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  1. Just an interesting little aside from TMac’s manager Alex McDonald tonight, who said Tom had already lost 4kg in an attempt to regain his mobility and power running ability
  2. To paraphrase Jerry McGuire , he’ll complete us
  3. Get him!!! His signing WILL make the difference
  4. TMac’s inevitable departure smacks of the same supporters’ sentiments as those expressed with Jack Watts’ removal.
  5. On SEN about an hour ago: The original offer for Viney was too low for the player and the counter offer to the club was too high. Subsequent negotiations have arrived at an acceptable figure for both parties but they are waiting on cap sizes to be ratified by the AFL. in further news Isaac Smith has expressed strong interest in the Dees’ offer and is weighing up his options
  6. Body language of Viney from the B&F suggests to me that his heart’s not with the club.
  7. Baker - eventually showed promise Bedford - failed to impress Bennell - probably blown it Brayshaw - seemingly without commitment Brown - deserves contract extension Fritsch - important despite innacuracy Gawn - consistently high standards Hannan - inconsistency was consistent Harmes - a poor year Hibberd - outstanding when fit Hunt - position a dilemma Jackson - cause for excitement Jetta - definitely fallen away Jones - bow out gracefully Langdon - year’s best recruit Lever - regularly justified salary Lockh
  8. Brown - played his part Fritsch - dangerous but frustrating
  9. Gawn - controlled the game Hibberd - rarely imbued confidence May - continued impressive season Smith - not the answer Salem - prolific and effective Lever - safe and important Tomlinson - reliable when involved Langdon - prolific and reliable Oliver - great first half Petracca - played as expected Viney - refused first options Baker - better each game vandenBerg - far from convincing Hunt - took his chances Rivers - some important touches Neal-Bullen - added very little Weideman - continued to underperform
  10. Gawn - dominated the centre Jetta - well off speed May - always exuded confidence Smith - quiet but effective Salem - great second half Lever - redeemed himself, just Oliver - quieter after ambush Langdon - fantastic last quarter Petracca - willed the win Rivers - must be nominated Spargo - surprisingly important role vandenBerg - not an onballer Baker - finally showed something Pickett - needed more involvement Brown - better than McDonald Melksham - little impact again Viney - take first options Fritsc
  11. Meh, I started following the Dees in 1965.. how do you think I feel?😱
  12. Gawn - our only winner Hibberd - was hardly sighted Viney - prolific without effect Petracca - tried but limited Oliver - few effective disposals Fritsch - some classy touches vandenBerg - little to commend Salem - tentative and slow Rivers - brave but limited Langdon - tried but restricted May - had little impact Melksham - continued to underperform Tomlinson - was rarely noticed Neal- Bullen - had no influence Baker - didn’t take chances Hunt - a nothing game Weideman - overrated and underperforming Bed
  13. So when ( not if ) we lose tonight, what statement do we make at the selection table for our next game?🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. Normally I’d agree with your response to the three ‘experts’ but in reality, after watching the aforementioned discussion, I think they nailed it on the head. They used words like fickle, untrustworthy, flaky, mentally weak, and actually named Fritsch, and Salem, as prime examples, and the playing of an obviously injured Jones against Sydney as further evidence i personally had no argument with their cases
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