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  1. Spotted Max at Gosch's this morning about 8:20.....
  2. Four 'n' Twenty 18 pack going for $23.99 at Costco. Might sneak a couple in under my beanie...
  3. Yeah, its a topic that has been covered before, but I thought I'd begin anew in case there's been innovation in the field, so here goes: What is the cheapest/best value way to get footy on the TV or streaming app? Free to air sux, obviously, and Kayo is comprehensive but expensive and Foxtel is even more so. Any other alternatives? In explanation, now that I'm back in Aus permanently, membership/attendance is competing with TV coverage for a limited supply of $AUD, so... I turn to Demonland for help and support. I mean, where else?
  4. Phwoar..... what a simile. High art. Beads n flowers, guns n diesel all in one.
  5. Langdon hails from South Yarra, I believe. Lever from Romsey.
  6. Just build that bogan-proof fence and be done with 'em... 😉
  7. I've been living overseas for 20 years. The first time I returned to Aus and went to Marvel, I cam away feeling as if the place had been designed form the foundation s up to fleece the customer of as much cash as possible. Even the pies are more expensive there. The game and the identities are not the same, but things always change, don't they? IMO, its the result of the age of debt which is hopefully coming to an end now. There are too many teams and the talent is definitely spread too thin. If we think in terms of 'elite talent,' then F1 has 20 drivers. That's 20 in the entire world. Of course, there are hundreds of engineers, so the analogy falls down somewhat, but that's truly elite. Comparing AFL to American football, imagine a single US state with a population halfway between Texas and Florida, running a league of 18 lists of 44 players. How elite would that league be? Not very elite.
  8. When I find myself yelling "run!" and "run the ball!" in frustration at the TV, I know we are in trouble. Another one of those games where we don't play to our strengths, bombing it long and going slow, slipping and fumbling and too darn soft..... Injuries don't bode well, but I reckon we'll be back after the bye.
  9. Witnessed this bizarre and amusing sight after this evening's game. Thought it might generate some amusing titles/descriptions/captions.... 653834819_SmokinMaxie.mp4
  10. The umps need to be professionals. Would solve many problems. Pay them as well as players and you'd have every fitness fanatic player-who-wasn't-quite-good-enough fangin' at the bit to be positive part of footy....
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