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  1. Echoing the thoughts of many Demonlanders, hopefully last night's game put paid to suggestions we trade Oliver.
  2. ... I will shrug and chalk up another Demonesque loss.
  3. I have a mate who used to be high up at a club who told me it was club policy to bring back injured players against weak sides with Melbourne being most often the side targeted to give the returning player a soft reintroduction to league footy.
  4. I have kept saying that just because you sign a contract to pay a coach x-amount per year, it does not mean you have to pay him the same if you end the contract early. All you have done is agree to pay him x-amount over the designated time if the coach is there for the designated time. If you cut the coach loose before the end, you negotiate a reduced pay-out.
  5. Dean Bailey brought those ideas to us, and were on display from his first game, but he lacked the players and ultimately club support.
  6. Cyril areas. And Stix Brayshaw with a textbook Demonesque handball to a teammate's feet.
  7. No Lever, no Adelaide.
  8. Carlton have been a league power, they have won a lot of flags, and it won't hurt them to spend a couple of farcical decades emulating us.
  9. I had always thought that Melbourne beat Hawthorn at Glenferrie in round 18 to clinch top spot, but that was round 17. Melbourne actually lost in round 18 to Footscray. The bigger loser was Geelong. Had the Cats beaten StKilda they would have finished top. That means in 1964 Melbourne won pole position and the flag courtesy of a Geelong loss, then returned to the finals 23 years later courtesy of another Geelong loss.
  10. Kicked 11, should have kicked 22. Typical Jacko.
  11. Round 10 Carlton was sitting on four wins, but Judd gave them the nod so Carlton made sure they didn't win another game. The Kreuzer Cup was more about Judd than Kreuzer.
  12. I think the sibling rule is a good idea. There are not enough imperfections in the draft.
  13. I had thought we blew 1990 by losing to cellar dwellers, but the six games we lost were mostly against respectable sides. Hawthorn (5th), Collingwood (2nd but eventual premier), North (6th) and St Kilda (9th) all played good footy. Geelong (10th) had a poor year amidst good years. The Sydney (13th) loss, by 5 points after kicking badly, and the hammered percentage against North were crucial.
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