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  1. I usually stick my calendar over my desk at work, and just as usually forget to turn the month after about March.
  2. Wasn't this topic already canvassed in the Rumours post apropos Hutchy?
  3. I read it that Hutchy thought he was revealing something.
  4. The Sounding Board today Hutchy and Barrett seemed confident Collingwood made their salary dump because they have Petracca "on the hook" for next year's free agency period.
  5. To me "trade bargains" and "trade bust" are deals in which you aggressively chase a swap in which one player turns out to be a dud and the other a stud, and you end up with the cream from the bargain, or egg on your face from the bust. Injury should not be included in the calculations; Mitch Clark was starring when he was injured. Nor should go home factor; we desperately wanted to keep Scott Thompson because he was our key player in 2004 until he was injured. Garlett fell into our lap, Watts/Fritsch is so-so, I'd argue that out of the six swaps listed only Farmer/Gilbert fits into my terms of
  6. Injuries and lack of games cooked Hannan. Is this a term of which I am ignorant?
  7. The fact that you can win the Brownlow because you had one really good year should be reflected on by the AA selectors who employ legacy picks to reflect a player's body of work, not their performance in a particular year. Robbo... cough, cough... Brad Johnson.
  8. I'm looking forward to 2021 going down in history as the first flag of our premiership Deenasty.
  9. Lynch is a key forward, so it's fair to assume he cops heaps of treatment from his weekly tormenter. If he hands out the occasional sly one it's no big deal for me.
  10. I almost considered making a worthwhile comment.
  11. This has been my worry for several years now. We are never going to win a flag if every time we start to build a list we lose a key player.
  12. What, since when did Charles Dickens start commenting on Demonland?
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