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  1. Ask Nita if she wants to be involved. Super bright and passionate about the D's. Time Diff in Mexico might be tough tho....
  2. Taking CCP money entails political compromises. It means we throw Taiwan under the bus. Before we do that, we might to want consider if there are any other democracies of 20-odd million in Asia that we might want to preserve...
  3. Was thinking the same, but just watched the first half again and Jetts is our lockdown one on one man where Hibbo is the gun runner...... Might be an error to swap one for the other unless a change of strategy is required???
  4. "Melksham to Brown...?!" sounds like the cry of an overwrought commentator. Sweet. May and Nev out. Petty and Hibbo in.
  5. Good win that could have been a pasting. Thinking almost all the way through that Scott doubling down (again) on the old and slow strategy was a bad move. Suck that, Smith. Spirited work. More, please.
  6. Well, for what it's worth, I kinda like the idea. Eddie's energy and ideas, diligence, and maths for that matter, are optimistic and bold. But that's the kind of thinking that makes Western societies dynamic. Only thing is I reckon the talent is already spread thin. A country of 25 million, 2/3 of which play the game, can only produce so many elite athletes. One relocation and one closure would do it, or two relocations and a combine. Sure, either of these options are gonna hurt, but they've been done twice and we got used to it, especially once those teams experienced success... Te
  7. Hu Jintao claimed the Chinese explored Aus and traded with indigenous people for many years...... Tassie Totalitarians???
  8. Little known fact: Prior to WWI, there were 114 Aussie Rules teams in NZ....
  9. How much $ for the helium?
  10. A bunch of great ideas here and in the previous posts. Yeah, I'm totally onboard with three talls + Max ... as long as one of them is Jackson. My only caveat is that he is young, and though he ran a lot of K's and got a fair number of possessions he hasn't been an overwhelming presence, yet. But that is a big 'yet.' He's young, obviously, and bursting with potential, for sure; I just hope the footy gods allow it come to fruition. The though of Jacko ruck-roving to Max in the middle has me salivating. Next season, I reckon, once the young fella has another preseason in the gym.
  11. The Jackson 6 wrote that in response to the idea of three talls - Weid, BBB, and Jacko - in the forward line. Responses to the response might be interesting...
  12. Cheers, that was excellent. A brilliant series unfortunately and maligned for it's title. Never bothered me, TBH, just thought it referred to pre-season training taking players to the toughest places.
  13. Yeah, I'd like to hear Binman's response to this.
  14. Yeah, and Binman has pointed out that Jacko as a third tall is a nightmare to match up against. With Gawn rotating in the ruck/forward/back, the side is looking very tall, but strong. What about the wing?
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