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  1. I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that we might, just possibly, be good I'm simply not used to it.
  2. I was seven. On TV, I saw the team holding up the cup and doing a lap of honour and thought, 'Obviously this is the team to follow to ensure years of satisfying success.' Narrator: it was not the team to follow to ensure years of satisfying success.
  3. Many thanks, again, to Dan Andrews. No way we would have got that last 50 metre penalty with a Geelong crowd in the ground!
  4. We need to get back to things like this, noted in the Australasian Sketcher, September 1881 - 'Members of the theatrical profession in Melbourne taking part in a charity match on behalf of the family of the late Marcus Clarke; held on the East Melbourne Cricket Club ground; opera house employees against the remaining theatres; all the players are in theatrical costumes'.
  5. You're right. And hardly anybody bothered to attend, either.
  6. When he and Billy Stretch came to the Dees, I was sure Billy would be the stayer. Goes to show what I know.
  7. Mustn't replace a handball with a throw in the rules. The handball is a unique feature of our great game.
  8. Good player. Before his debut, though, lots here were saying they couldn't see why the coaching staff thought so highly of him.
  9. Maybe other teams have now had time to suss out our Plan A and our Plan B. I hope we have a Plan C ...
  10. I've been asleep for four months. Looks like the same old same old. Have I missed much?
  11. Lots of Essendon throws on Saturday night.
  12. He's earned it. Well deserved.
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