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  1. Yeah with some nice stirring b/w footage of Ark Royal, few Harriers and changing guards at the Palace
  2. Attended the first Sunday game in 1970 - when Lions unexpectedly got up over reigning Premiers
  3. That’s Premiership team but for Hunt/Bowey which would’ve been for injury. And Melk for TMac
  4. I’m Full MCC member back from OS for Swans’ Final. Haven’t been to MCC since loss to GWS in 2021. I checked MCC website. There is no mention of MCC members having to prebook Ticketmaster/ticketek. This was covid practice before lockdown. I am happy to sit high up in Members’ nosebleed section. No need to prebook online? I can still walk up pregame like it’s 2019? thanks
  5. Are you living there. I’ve been based Vung Tau until Covid. Back in Melbourne for September!
  6. Ghosts of Eliot’s past -Pigs A*se
  7. What results gives us Freo at G first week?
  8. I’ve never seen a worse number 2 than Brisbane
  9. Thx for that - always thought he was worst captain
  10. Unbelievable Willie Rioli gets 2 year ban for failing to comply with urine test - was drug free anyway. Essendon - banned for drug misuse Carlton - fined lose picks for draft. Violations.
  11. …and did I see a Fritsch handpass out to Kossie
  12. Wouldn’t mind getting the Pies at the G if they’re still unbeaten
  13. Brisbane won a triple limping into finals each year and bringing Clarke Keating in. Hawthorn’s threepeat must’ve had some disappointing or unexpected losses. Can’t actually recall single one of those losses in six years of flags
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