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  1. Wow. This is very sad but great that it is now in the open. Does this taint Clarko’s legacy and all others involved/who stayed silent: Yze, Viney snr? Should North be pulling the eject lever?
  2. Who is our best matchup for Buddy?
  3. Jake just got to OMacs Melbourne goal tally. Both were rippers and I went nuts each time. Nicest bloke and I wish him well with the rest of this life stuff.
  4. Well played by the girls, some great contest and pressure and much improved by hand. When Tayla nailed that goal off one step from 40 I told my wife ‘I wish I could kick like that!’
  5. https://www.geelongcats.com.au/news/1140535/cats-welcome-demons-duo-on-day-three Shelly Scott and Jacqueline Parry to Geelong were our losses. Adelaide very strong but no longer the state squad.
  6. I’d like to see the home and away draw be mostly a draw rather than a fixture with 22 playing rounds, 18 teams, marquee games and final 8. First 17 rounds: each side plays each other once Each 2 yrs each club must request 2 to be fixed date marquee games with consent of other club. Home/away one each, will be assigned. Every attempt made to honour blockbuster dates, subject to master calendar. Club must choose 2 different marquee oppo clubs. You get either 8 or 9 home games. second block of 5: Every 3 yrs teams are distributed to a A, B, C group based on weighted finish order for last 3 yrs. Eg. If you finish 1,3,8 your weight is 12 and you’ll be pool A if this was lowest, otherwise B if 2nd lowest etc. In 2nd block you play each of the other sides in the same A, B, C group as your club once. You get 2 or 3 home games but your season total home is 11. I think this feature is fair, transparent and has minimal but essential change. The draw shouldn’t be used for equalisation, we have drafts and caps for that….
  7. Pardon the pun but his ability to keep his feet when others can’t is outstanding.
  8. I thought he took a step tonight and was very physical Sparrow - put body in
  9. We might need to trade for a younger, emerging KPF. Was impressed by Logan McDonald against . Others with huge upside?
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