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  1. Spoke very briefly to a parent of one of our players this morning and was told that we went into the finals with 11 injured players. No names.
  2. I spoke to Chocko air training a month ages and,among other things , he told me that he lived in Hampton.If he went to Essendon he would be doing a lot of cross town driving . Very time consuming.
  3. He was at the game.His heart beats true …..
  4. I didn’t know Koroit was such a successful club..I have ancestors who owned Coghlan’s Southern Cross Hotel just out of town in the 19th century.And Michal Coghlan was also the Mayor for a while.
  5. We are the reigning premiers for the next 2 weeks!
  6. Who is our centre half forward? I have noticed different players in this position over the last 2 games and think it’s a problem .
  7. I didn’t see them.Lever looked fine to me.
  8. I bought a sausage - thanks chef , very tasty.Will buy one next week too.
  9. YES ! How big are his thighs? ! He is an exciting prospect.
  10. Towards the end of training he and Petts were standing 2 metres away from me .He was in good spirits and showed no sign of discomfort.Kicking the ball too.
  11. Who will Casey play next weekend? Which match should we be watching this weekend?
  12. Thank you so much. l clearly remember walking out of the ground and everyone saying “I can’t wait to get home and watch that goal again” ! !
  13. Yes I was at that game.An INCREDIBLE goal.Wish someone could put a link to it on this site.
  14. I think the Weid is playing ok
  15. Kate Roffey has sent out an email about our club playing finals .No mention that the Casey final is happening. WTF ? Thanks Kate and Gary !
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