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  1. Essendon are very rapidly gaining us list wise....
  2. Our form has not been good What have we got boys? What have got...
  3. 50% chance rain and 7 degress at 8pm tonight down at the Cattery... Those poor &%$#s Glad I stopped playing football at 16...
  4. My dear mater made the good point that had Tomlinson not got injured, Petty might be looking at other options at the end of the year. Swings and roundabouts
  5. Immensely looking forward to this half... What have we got? Looking ahead or to the now?
  6. I'll say it again, Footscray had 306 pressure gauge at one point last week, highest of any team all season, Pressure, pressure and pressure their backline, they'll wilt...
  7. Games like this don't seem to worry me, It's more the North/Carlton types that do...
  8. Footscray had the highest rating of all teams all year on the pressure gauge, 306... We have to beat that to win.
  9. 100% TPC39 and Stig have spoken
  10. I'm with you Cass, can't stand them. If you've seen some of their fans behaviour in the MCC and Olympic stand... Most uncouth...
  11. It's incredible what wins do... Imagine if we were 1-8 and we appointed a new president from NSW that didnt barrack for Melbourne prior.
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