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  1. High up in coaches’ award. Goodwin’s votes aside, guess the other eight know footy
  2. One week at a time. 1-7 or 8-0 Disappointed Carlton under the blowtorch
  3. Collingwood and North in the mud - no one ever worried about clash jumpers then. even us playing Royboys at junction oval in mud
  4. Patently unfair at times Two teams - one side could play bottom six twice. Other side may have to play top six twice. fairest was 22 round seasons - with three “Waverly” games each. BTW I don’t think Melbourne Ever played Richmond at Waverley.
  5. RRE - Rono Re Equitates never got the cryptic nature of that poster’s name. Met Rollo one time - nice guy IRW obsession with yachting CHF long parables from afar - I enjoyed
  6. Got a full set of 1963 Ampol footy cards - Dad glued them into album for me
  7. Checked only now - some of the same names still posting. Have coffee with GS each time I’m on the Gold Coast. Met RangeRover in HCMC when I was based Vung Tau. Both passionate Dees
  8. Reminds me of the sad stat about Robbie - 270 odd games and finals only in his last three. Come 88-89-90 Newport, Viney, Stynes and co were running like 9 finals out of 30 or 40 games
  9. About 91 or 92 MFC were flying and knocked off Pies and Bombers in succession in must win games. front up to Sydney- had lost 36 straight or something -get rolled. R Osborne convulsing on TV post KO North worry me
  10. My car proudly displays winning record. Don’t mind if I’m in 22 Litre V8 come September
  11. Why can’t they make do with pulling a player from affiliate club/metro zone/country zone as in old days. isn’t that how Mick Nolan got a game?
  12. Was so much better when we paid $10 at turnstile. I don’t even know what they call Colonial this year. It’s not on website and Mars Stadium is listed.
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