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  1. Enjoy your birthday Ron - you were a great club man.You are a gentleman.
  2. Excellent observation
  3. Congratulations to both blokes.Is Nathen Jones a life member?
  4. Absolutely spot on.A friend of mine sent a text to P L making the same point.Peter got back to him after the voting finished and said he would like to talk to my mate Dave.He is happy to talk and I might invite myself along!
  5. How do you apply for a position as a director?Why doesn’t the club invite applicants from us - the members? And why doesn’t the club send out the agenda and minutes of each board meeting?
  6. I had a blanket made and take it to the footy on cold days.Make it wide enough for 2 people.Very warm.
  7. Results will come tomorrow Based on my experience
  8. Two of my Saints friends are not upset he’s going.
  9. You and unfortunately a lot of others , say you are a fan of the game of AFL.But the game is called Aussie Rules.
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