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  1. I’ve had a about 3 gaffs tonight, the first two were words missed altogether….
  2. Things that come to mind. Hunts explosivenesses. Kosi not flying for the mark and remaking front and centre. BBB could of marked it. Presence of mind from Melksham to hold it in until he saw Demon colours. The one hand pick up from Kosi.
  3. Anyone else just see the article about the Swans, Pies, Lions and Saints fined for Covid 19 breaches. Breaches include : - not undertaking a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) within the period prescribed by the Protocols, and/or - not uploading an image (photograph) of a prescribed RAT within the period prescribed by the Protocols; and/or - Uploading an image taken of a previous RAT undertaken by that or another person.
  4. Ah Chee is set to miss another week due to the concussion he received, but my main concern is that the Blues / Pies game is a sellout. AFL got what they wanted.
  5. How bad are things going if they couldn’t keep it in house until getting confirmation from Clarko. Its a circus.
  6. Neil Mitchell on 3AW reported he was sacked. Tom Browne now reporting he’s safe for now.
  7. Just saw it on Instagram. 3AW running with the story.
  8. Trade JHF for Port’s pick 8 and another first rounder. Then this years draft picks. Having said that, not sure how Port would obtain another 1st round pick and how much would Eagles have to lose by to drop below North on the ladder?
  9. If North don’t land him what’s left for the club?
  10. The Dogs, Pies and Carlton being prime examples. Gawn was interviewed after the game Saturday night and said something along the lines off “playing the Bulldogs and every game since has felt like a final”.
  11. Only 2 each way games next week. Dees v Lions Blues v Pies With the exception of the Saints all the other lower placed teams risk moving down the draft order should they win.
  12. Pride, as silly as it sounds. I don’t think they’ll win but their ladder position won’t change regardless of the result. Hopefully Ratten has them fired up to go out with a fight.
  13. Yes, I thought Swans would be further in front in terms of %.
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