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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. There was a famous 60s training photo of Alan Aylett, taking a chest mark, jumping forward, “with his boot thrust forward to discourage any oncoming player”. This was in an ANFC skills manual for boys.
  2. Definitely better life. I live on resort, in tropics, on island with twenty something gf.
  3. On the road and backs to the wall. Come from behind win interstate. Doesn’t get any better
  4. Max got crashed in the back clearly having taken a clean mark v Hawthorn. No fifty. Game over by then so even a goal be useless, but Max carries it into next week
  5. Backline options TMac Tomlinson Petty Back Hore Max to drop back Bowey and Turner both injured
  6. Yeah, agree. You’d never want DLs as your brokers
  7. ….Wiz’s 9 Goals and a point in second half v Pies
  8. I love that Salos back in town. How many times, especially pre flag, have I seen a shambolic Melbourne - to be cured by a Salem tackle/block/turnover/sidestep and perfect delivery. Statement play and recalibrates the whole team
  9. And I reckon first Tiger flag, Houli was the one keeping them in it when Adelaide were on. Naturally media favourite Dusty got it.
  10. If not for standout games from Fritta, Trac and maybe Bont could’ve jagged the Norm Smith. Players have done less in GF and got one.
  11. My son was born Mercy Maternity, Clarendon Street, East Melbourne. 07:59 am on birth records. Obligatory, wash, hold, handball return to maternity nurse. Walk for break/clear head etc etc couple hundred metres to MCC office. Registered on waiting list before 10.00am
  12. Grew up out east and Hawks had a following. There’s colour photo of me wearing Hawthorn jumper early 60s. March 1965 and we’re in town, MSD (Melbourne Sports Depot) Elizabeth Street. Mum had canny eye for bargain, nodded towards a promotional basket of guernseys at 10/6d, saying, “Radar needs new footy jumper”. Guess which one fit. The rest is history. At least I came on board at dawn of our darkest era. Younger brother remains a Hawk. He can’t quite remember all the Premierships he’s seen. The only happy fact out of all this is I was one size too small for the StKilda jumper.
  13. Looking more like a rugby jumper
  14. Freo #9 pick (2019) wants out. What goes around comes around. Liam Henry - don’t recall the kid taking control of any quarter of a big final.
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