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  1. Makes me think we have to recruit very carefully from now on so we can sustain the potential. We seem to have all the pieces in place for now...
  2. Look at all the players who have gone to Hawthorn over the past 5 years..... Takes time to sink in that it's over.
  3. Yeah, maybe being the captain, Max's psychological ups and downs filter through the team. George noted in his report that Spargo played 63% game time despite being in touch with 7 score involvements.....
  4. Interesting, Nev. What’s Max doing wrong, or Dogga right?
  5. Knee the jerk where he’s been jerking…. Let’s see his facial expression then.
  6. Well, for what it's worth, I don't think we'll win the cup this year, though we'll give it a crack and gain experience. Next year is when the program comes to fruition and we jump through the premiership window. Hopefully it'll be open at the time....
  7. Maybe what we need is a player in the forward line whose job it is to kick goals and that’s it….
  8. Pretty sure this is the funniest joke ever on DL.... how do I run a poll?
  9. Had me stumped until the clue, but then this one opened up for me, only to find Tim beat me to it... damn it!
  10. Snap 'I'm up. He killed us the other week.
  11. Bad news on this front, I'm afraid. It is considered a given that Burgo is off to Adelaide. But leaving a top team behind him at the Dees should soften the blow.
  12. Lots oaf articles lately discussing a new economic era. BBC, Prospect and others…. Talking about the failures of neo-liberalism etc… Then there’s some agreement on an international corporate tax and what’s up at the G7. The pandemic seems to have galvanised opinion in some respect…..
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