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  1. Witnessed this bizarre and amusing sight after this evening's game. Thought it might generate some amusing titles/descriptions/captions.... 653834819_SmokinMaxie.mp4
  2. The umps need to be professionals. Would solve many problems. Pay them as well as players and you'd have every fitness fanatic player-who-wasn't-quite-good-enough fangin' at the bit to be positive part of footy....
  3. Baseball is very similar..... Went to watch the game and it was the least thing on most people's minds. Very disappointing from an Aussie's POV. Bloody hell, just turn it all off! Maybe get Jack Viney to do an ad, "Even without fan activation, you still have a game kids can love...."
  4. Lots of people overseas refer to it as AFL. Gives me the $h*!t$...
  5. Yeah, they took him to werribee park zoo and gave him a balloon afterwards. Can't stop talking about it....
  6. Maybe we are a little hazy in the GF aftermath, but our forward line was dodgy most of last season. If not dodgy, then at least unsettled or less than optimal..... or some other politically pedantic term or phrase. I reckon this season will see that piece of the puzzle in place, and I'm backing BBB for the Coleman and another two of us in the top ten to fifteen.
  7. Poor bugger. Family tragedy. Keep your eyes out for the signs, everybody. Can happen to anybody, anytime...
  8. ...not Peng Shuai, me thinks...
  9. So you're not from the area? Get over to Port Fairy. Take the walk around Griffiths Island around sunset and keep an eye out for the wallabies. I'm guessing the Koroit boys won the Hamden League again...?
  10. Am from the area myself... W'bool, that is. How's the weather?
  11. Yeah, the tyranny of distance, to quote an old one. Tiny population. Havign said that, see my note above re prices in the middle east. And I'm in a tiny country with a tiny population.....
  12. Errr.... somewhere in the Middle East. I don't like to say for personal reasons. Paranoia, that is.
  13. Try the Middle East. My calculations on the Superloop+Boost combo I mentioned is 47% of the price it is here, and that's with twice the speed and data....
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