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  1. They also move it quickly and get it inside 50 quickly to fwds that aren’t falling over each other whilst having smaller players running in to the drop of the ball.
  2. The deliberate out of bounds paid late in the 2nd qtr against Freo just highlights how much trouble our game is in. The umpiring across all games that I’ve watched this season is by far the worst I’ve seen. I honestly ask myself is there an agenda. Then the love for a nineteenth and possible twentieth team just blows me away. Some will argue last weeks result of the Eagles beating us shows how even the competition is. Just then a soft free against Moore. But in reality we know that’s not the case. After last weeks loss many on here bemoaning our lack of depth are all for two more teams, go figure…. Finally the tribunal, enough said. The game is fast losing its way, we don’t want to believe it because of our love for it, but sadly the powers that be can’t be told and we will cop what ever is served up.
  3. When opening this thread was wondering how many posts before “danger game” was thrown up, didn’t get past the first post. Seriously we should destroy the Eagles. Mainly interested to see McAdam play, honestly didn’t know who he was being we picked him up. If he can bring some magic to our fwd line it will obviously make us more dangerous with both him and Kosi down there. Also when Kosi has stints on the ball we will still have some serious X factor in our fwd 50. If we are going to try anything today let’s try getting separation with our fwds and back them in one on one. Dees by 80 +
  4. So the Lions just beat a side by 20 goals and it wasn’t North or the Eagles. The push for a 19th & 20th team becomes even more absurd.
  5. I think in the long term certain teams will be stuck at the bottom of the ladder for extended periods, sponsoring a team becomes less attractive. Honestly I think the AFLW has a place but they rushed into giving them 18 teams. 1 team from each of WA, SA, NSW & QLD with 4 teams from Melbourne with every team playing each other twice should of been the format for many years.
  6. Appreciate that, not sure how that’s fair though.
  7. Why doesn’t opposition club get to have its cheer squad behind the goals when playing Sydney?
  8. Pressure is so important. Carlton getting of to another flyer, why can’t we do this? Getting back into games is admirable but only gets you so far.
  9. Fritsch must be AA this season after being robbed in 21. Initially sceptical about Petty holding his spot but what a cracking game. Disco just keeps getting better. So much love for Windsor.
  10. Last time he did that was 2021 preliminary final.
  11. It’s been a quiet year by his standards. Yes in other games he’s getting possessions but he’s no where near his damaging best.
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