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  1. Looked like old Fitzroy strip. Lucky weren’t playing Footscray. Don’t like designs with lots of white dots.
  2. Radio; Melbourne hasn’t won on Election Day since 1954. Host; Melbourne just break records. Jack Dyer played under eight Prime Ministers. Burgoyne six, and only two coaches.
  3. AFL has since admitted they got the Adelaide final wrong
  4. Seems to have a hand in every goal
  5. Saw Gaza’s On The Couch Perth game not mentioned, but every other review features a “like Melbourne” or “except Melbourne” or “Melbourne lesson”
  6. Football world order has changed. 1. Covid 2. Some teams can kick 3 goals in 31 seconds - to turn a Grannie. 3. We play Eagles in Perth and betting must be close to being suspended.
  7. Greetings from Vung Tau, Vietnam. No quality issues on older iPhone.
  8. Shaun Smith took that mark in Bears game IIRC Parkin was Phys Ed lecturer when I was at Burwood Teachers’ College
  9. Tomahawk as a kid kicked 5 against us one day. Bomber took him off “to protect” him or something Enjoy our time in the sun
  10. Sorry - only entertainment I want is Kossie lighting up the G and Goodwin’s speech. If I want music and crackers, there’s Moomba
  11. Both my sons are frontline Victorian healthcare workers. Covid free for all time. #1 son goes to Freo for April wedding. Now isolating back in Melbourne with positive test and “mild symptoms”
  12. Cannot possibly imagine a C 2000 side with the Fab Four, J Brown and Martin Pike whinging about a “tough draw”
  13. Back in the Neeld era, Essendon said “they weren’t going to complain cos they only got to play Melbourne once”. Guess who knocked off Essendon
  14. Heavy Cairns game and tight last quarter up there appears not to have slowed Port. Saints also have extra day.
  15. Think it does a disservice to the other 10 guys on the field - a Spargo smother, a Kossie chase, a Hunt run and support. The suB, the rest busting it for Casey and those out with OHS
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