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  1. Yes, Vanders was excellent and clearly gives us additional grunt inside as well as another dimension outside. I think as we get closer to the end of the home and away, we may turn to additional experimentation to test best combinations. . Vanders and BB even Jonesy would have to be close to the top of the list. Also BB today made his case. They will be having close consideration to excluding sparrow, even Kossie in the finals line up. No doubt there will be some experimentation once our top two position is secured. In any case there are sure to be injuries which will require replacements.
  2. We have to accept that when you beat everyone in the 8 and are on top by two games, you become a target. Literally everyone makes it their number one objective to beat you. No-one is going to give us easy games. And do we really want it any other way? MFC is at last respected (and even feared) by every other team. Much rather have it this way, than being the mediocre alsoran we have been for the last 40 years. Get used to it guys - we are building a dynasty!
  3. Also the VFL game tomorrow become extremely important. If BB can nab 3 or 4 + he would be a lock for the remainder of the season l would say. We all should watch tomorrow’s telecast to cheer him on.
  4. I’d prefer a taller forward set up. Fritsch is too valuable on the flank and is not big enough to be a key forward. It is time to bite the bullet on Brown or are we waiting for him to kick a bag at Casey. At least they are playing this weekend for the first time in a long while. Jackson/Gawn will need to spend more time in the forward half Saturday night.
  5. Yes, l think back playing on the G will be decisive. We never play well at the SCG, so back on our home turf will get us really fired up, especially with our talisman Jack V returning. Dees by 40 points!
  6. OD, l have no doubt rusted on Magpie supporters will pressure the new board at Collingwood to pay that and more for Weid. All the ones l know are salivating at the prospect of getting another Weideman playing senior football for them. They just won’t recognise his limitations. A very good early test of the professionalism for their new board. My guess is they haven’t changed their spots, and therefore will remain mid list at best.
  7. The tradition has been at least since the Norm Smith 1950s. Enough said!
  8. To me this further reenforces what a well run clubs the red and blue have turned themselves into, particularly when they are contrasted to their traditional rivals Carlton, Collingwood, St.Kilda, Essendon, and to a lessor extent Geelong. The best in my 50 years following the Dees.
  9. Wouldn’t it be magical if Jonesy becomes our medical sub in our winning grand final side and he plays out of his skin in the final quarter. What a great way to go out for such a wonderful servant of our club. We can only fantasise! Go Dees!
  10. We must all remember Eddie was allowed to be a total dictator. I have seen him say half a dozen times on television recently that “he never allowed elections to take place at Collingwood, because HE doesn’t believe in them”. Can l point out that the first thing dictators do is abolish elections. Hitler, Edodowayne (Turkey), Putin all were elected initially, then they abolished elections. The effect is the organisations become the wim of one man, and inevitably leads to chaos and mediocracy. So it is with Collingwood. The crisis at Collingwood can be directly pointed at Eddie’s door. l have been a long term watcher of Footy Classified, but recently l can’t stand watching Eddie because he is such a hypocrite. I watch Mondays but not Wednesdays - he just makes my hair stand on end!
  11. Not necessary, given we get a fit Tomlinson back next year and Petty certainly doesn’t deserve to be dropped.
  12. Yes l think this kid is real quality. One of the best kicks l have seen for someone so young, regularly roosts it on target more than 60m, a real attacking weapon in both the front and back half. Could be a real asset in the business end of the season. Good size too....
  13. Yes I rate Dermie, along with Billy Brownless, as the dumbest footy commentators we are subject to each week. You can put Tony Jones in there as well. But then again, Channel Nine always goes to the lowest common denominator.....
  14. Yes he is all quality that kid.
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