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  1. There's more and better help on this site than from Ticketek. Kudos to you all.
  2. Yep $3.15 here too, general admission.
  3. The cult of recency. Best player in the last ten years? Arguably. Twenty? Possibly. One hundred and twenty? Doubtful.
  4. The club gets pilloried for poor player development but when it takes its time with a young player it also gets criticised ...
  5. He was one of those sports people who, like Walter Lindrum, had the rules of the game changed to limit his effectiveness.
  6. Our first draft pick. He's already a champion in my eyes, whoever he is.
  7. Ever? Don't know about that. University in 1909 was notoriously fragile.
  8. Those guys must have had so many learnings to do after a display like that.
  9. What is this rubbish? A full forward leading into space and his team mates honouring the lead with precise delivery? Bah, it'll never catch on.
  10. All the dark years have had an effect on Nathan. Too often, his first reaction is to go backwards with the handball instead of forward. He can unlearn this, but it's deeply ingrained.
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