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  1. Might be a cheaper way around local content laws.
  2. Max is level with Dean Cox on 6, and of course can go ahead.
  3. It is Irish, place of John O’Shanassy who was an Irish born settler and twice Victoria’s premier.
  4. JVR is developing well and is ahead of reasonable expectations. Will be fascinating to see his career unfold and where he finally ranks against great demon forwards.
  5. I’d be more likely to appreciate umpiring more than once a year when I’m told to with some simple rule changes to remove umpires guessing at players intention. Out of bounds but not on the full - last touch penalised. If inside 50 then indirect (cannot score goal directly). Rushing - rush all you like, whenever you like, point stands but no kick-in either - ball up on edge of kick-in box. Front-on/head high contact - always penalised, no need for umpire to rate player’s character, haircut, their own chances of getting out of carpark alive, etc Won’t happen though as AFL is a media business and controversy is free publicity = 💰
  6. Would be 2nd time around. He was drafted in 2015 and played 4 games for us wearing 41. Big bodied midfielder with heart and a leader. Knows our system. Sticks tackles.
  7. I would take Kolt as an emergency and for the experience. Give him time to grow and learn his roles. I’d also rest Windsor if i) we had a replacement (Hunter seems miles off) ii) we didn’t have a 10 day break and iii) he wasn’t already in our best 10. So he plays.
  8. At least use a bag. Plastic or paper even better. Then you can put it in his letter box and light it….
  9. We are a just a quality defensive mid and an improved KPF off a flag. Who will step up? We showed massive character not to lose by the opening 5 goals.
  10. gave him the ‘double-chin treatment’
  11. Graduated top of class at the Serena Williams school of press conferences.
  12. Think there is more awareness, more reporting too. But zero violence and intimidation needs to be the goal.
  13. @binman, yes this was port’s best period, built on defence. Had a fair offence too. Unluckily for them it coincided with Brisbane’s three-peat. One flag in 4 yrs was good, maybe one in 27 OK too, but it was just one (fact). Port would have wanted more. I’m with you, Roos, Goody that defence is everything - the foundation for regular flag forays. I’m hoping our current period of defensive excellence yields at least another.
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