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  1. He evoked memories of Rob Flower for me. His build, and his ball handling.
  2. I hope Dees supporters don't boo Cripps(though the system does deserve booing). Booing just encourages players. Don't let's help fire him up.
  3. At the start of the session the players gathered in a circle in the centre , and clapped and cheered someone.They often do this when a debut is announced. Perhaps it was Laurie. It wasn't Van R.
  4. Grundy has chronic back trouble. Leave Collingwood with the problem.
  5. Let us not forget… their last 2 goals came from dubious 50:50 frees
  6. Ashcroft is Johnnie Townsend’s great nephew, I think.
  7. I'm not normally a sesquipedalian, but I am a triskaidekaphobe,and that's one reason why I was so happy about our win over Freo.
  8. What about...."between you and I" etc. And..........He said it to "you and I" . It's becoming so commonplace to misuse the first person pronoun, that I fear it will become acceptable grammar.
  9. They’ll play finals there when the Reno is finished.
  10. I think the word “ definitely” loses all its impact when spelt “ definately”. Have others noticed this?
  11. I’ve been led to believe that McMahon was the only player on the Richmond list not to get a game the next season. ? ????Punishment
  12. If we’d had umpiring in Adelaide like Collingwood did today, we’d have won by 80 points.
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