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  1. Kinda off topic....sorta... but anyone else watching suddenly realize that the actors are all very, very short?
  2. My auntie went to see the Beatles in Melbourne, and she's a Melbourne supporter.....
  3. Agree. I think it was the nadir. The listless efforts in an environment that smothers you when you're down maybe taught some blokes that AFL is so f*!#$n hard that if you aren't giving everything you've got all the time through prep and performance, you're going nowhere. After that, it was get serious or get lost.....
  4. Thanks fellas for a top-notch podcast. Might have told you before, but in case I haven't, my mum is now an avid listener - counts you among her friends. She hasn't come out and said it, but I sense that she 'appreciates the tone' of the conversation... Bringing a lot of people pleasure in difficult times. Cheers.
  5. Up til this season, I doubted his commitment. I perceived him as someone trying to get by without the will to sacrifice to achieve team goals. No more. The podcast and his performances this season convinced me that he is a champ. Not that it needed nailing by that point, but his mark and goal in the Grannie drove it home. Full respect for Gus.
  6. Great listen. Great podcast in general. Sounds like a few more are coming up too.... First time I'd heard Burgo talk about being ready to stay at MFC long-term. Pity we couldn't keep him, but you never know, he may be back.
  7. Thinking of moving back myself. Renting seems wiser at the moment.....
  8. Hmmm....there's some interesting connections there. Dogga lives with the Brayshaw's. The Brayshaw's are from WA. Gus B holds hands with Danny Frawley's daughter. Danny and Garry Lyon are related, if I'm not mistaken... etc
  9. Consider the hand shook, or shaked, or shaken....... what is the right word for it? 😉
  10. 😉 Binman had a go at me, and given the respect I have for him I was reluctant to let his misunderstanding pass unclarified.
  11. One word. Two definitions. Two meanings. The offense was a consequence of mistaking one meaning for the other. As I am not responsible for the contents of another human's mind, the offense belongs to the human making that mistake.
  12. Granted. Given the above definition, there's reason to be offended by my original comment as long as that person finds the implication of intent offensive. However, for the offense to be my responsibility, that person must have relied upon this definition, not the definition that I used. Therefore, the cause of the offense is the interpretation of my comment, not my comment. Given that this interpretation occurred in the minds of the offended Demonlanders, they are responsible for the offense, not me. 😉
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