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  1. No. Not like Tom Lynch. He's a significantly better player.
  2. Sorry, I forgot: [Joke] sauce [/joke].
  3. I have it from a current AFL coach that recruiting Brown was a mistake, and that given current trends in tactic, we'd be better off without him. And, no, I'm not going to reveal the sauce. I've already rounded it down to 18 people out of 25 million.
  4. Lou Richards used to be able to do a precise drop kick with right foot from outside his left leg.
  5. Ohh, you mean the other game. We beat North by 70 and 52 in 1991. And yet it's North not far off a flag. Sigh.
  6. Phoenix Spicer sounds like the name of a crop dusting plane.
  7. I actually think Salem is pretty good in the air. Not that he'll ever be classed for his marking, but he's deceptively clever man-on-man in the air.
  8. Get your mitts off my Tweets, Kingy. The question is whether Salem is quick enough to get into position for the kick inside 50.
  9. I usually stick my calendar over my desk at work, and just as usually forget to turn the month after about March.
  10. Wasn't this topic already canvassed in the Rumours post apropos Hutchy?
  11. I read it that Hutchy thought he was revealing something.
  12. The Sounding Board today Hutchy and Barrett seemed confident Collingwood made their salary dump because they have Petracca "on the hook" for next year's free agency period.
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