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  1. Freo #9 pick (2019) wants out. What goes around comes around. Liam Henry - don’t recall the kid taking control of any quarter of a big final.
  2. Can someone please refresh my memory on how MFC were screwed in 1998 finals series after beating Crows by 10 goals in MCG final? AFL later admitted they got our “seeding” wrong - MFC should’ve had easier opponent/no interstate travel or something. Couldn’t believe it at the time. Don’t feel sorry for Crows.
  3. Agree with a lot of OP post but what goes around comes around for Adelaide - Leigh Colbert mark MFC wrongfully handicapped after thrashing them in 98 Final - AFL later admitted they wronged us.
  4. All fun, but the only award I care about is Max being called “dual…
  5. Sparrow made a mistake in a game of footy. Key player in Bang. Bang. Bang! Best 90 seconds of footy I’ve seen in 59 years. Some forget quickly.
  6. All year in fact - their game plan like a rocket, slow to get going, looks fantastic and good to watch when it does. Ultimately crashes and burns. Wont stand up against a team with structure. KB - didn’t score for over an hour
  7. You are speaking about 2021 Premiership players
  8. All this while Shane Tuck (RIP) inquest is occurring and the recent CTE disclosure about the Adelaide AFLW player who took her life.
  9. Can you post a few? They had 15 Premiership players.
  10. I waited for rain to stop after game; thirty mins later he’s running the boundary with a trainer
  11. All good. Premierships are won in September
  12. I’m hoping if we’re in the GF it’ll be on the back of a huge Roo September
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