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  1. Tracc on 360- wrapped about Oliver. Said difference between now and two years ago is we take feedback heaps better and are more mature, whereas two years ago, we may have said 'get stuffed' to feedback.
  2. Noticed on the coverage after the siren tmac was looking mega [censored]
  3. I think a turn off may be that you're basically bound to your seat, a lot of people like to catch up socially, drink in bar, stand or walk around when nervy, have a punt etc.
  4. Yep, just got to fix the kicking, but Jackson and Kossie up forward, entertaining times to come
  5. We'd be 100 down if not for May and Lever
  6. Steven May, may you play until you're 40.
  7. It is concerning, watching St Kilda, it's all about speed now
  8. Martin is a great pick up for them, can release English forward
  9. Yep...that's the look...(pang in your stomach, rise of blood pressure) "Did you hear what I just said?" "...yep..."
  10. Think he will be a shrewd pick up for the Blues with Docherty, Williams and co driving out of defence.
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