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  1. Aaron Cadman - Key Forward Height: 194cm Weight: 88kg This is one player to keep an eye on during the upcoming stage league games as a potential Key Forward prospect. A member of the AFL academy, he plays for Greater Western Victoria Rebels where he played as a key defender in his under-age year. This year he has been switched to the forward line where he has kicked 18 goals in 7 games and has been praised for his repeat efforts and "vice like" marking. Reading some draft watchers opinions, including a writer from rookie me (formerly draft central), they believe he's poised to come into first round and potentially top 10 calculations as the premier key forward in the draft. Has been named for Vic Country which kick off their campaign next week vs SA on Sunday the 26th. In terms of our key forward stocks, we all know that B. Brown and Tmac are approaching the end of their careers and already proving inconsistent when on the park. Our key forward cupboard currently includes M. Brown (likely to be delisted) and Weideman (so far failed to cement a best 22 spot). JVR has yet to debut but shows promising signs at Casey. This should see a Key Foward become a primary area of focus for our recruiting team (as well as a developing ruck). Now perhaps this would be more appropriately addressed via trade and free agency but the cupboards are pretty bare this season with Dan McStay the best on the market so far. Another option would be to look within, with someone like Petty showing ability in the front half. However some would view that as robbing Peter to pay Paul. In my view we could do with another developing Key Foward on our list while Brown and McDonald can let them ply their craft at Casey. This link below is a fantastic resource for draft enthusiasts. https://central.rookieme.com/afl/
  2. I've made no secret of the fact that I hope the Dees draft Jacob Van Rooyen from Claremont at Pick 17. And I do think he'll likely be available at that pick. But the question is, who do I think we should draft if Van Rooyen is taken earlier? Well in my opinion the answer is Rhett Bazzo, also from WA, but out of Swan Districts (Neville Jetta's old club). Key position player with a huge kick, who like Van Rooyen can play at either end of the ground, but is probably more considereda defender. Was named at FB in the Cal Twomey's U/18's team of the year, this is what Cal said about him. Key defender/forward 195cm/81kg Swan Districts/Western Australia 17/10/03 Nudged his way into the top-30 after his standout key defensive game earlier this month for Western Australia. Bazzo collected 18 disposals against South Australia and showed he can set up the play with the ball in his hands and his penetrating kicking. Bazzo was an All-Australian at under-16s level and has proven he can also swing into attack and make an impact too. Twomey's Draft Team of the Year: WA tall grabs the limelight, SA son of a gun back in Rhett Bazzo
  3. (Updated to Rd 15 2017) Had the day off and looked up the AFL tables. Jack Watts 149 Games 141 Goals Nathan Jones 235 Games 115 Goals Jesse Hogan 48 Games 98 Goals Jeff Garlett 55 Games 103 Goals Dean Kent 56 Games 55 Goals Christian Pertracca 34 Games 35 Goals (20 this season from 14 games) James Harmes 36 Games 24 Goals Jeremy Howe 100 Games 80 Goals Lynden Dunn 165 Games 97 Goals Liam Jurrah 36 Games 81 Goals* Brad Green Last 53 Games 111 Goals 2010-2012 (254 Games 350 Goals) Our last player to Kick 100 Career Goals was Nathan Jones (last year) and before him Jack Watts. Jesse Hogan now only needs 6 more to hit the "mythical career ton" & Garlett (At Melbourne) needs another 12. The last to get close was Liam Jurrah with 81 (we all know why that never happened) and Dean Kent with 52 from 54. Excluding Jones who is a midfielder and when you think that almost half of Watts goals have come in the last two years (after being drafted in 2008) You have to go back to Brad Green who finished his career with 350 goals, kicked 111 in his last 53 games. While we are improving and our midfield develops what we lack is genuine finishers. I think Melbourne need to go after the best proven forwards & forward mids we can trade/find/draft in the off season. Off the top of my head. Luke Bruest comes to mind? Thoughts?
  4. Last one of these I swear.... Or maybe one for Jarred Redden, I'll see! With trade period drawing to a close, it looks as though we aren't going to land another key forward to support Hogan as Mahoney had talked about. Sure we may end up drafting one of Curnow, Francis, Weideman or maybe even one of the McKay boys at 29 if they slide that far. But either way, they'll need time to develop, so should we target someone for the now through the delisted free agent period. I've previously done a thread on Port's delisted forward Mason Shaw, but they've got another key forward they've delisted given their stocks by the name of Mitch Harvey who fits the bill. 20 years of age, 196cm, 100kg who's capable of holding down a key post and going into the ruck, which is something we've lacked. Two years in the system, however yet to debut as he's behind the likes of Schulz, Westhoff, then add the fact Power have played two rucks all year. Below are the write ups of his two years in the SANFL, and you'll notice until Round 18 this year when he seemed to hot a form slump, he'd been tracking very well. http://www.aflplayerratings.com.au/Ratings/Player/117353/Mitch-HARVEY Only highlights I could find were his U18 highlights. Looks a very good mark. All he'll cost is a spot on our list. I wouldn't be against taking him, but just feel we need to create one more space on our list. So whether we delist Hunt, pay out Terlich or trade Grimes for a pick upgrade I don't know. But could Harvey be worth a punt is what I want to know?
  5. Decided he needed his own thread. We're yet to be linked to him, but his manager came out on trade radio today and mentioned that although he is contracted to Carlton that there's only a chance that he'd still be there next year. Sounds like with the likes of Weitering on the way in to go with Josh Walker, Tomlinso & Plowman that Carlton have been linked to, the Blues may have several tall forward options and Levi may be looking elsewhere. Manager said there have been other offers put to Levi, and given our needs for support for Hogan and the fact that Dawes has been mentioned as a potential trade, surely we must be interested? Levi Casboult 199cm, 103kg forward who can go into the ruck. Kicked 24 goals this year in his 16 games. Has a great pair of hands, however his kicking can let him down at times. Turns 26 in March next year, but it's a big yes form me. Wonder what people though of the idea of Levi and what it may cost? In the trade radio thread I suggested 3rd round pick & Dawes, but given the players Carlton may have coming in as mentioned above, they probably wouldn't be interested in Dawes. Maybe 3rd rounder and Grimes or trade our 2016 2nd round pick for Casboult and their 2016 3rd rounder?
  6. There's been a few mentions of Cameron amongst other threads so it's worthwhile to have a thread dedicated to him. Roosy has said mids, mids and mids but personally I'm far from content with having Hogan (still yet to play a game) and Dawes (good competitor but underwhelming forward) as our two main forwards next season. Cameron made All Australian last year and is a competitive beast. He and Hogan would be one of the most delectable two young power forward combo's since Buddy and Roughy started kicking bags for the Hawks. Forget about Dangerfield. Orchestrate a trade to see Cameron and later picks come to the MFC. Use our other first round pick on Petracca and top up with a couple FA's and we're on our way.
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