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  1. There is, but there was also against the Tigers and the Cats. If we bring our “A” game there is no reason why we are not competitive, even superior, and in all cases this year and that has proven to be. We need fear no-one!!!. Remember, we beat the Tigers comfortably when they were supposed to be unbeatable, then they came out and beat the unbeatable Dogs. Our reputation, and fear factor is building rapidly. We should be, and are, using it to our advantage...
  2. I remember very similar posts going up in the week before the Tigers game. Everything seemed gloom and doom to some but we still go that big game done. We are building an ability to lift when need be, which hasn’t been the case in decades. This is a seriously resilient team, which we all should appreciate, and well coached as well. We will go ok against the Doggies!
  3. I was 12 years old in 1964, and sat up on the second tier of the Olympic stand next to the old mezzanine bar with my demon fanatic father and elder brother. it was a warm spring day with a lively crowd. I vividly remember after Neil Compton kicked the winning goal looking along the row we were sitting in and seeing Murray Weideman sitting at one end, chain smoking and his hand shaking life a leaf. We all had a good laugh when l pointed it out to my brother and dad. Unfortunately my brother has since turned himself into a One eyed Swans supporter, so at least one of us should be hap
  4. Yes, for some reason l am more worried about this match than any of the others this season. We have a history of being rolled by the Swans when they are supposedly in poor form. Today they sit in the eight, so that just makes it worse. I do not however think they are going to have a stand out season - just beat us as per usual. Let’s hope not!
  5. Yes, Jacko to the ruck for the majority of the time in the third quarter was a master stroke and shows our superiority in the strategic side of coaching. We could easily have lost on Sunday, but instead we asserted our superiority this year. All power to our recruiting staff. The arrival of Jacko, Kossie in one year by trading pics was pure genius, and has set us up for a dominant next 5-10 years. The fact that nearly all of our young stars are contractually committing to long term contracts with us just shows their commitment, and what a bright future we have over that period.
  6. I think you are forgetting what a brilliant game Jackson had when Max was monstered last week. The fact that so much attention was on him ( Max), freed us up to let loose the brilliance of Jackson. Get used to it AFL teams, there is very little you can do about it with such a brilliant combination.
  7. He played initially for the Dees and then the Swans. He refers all things Melbourne to Gary Lyon On the Couch, who makes no secret of his support for the Dees. Healy never expresses emotions about the MFC, but does so regularly for the Swans. Let’s see tomorrow night...
  8. Don't forget Healy is a fanatical Swans supporter, so judge him after next week’s game. If we lose, watch out!
  9. I think you can put this game down to a performance we had to have. We should all be thankful it happened against one of the weaker sides in the competition, hence we still came away with the four points. It has also been a historic grave yard for us ie playing norf in Tasmania. Hopefully we should be much better at the “G”, although our record against the Swans has been pretty abysmal as well. Very much a danger game for us next Saturday, particularly as the Swans seem to be hitting a purple patch. I also think B. Brown will be much better at the “g”. He would need to be as today’s
  10. Yes, our for and against in today’s scores in percentage terms was less than our current percentage of 150, hence the adjustment
  11. Sorry, forgot about our star recruit. Just show what quality we now have.
  12. I agree with this. I hope that is the position we will end up in as we move to finals and play the last 6 or 7 H&H games for the year which will be testers, and will most likely reflect our finals plans. I see no reason why BB, Weid, Tmac should not play in the same side. Indeed it would make the strongest we have had in decades. Let’s bring it on...
  13. Tmac is one of the best middle distance runners we have at the club which means he has endurance and speed. Although he is doing an excellent job up forward at the moment, we have ready made replacements for him in Ben Brown and the Weid. By moving Tmac to the mid field (ie wing) we can better use our two forwards, as well as tap into Tmacs other superior skills. I think that move substantially improves the team, particularly given his recent good form.
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