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  1. Pickett, Francis has form. This is by no means the only “looney-tunes” pursuit he has targetted. Hardly an objective observer..
  2. According to “The Age”, these documents are going to be released at the instigation of a law suit brought about by Bruce Francis, the ex-Australian Test batsman. Apparently he thinks it is going to clear all those at Essendon at the time, including James Hird, of all blame. Not surprising coming from someone like Francis who has a bit of a “looney-tunes” reputation, but he has zero chance of success. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to read them if only in an historical context, and to see how fair the ASADA judgements were. I will bet now, it won’t be a pretty sight for Hird and th
  3. Personally ld much rather Hogan than Brown. No chance l suppose...
  4. I suspect it was Collingwood footage. Looked like a Collingwood version of our highlight reel. There was not one MFC score in the whole 10 minutes. Nice to know we won ....
  5. I like the way he gets up the ground. In that, he reminds me of Hogan. Very useful to our game style...
  6. Young players take a while to develop consistency. Kossie has shown enough that he will be an excellent player for us, but maybe at this stage we are taking too big a risk playing him as we move towards finals. Hunt would be a better bet now. I have no doubt Kossie will be a key player for us in the future. Same goes for Spargo....
  7. Yes l think we are wasting Hunt. His speed would test Sydney on the HFF for Kosie. Hunts experience would be handy as we move towards finals time. Oscar also is undervalued by many on here......should be retained IMHO.
  8. Great post EO and Binman. Question: how much of our greatly improved last quarter performance this year is simply better physical training methods, or more psychological, or a bit of both. Or superior tactically. I assumed we have always trained hard, but this year seems like a standout, not only compared to our past performance, but also the rest of the competition. Seems like a competitive advantage, which no doubt the rest of the competition will be studying intently...
  9. I think it will be quite close, under 9 points. We quite often lose close ones against the Doggies - similar style teams, although our mids are stronger IMHO.
  10. The beauty of our talls: Gawn, Jackson and in this case Hogan is they are all versatile. Hogan used to do some of his best work up the ground and was particularly mobile and had a great engine. Jackson also, indeed when he was recruited the club said he could play key position/ruck as well as mobile mid. And so it has turned out to be. The addition of Hogan would make our mid field the strongest in the AFL, and our forwards unstoppable. Bring it on l say...
  11. I’d rather the GABBA l think, but especially not Perth. WCE quite beatable everywhere but Perth.
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