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  1. When we were dominating centre clearances we were overcommitting to the contest. Now that we are less committed to the contest we have better balance over the whole ground. What would we have to sacrifice from our current structure to square up the centre clearance numbers?
  2. Just a thought. When the Hawks were busy winning premierships Clarko said that winning the centre clearance numbers was overrated. Clarko learned his coaching craft under Choco.
  3. 6. McDonald 5. Oliver 4. May 3. Jordon 2. Petracca 1. Harmes
  4. We are keeping the footy punditry on its toes as we make them skip from one player's contract negotiations to the next. Each time a pundit writes an article implicitly critical of Melbourne's alleged tardiness in signing a required player, he or she is barely halfway through basking when we sign said player and force the punditry into changing its focus to another player. It's a masterly military performance. The question now is whether we change tactics and concede Weid is expendable and has trade value.
  5. 6. Salem 5. Fritsch 4. May 3. Jackson 2. Langdon 1. Oliver Very hard to pick this week.
  6. Unlikely Melbourne fans would give Howe the same generous reception Storm fans tonight gave Will Chambers who now plays for Cronulla.
  7. It has always upset me that Howe is playing for Collingwood. It has also always upset me that Collingwood is praised for turning Howe into a backman. I'm glad he missed a flag in 2018. He should still be at Melbourne, but would he fit into our system?
  8. Players with significant upside, a year older, a year wiser, a year better coached by a cadre of experienced footy-heads.
  9. If Kane bothered to do any research - or basically just think before he shoots from the lip - he would have seen Goodwin have a quiet word with Kozzie. A slightly over-the-top reaction by an excited youngster calmly dealt with by the coach. Excellent work by Goody.
  10. Sticks was important last night, and I'm disappointed I couldn't slot him into the votes. PS: The highlights video missed a fantastic smother by Angus on the outer wing down at Geelong in 2015.
  11. 6. Petracca 5. Salem 4. Oliver 3. Jackson 2. Viney 1. Langdon
  12. Best style of win since I don't know when.
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