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  1. I can’t believe you’re happy to go to Geeelong again!
  2. Brisbane were given a dream start by the umps, with repeated mysterious frees bringing the ball to their forward line. Later, I felt that the rundown tackle on (?) Fitzsimmons in the goal square was either a trip or a push in the back. She managed to get a foot to the ball before it bounced, but the ump couldn't see that so paid holding the ball. Also the pass by West to (?) Fitzy again which was called not 15 metres was a bit rough.It would have been a fairly easy shot for goal. We could have beaten 'em 4 goals to nil! Someone must have alerted the umps at three quarter time that t hey were giving the Dees a rough trot, and they gave us an armchair ride in Q4!
  3. I thought Lauren Pearce did a great job in the ruck, and should be included in the best players.
  4. Is Craig Goodwin related to Simon? They’re both from Adelaide.
  5. Is our goal scorer related to Simon Goodwin? I see he plays for Adelaide in the A League
  6. I was at the game, and it was VERY windy, affecting the standard greatly. So Dees fans shouldn't be too worried about the low standard footy leading into the GF. I have since watched the replay on TV , and it' s not nearly as obvious on TV how difficult the conditions were. Also, i was surprised when one commentator said that North would have the wind in Q4. I'm dead sure it was easier kicking to the Royal Parade end.
  7. I am surprised Gillard wasn't mentioned in our best players. I thought she repelled many attacks.
  8. Norm Smith must be chuffed to be on the interchange with those champs!
  9. I've forgotten whether it has been mentioned in this thread, but a common fault which crops up repeatedly is the following..... "I can't underestimate his value to the team". Really one can't OVERestimate his value to the team, if you think he's really good! He must be useless if you can't UNDERestimate his value! Have other pedants noticed this?
  10. I think that Tomlinson was best in the AFL stat for "one on ones" when he did his ACL in 2021.
  11. Am I paranoid, or were Sydney deadly accurate against us, but missing the important set shots( not pressure misses ) today?
  12. Sydney should be 8 goals up. Collingwood kicking with remarkable accuracy , keeping them in the game.They did miss one, though. Gulden kicked with incredible skill against us. Missed a sitter v the Mudpies.
  13. Kozzie got far less warning than Ginnivan. The ump didn’t show where the mark was to Kozzie, but he did to Neckavin.
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