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  1. The runner Talls Smalls Sweeper Quarterback role - yuk Run with Stopper Wicketkeeper The Irishman Impact player
  2. Recall the big No. 4 addressing players as Coach of East Ringwood - we could wander out to the huddle in those days
  3. Rumblings from Eagle mate in Perth. Exactly the right week for snap Simpson sacking.
  4. What about Cosby - guess he’s squeaky clean now. A female UK TV presenter - unaware of current action against CMc in Australia - has also come out with allegations. Don’t think the time statute or whatever applies to that one. Sounds more like Rolf 2.0
  5. First Gold to Australia- busted for cocaine. Unpalatable after the legitimate song and dance we put on about the Chinese swimmer.
  6. Sounds like she’s pulled the ol “tired and emotional” card. What will Australia medal in now? Trail bikes? Skateboards? Is Rap dancing in yet. If we had the class of Ralph Doubell or caliber of Peter Norman I’d be right there.
  7. Didn’t the Magistrate accept the Women’s evidence, but conviction thresh holds weren’t reached. Bill Cosby is now innocent - on a technicality.
  8. Guess my earlier post was deleted
  9. In a tight final I want a hard nut like Viney to rag doll Selwood
  10. Woulda been against Schwartz. Him and Crackers most ever umpired against players. Ox especially
  11. Adelaide and Pies were too
  12. Seems every other contender has 2 or 3 power forwards
  13. Thinking Hawthorn beat us next 22 games straight ?
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