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  1. Is that Ken Melville in the photo by any chance? I know he was at the game. That bloke could be in his 90's.
  2. Thanks so much for providing these links, ''Dees in October". They've been fantastic to watch and listen to.
  3. Yeah, thanks boys, for the podcasts. Really good insights and comments generally. I'll miss your podcasts over the summer. What about podcasts for the Melbourne Stars?! (just jokin')
  4. At half time... I remember saying to my wife....."this is torturous hell". At the end of the game it was ecstatic glory!
  5. Did Bradtke really get enough of a chance? There was very little VFL footy since 2020...even that season was limited. Melbourne has been a breeding ground for ruckmen the last 20 years, and Jackson is the first to develop so quickly. (think Jamar, Jolly, Gawn, McInerney,Martin....any others?) I was hoping Bradtke would eventually prosper,having had the advantage of a top class mentor in Gawn. Perhaps he was proven not to have the hardness,or willingness to attain fitness of the necessary standard.
  6. Not a tough stadium for everyone. Collingwood,Richmond, Essendon, ,....don't have to play there. Huge advantage.
  7. The players make it well known who they think are the best umps. I have heard it said that the players all think Stevic and Rosebury are the best umpires. I'm sure this influences the AFL Umpire selectors in their choice for the Finals. It probably should. Stevic seems like one of the best to me, but I feel strongly he let down all umpires by not being more critical of Toby's act. There's no doubt junior footballers copy what they see on TV of footy at the highest level. Stevic's done nothing to make umpires in lower grades safe.
  8. I reckon Stevic deserves a reprimand for his virtual "sticking up' for Greene in his post-incident interviews. By not "lagging" on players, the umpires know they'll be highly rated by them, increasing their chances of Finals selection etc. But Stevic let down his umpiring colleagues at all levels by not renouncing Greene's behaviour . He shouldn't have been selected for Finals this year.
  9. I think the scar visible on Gary Lyon's chin is a result of a behind-the-play elbow from that animal, Ablett. Lyon was holding Ablett almost kickless that day on the MCG, till Ablett did a "Matthews", and knocked him out when the ball was 100 metres away.
  10. I feel so sorry for him when watching the immediate post-siren rush of players on to the ground. He was as rapt as anyone..Then to be delisted the next day.....I hope they'd given him some prior notice, perhaps suggesting he try again after getting some experience elsewhere. It was also noticeable that Nev Jetta had tears in his eyes as he came on the field...he so much deserved to have been there.
  11. ............."He maketh Dogs lie down in green pastures"
  12. I'll never forget our '64 GF win. I was 14,so could use one of my Grandfather's MCC Ladies tickets. We got to the MCG about 10 o'clock, but the best seats we could find were on the top level of the Olympic stand. We assumed we'd kill Collingwood, having slaughtered them by 89 points in the 2nd Semi. We were pretty worried at half time(down by a point, I think), and memories of the '58 disaster(I was also at that), were flooding back. Our hearts sank when Gabbo kicked that goal. We didn't know how long there was to go. Hassa Mann, normally a reliable drop punt kick, missed a sitter from dead in front. We were ecstatic when Froggie put us in front, but there seemed an eternity after that before the siren rang. Coll. had the ball in their forward line a couple more times, but didn't score. I'll never forget the triumphant feeling as we filed out of the ground. It took ages to get over the railway bridge to Swan St, where we'd parked, but we didn't care because we were surrounded by happy Demon supporters. I want to feel that way again tonight!
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