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    Gawn article

    My son played footy for Ormond in 2015.Max attended games regularly as he played there..On the Saturday before the Sunday Geelong game he was at the Ormond game.I am on speaking terms with Max and as we walked out onto the ground at 3/4 time I said to him : You’re playing good footy Max keep it up,He said yeh but l have to take more marks and kick more accurately.I said don’t worry it’s going to happen.It did the next day and has continued.I am not claiming bragging rights but......! Gee he is great - as a player and a person.
  2. Noticed Harley talking to various players as they walked off the ground.Good to see.
  3. Neita was so tough l used to feel for opposing players!He only knew one to play : hard! He would never shirk charging into a pack and knocking down the opposition.And I can’t remember him getting injured .A really tough player but fair.And a great leader.
  4. Ha ha ! I agree with your comment on the jumper colours! But l have a beany I wear.! Ormond is a great club , and after being at a a couple of other clubs , he really flourished at Ormond.A very professional club.And Big Maxxie played at Ormond too.Go Monders!
  5. Graeme played footy with the Ormond football club , where my son plays today ....when the season starts! I believe Ormond was a recruiting club for MFC.
  6. Extensive article about Dunny in today’s Age (Thursday) When Lynden Dunn told Nathan Buckley in early January that his objective was to play on Anzac Day the coach raised his eyebrows. "He looked at me like I was crazy and there was no chance that would be even happening considering I wasn't on the list." Dunn not done as belief remains high
  7. Brian Wilson- Willow
  8. Yeh and I don’t think he skis either!
  9. I thought the players would! And the coaching team. And the Club.
  10. Yes I have heard that he can’t watch tv or use an ipad .This is from a club employee who is a part of the coaching team in AAMI.
  11. Ran into Brian Wilson at the MCG 3 years ago.I lived next door to him for about 12 months in the 1980s.Had the occasional chat over the fence.At the G he told me not to give up on the Dees- keep supporting them as he was.Great stuff Willow!
  12. Training starts again this Friday 10 Jan at Gosches.Havespokento club to confirm.
  13. Another way looking at it-which team(s) would drop out of the bottom half of this year’s 8 for Dees to sneak in?
  14. Great photos Saty!Love the one of Vanders.Not to mention “Tom” Petty !
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