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  1. So that’s why we are in such a precarious position?
  2. Bought my copy at Benns Books, Bentleigh yesterday
  3. It is up for sale - ad in Age - p 21 Classifieds
  4. We have Yze and Chocko - smart blokes
  5. I say 10 blocks.I had a look earlier in the year when annual report valued it as $ 23 m. Might be over the top . I used to live in Bentleigh for about 28 years.
  6. Yes l think it was the first quarter. I was there .
  7. We won the last 2 games last year. So we have won 11 !
  8. Can you only get into a game with a phone? What about downloading it onto an iPad? Or a printed copy of the ticket?
  9. Fantastic comment! The best!
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