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  1. I thought Petty showed promise of a return to form tonight. Also,he has a bit of nastiness about him that few of our players have. He gets on the nerves of the opposition, and I like that.
  2. Chandler who? Turner who? You know some people with weird first names!
  3. I thought of the possibility of Surnames that are also first names, but discounted it since I've never heard of anyone with the first name "McLean". (and I actually met Lord MacLean at Duart castle on the Isle of Mull in 1977) I guess there's some Rap singer or drummer called MacLean Smith or something!
  4. If Collingwood received the raw deal North got in the last few minutes, the Media would be calling for a Royal Commission.
  5. If a media person wants to improve his popularity rating, it doesn't pay to be critical of Collingwood or Carlton. There was ENORMOUS pressure on the umpires from the all-Collingwood crowd in that noisy stadium. They succumbed weakly.
  6. Collingwood seemed to get a lot of goals from free kicks.
  7. I remember those two terrible weeks well in 1998. Who would have thought we’d beat the eventual premiers in the semi by 8 goals,then slaughter StKilda in the qual. final.? We were then wrongly allocated to play Friday night specialists, North in the Prelim., when by rights we should have played Footscray, who we would have murdered, then played Adelaide again in the GF. We could have been premiers after abject failure in mid-season.
  8. I think Grundy is about 204cm. Kentfield turns 19 in September. Any chance he could grow a cm or two on to his 194cm? I doubt it....he looks like a boy who has matured early. He reminds me a bit of Jack Darling, who was overlooked in the first round of draft by all clubs because , at 194cm he wasn't considered tall enough to be a KPF.
  9. Unlike any of my Dee tragic mates, I watch replays of our games, whether we’ve won or lost. I recommend to Demonlanders to watch this game in replay and you’ll see that Melbourne really deserved to be much, much closer to Collingwood. They just couldn’t miss when shooting for goal, and we had 4 posters, as well as several other misses much easier than the angle goals they so nonchalantly slotted. Plus a couple of random bounces went their way near goal. I can see now why I felt we’d win , at half time, despite the deficit. I didn’t realise at that time, that Petracca had suffered a season-ending injury. In my huge disappointment straight after the game, I walked away from the ground thinking we’d been outclassed. Having watched the replay,I reckon we could have given them a real run for their money, even without Trac. Also, I reckon Clarrie played much better than I’d realised. Ditto with McVee, Bowie ,Fritsch and Windsor.
  10. Dee supporters…. don’t boo skunkhead. It’ll just encourage him.
  11. What happened to Ipana tooth powder?
  12. If they don’t know the rule about handing the ball straight to the umpire, they probably aren’t aware either that the clock has stopped, so it’s no use time wasting.
  13. I'm still hopeful for Jefferson.....but he's nowhere near ready yet.
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