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  1. Neil Crompton Grand Final 1964. Here ends the discussion!
  2. The only player that ever seemed to get penalised for this infringement was Clayton Oliver and I thought that was because he can handball so quickly that the umpires didn't believe it could possibly be legal. I agree that others totally get away with it.
  3. I hate the thought of agreeing with Geelong, it's a bit like agreeing with Nigel Farage. However, trying to take all bias out of it, why can't they play their game at home when there are no crowd capacity issues? Why don't Richmond have to play there like we do? Am I missing something from over here?
  4. We are sent down there to play every single season. All other teams should have their turn as well. No matter if it is a capacity crowd, a small crowd or no crowd at all.
  5. I like this side story and it deserves at least one reply. Thanks for putting it out there. Other first class cricketers from MFC include Max Walker, Graeme Watson and Neil Crompton. Any others?
  6. The first five minutes of this show on the AFL website is a great watch. It emphasises with all Demon supporters. Perhaps someone smarter than me could put up the link for everyone to enjoy. Later on in the show they have a restrained go at Jeff Kennet's ludicrous claim that not to allow Hawthorn an AFLW team next season is discrimination of the worst kind......Really!!!!
  7. I've always thought that suspensions don't benefit the team wronged. Your player suffers and another team gains by having an opponent miss a match. At least in soccer the sending off rule gives an advantage to the side that has been infringed against. However I have just accepted it as one of those "it is what it is" things. This year though I love it. Melbourne, for once, is reaping the rewards. One St.Kilda player missed our game through suspension, one from GWS will, then two from Geelong. I can't ever recall us getting this sort of lucky break before. Are the footballing gods smiling on the Demons? (A contradiction in terms I know.) Is it an omen?
  8. Verdun Howell deserves a mention also.
  9. I have just joined the R Flower league. Thanks for organising this.
  10. From over here I would just say please do what it takes and stay on the side of extreme caution. The feeling in Britain is that Australia has done very well and is an example to follow in certain areas such as "go hard, go early". Massive errors were made here and the situation is a disaster with over 116,000 deaths. The vaccination program is going very well, they have got that right. I get my first one tomorrow. However there are still dark days ahesd. Take care.
  11. Seeing that few of us are going to be around to see the 2021 MFC Team of the Century named and that this month is usually the silly season of the AFL, I am calling for nominations. The century is a fifth old so theoretically that means four or five players. Unless of course you think that we are going to be so good in the future that none of our current players will get in. By the way, it's snowing here!
  12. That Rivers is now the new coach of Collegians in the VAFA.
  13. Not saying that the 09 list is anywhere near as good as this year, WJ. Just think it wasn't all bad.
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