshaw - limited by injury Pickett - a total failure May - one fateful mistake Petty - seemingly no mistakes Fritsch - ten minute game Hunt - poor under pressure Neal-Bullen - tried but failed Harmes - disposal was poor Hibberd - needed sick bed Sparrow - had little involvement Salem - seemingly avoided pressure Melksham - the bad Melkshy Rivers - was rarely sighted Lever - couldn’t get involved
  11. My 3 worder after the game will be composed by the pool in 28c temperature at my Bali hotel . Go you Demons!
  12. This ‘friend’ of yours seems to regularly have issues…just sayin’
  13. Gosh 100 more pages of conjecture have just been set in motion
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