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  1. I’d never thought about this quite as clearly as you put it, and it has crystalised some thoughts re Trump for me. No wonder so many of his supporters feel alienated; they really have lost their political power. Course, the greater problem is that Trump is a conman: he can’t deliver what his supporters think he can. But that’s another point. Interesting read. I was struck initially by the timing, 1971. I might as well take the opportunity to briefly lay out my version of recent economic history and see if it chimes with yours: The postwar boom ended in the late sixties. The
  2. Curious: Is it more likely to get us the player that fills our needs? I assume the wing or speedy HBF is what we're looking for...
  3. This seems to me to be the biggest con of the neo-con era. They say they're all about getting out there and developing and building things and productivity, but they don't want to invest in anything. But there needs to be a role for government, as you say. Education and healthcare and energy are too important to leave to the market. The universities have become degree mills (well, not quite), and the students are customers. Standards have plummeted. Unis have become harbours for mediocrity. Just on that.... I took part in the entrance examinations for the uni I work at - one that is raci
  4. The big question is, are they the same people...???
  5. He says he's always been called "Egg."
  6. TMac? Petty? Or is Tomlinson the man for the moment....?
  7. Absolutely. I think this is Biden's ace in the hole, though. If he can invest in American jobs rather than tax breaks for the 1% and propping up asset prices, he's on a winner. If not, that's it. Either way, the debt burden on neo-liberal era is already too much and the deleveraging will occur, but if they can invest in the meantime, there is light at the end of the tunnel. And there is great potential in new tech that plays into the US's hands, rather than say some Asian cultures... De-centralisaiton of energy production, de-centralisation of manufacturing, de-carbonisation ... big stru
  8. Looking forward to Petty in combination with Lever and May.
  9. Interesting times economically. Normally, I'll predict anything except the future, but in this case I'll make an exception to my exception: The neo-liberal era will end in with a great deleveraging, triggered by events undeniably attributable to the effects of anthropomorphic climate change. I'd take a bet that a bunch of big insurance companies, and the reinsurers, go broke from the cumulative disasters..... and take out the banks as they go. I reckon AF might think the above was plausible, but the question of when is the really salient one: I think the neo-liberal bubble has one mo
  10. If he'd run hard both ways consistently, we'd be a much better team. Not alone, of course.
  11. Loved when he moved back into the middle, and then began popping up at the tip of the 50m arch to take the centered ball. More, please.
  12. Really had my hopes up for Harley. Good luck to him and his lovely family. Keep battling and maybe with maturity and time his inner demons will give him a break.
  13. Tired players makes for a better game.
  14. Champ. Every time he goes near the ball I shout, 'Hibb-oh-oueh!' at the telly.
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