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  1. I find “Off the Bench” intolerable on Saturday mornings. Pickering and Hutchinson share “ in jokes”,which are annoying. The “first person self- congratulatory” rubbish suggests , wrongly, that they, themselves are not conceited prigs.
  2. Healthy, fit young men don't get sudden blockages of blood supply to the leg!
  3. Barracking for the Melbourne Stars is very like going for the Demons!
  4. If we vote Lawrence in, which candidate should we vote out? Is it set in the constitution that we can't have 9 on the board?
  5. I agree that it would be ridiculous to blame Paine for our bad batting. It would be handy if he took a routine catch or two, and a regulation stumping off Lyon, who must be fuming. If he remains captain( though he’s getting pretty old), he and Langer better have a good hard think about field placings and bowling changes. I’m not sure if there’s a good keeper in Australia( by the way, Carey will be 30 before the Ashes, so he’s no spring chicken).What’s Philippe like as a keeper, ?...I know he can bat, ditto McDermott, but he’s late 20s)So when the selectors think we need a new kee
  6. Iron gloves didn’t help... but it’s Paine’s behaviour and influence I object to. Shane Warne didn’t like his field placing, but he wouldn’t know!
  7. Well done Tim That’s two series you’ve lost for us Inspiring skipper......encourages us to sledge!
  8. It seems Brad has had a meteoric rise to success in the business world. Surely that counts in his favour.
  9. I mentioned the possibility of dropping Paine and using Wade. Carey is another possibility, but it occurred to me that Ben McDermott is a dark horse for the spot. All three are ordinary keepers, but Ben is 8 yrs younger than Paine, and has more upside as a batsman, and, probably as a keeper. Paine is too old, too undisciplined, too untalented , and tactically poor. Find another captain. I've always admired Langer, but it's becoming clear he's not imbuing the proper sportsmanship in the team. He condones Paine calling Ashwin a d...head, and that Paine's players like him,
  10. Well done Paine! Dropped three catches, then sledged Ashwin so hard it increased his concentration and determination. Has Paine butchered another series for Australia ? He must get a sore throat from yelling"whoooaaahhh" every ball bowled by Lyon, just as the batsman hits the ball in the middle of the bat. He doesn't accept the DRS decisions, and shakes his head at umpiring decisions. What a shocking example he sets to young players Green and Pucovski. I agree that Cummins is a good character to captain, but it worries me that captaincy could detract from his bowl
  11. Drop Paine. Let Wade keep( he’s no worse). Playanother batsman. Smith to captain.
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