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  1. The ground has to be the same size as the “G”. I doubt Prahan fits that criteria.
  2. That’s great to know and very reassuring. since you seem to know a bit about this, what is the strength of the rumours that Dailey is taking a full time job as a coach at Geelong in both the men’s and women’s programs. Doesn’t seem to make any sense to me given her long term commitment to the Dees, in both programs. Surely we could find a spot for her.
  3. How about personal relationship? I don’t know, just taking an educated guess…..
  4. I’m tipping Demon by 20+ points going away in the Grannie with Bannon and Harris both playing blinders. The perfect introduction for the men’s 2023 season where they will be unstoppable with their elite All Australian ruck combination……..
  5. I think the recruitment of Grundy will force a change in game plan for the better. No team will be able to match up on it, especially if we also get Van Rooyan (sp?) firing up forward. Interesting time ahead…
  6. Yes, isn’t it great to see the women’s game developing so fast, and that the D’s are at the forefront of that. It will become the most popular women’s sport overtaking netball and basket ball within a couple of years. Even though the girls play the game a little differently, it is really growing on me - the standard improves so much from year to year, and is now really skilful. Exciting stuff!
  7. I love the way we now take the game on, and have the players now to do it successfully. Putting Haris in the ruck has been an inspiration.
  8. Yes, loved Bannon’s balk around the mark to run in to goal. The crows were dumbstruck…….she’s a talent there is no doubt about that….
  9. Salary off the books l believe…..
  10. I think JVR is a better bet than TMac, and l think this may well happen. We need to be adventurous in this “last chance saloon”, particularly to freshen up our attack. Now is the time….
  11. How about Jackson for Bradshaw - when you think about it it is not as silly as it sounds!!!
  12. A question: 1. Do we really think Luke would go from a premiership team with a realistic chance to win 2 or 3 more over the next 5 years, to a side which probably won’t be in the window for the next 5-7 years. Sure he would be paid maybe 25% more at the Eagles in his home state, but it is a lot to give up, and it is not as though he would be poorly paid at the Dees. I rather suspect that after we win our second flag in two years, and with every prospect of a couple more after that, that he just might stay with us to get the glory that that represents.
  13. They deserve each other. What a pain that man is. His mate Eddie isn’t going too is he?
  14. The AFLPA can make whatever rules they like so long as they get the agreement of their members, and the governance is agreed. I’m sure most players by now would have a pretty good understanding of this incident, and I’d be amazed if 99 percent of them didn’t agree that Zorko should be severely sanctioned. This is a governance issue and therefore should take place behind closed doors and need not involve HP at all if he doesn’t want. It is however of such outrageous behaviour that it requires some penalty, if only to ensure justice is done, and to make all players realise there are consequences for this sort of outrageous antisocial behaviour, especially when directed at innocent fellow players.
  15. Don’t you guys realise the fixture is deliberately weighted against the most successful teams from the previous year, hence our extraordinarily difficult fixture this year as the reigning premiers. Frankly l don’t mind that, it is part of the equalisation process. What l do mind is when unfair fixturing is built in permanently to the system aka Geelong. Their ground is substandard in terms of size, and gives the Cats an advantage like no other in the AFL where their win/loss record is over 80%. It would be far fairer to play these matches against us either at the “G” or at Marvel, or even Alice Springs or Darwin. Then there will be no permanent built in advantage irrespective of where we or they perform on the ladder.
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