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  1. It seems Brad has had a meteoric rise to success in the business world. Surely that counts in his favour.
  2. I mentioned the possibility of dropping Paine and using Wade. Carey is another possibility, but it occurred to me that Ben McDermott is a dark horse for the spot. All three are ordinary keepers, but Ben is 8 yrs younger than Paine, and has more upside as a batsman, and, probably as a keeper. Paine is too old, too undisciplined, too untalented , and tactically poor. Find another captain. I've always admired Langer, but it's becoming clear he's not imbuing the proper sportsmanship in the team. He condones Paine calling Ashwin a d...head, and that Paine's players like him,
  3. Well done Paine! Dropped three catches, then sledged Ashwin so hard it increased his concentration and determination. Has Paine butchered another series for Australia ? He must get a sore throat from yelling"whoooaaahhh" every ball bowled by Lyon, just as the batsman hits the ball in the middle of the bat. He doesn't accept the DRS decisions, and shakes his head at umpiring decisions. What a shocking example he sets to young players Green and Pucovski. I agree that Cummins is a good character to captain, but it worries me that captaincy could detract from his bowl
  4. Drop Paine. Let Wade keep( he’s no worse). Playanother batsman. Smith to captain.
  5. Teaching accuracy in goal kicking is one of his hobby-horses. We really need that!
  6. Do they include Cotchin's hair when they quote his height?
  7. Great post, Farmer! Brought back memories. I was only 7 when Stuart Spencer retired, but I thought I remembered him as a right foot kick. I remember he did long drop kicks, and was good overhead for a rover. Are you dead sure he was a left-footer?
  8. Will that thug Michael Long’s nephew go for that head hit on Macrae? Headhunting in the genes!
  9. This unerring accuracy of the Mudpies can’t last.. I hope not, anyway! Hell I hate barracking for Metcoke.
  10. Great to see Trump wearing a Demon tie today,while Biden sported a Collingwood tie. I know who I’d vote for!!!!
  11. Next year we should work out who's the greatest [censored] in the club, and use him! The censored bit was a word for someone who tosses.
  12. GWS desperately need a ruckman, now Mummy has had it, and Jacobs gone. I'm a big fan of Braden Preuss, but perhaps he could be used as a bargaining chip for a promising GWS player. He's a perfect back-up for Max, but perhaps Jackson can fill that role. Is Austin Bradtke showing any signs?(pretty hard to tell with no VFL, I know.)
  13. If only Freo had played like this against us. Dropping chest marks when alone, and kicking crookedly.
  14. 3 missed frees to Sydney then a non in the back to Hawkins for a goal
  15. Is this MFC SS? I dreamed that Footscray made a big recovery in Q4 from 30 points down, and scored a brilliant , after the siren, angle goal from a dubious deliberate o.o.b. free to win by a point.
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