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  1. Some people put more effort into their social media accounts then actual meaningful real relationships. In the last twelve months I’ve gotten married, travelled overseas and interstate but posted none of it on my socials (I only have FB and Insta but mainly for footy stuff) but instead chose to share it privately either by text or messenger. Too many people live by “if it’s not on FB it didn’t happen “.
  2. I understand he’s not a Hawkins clone but the above shows a smart footballer that uses his body, vertical leap and reach to protect the ball drop and take numerous one grab contested marks. Let’s not forget Hogan had his flaws. As for Humphrey I might be in the minority but I’m happy we didn’t give up three first rd picks (all be it picks in the late teens) for him. For all of his physical presence there are apparently question marks over his disposal. I agree we are a contested side but we yearn for class finishers and I think Jeffery will give us that in years to come.
  3. I’m happy with this selection, just like JVR he will be given time to learn and grow.
  4. Appreciate the insight, from the available footage he can take a mark and doesn’t mind the contest but unless you’re a key defender I’d be hesitant to use a top 10 pick on a kid who’s disposal by foot is questionable.
  5. Was that the one you were referring too? Watching that left me confused. The near out of bounds on the full from 40 metres out directly in front, then the shot on goal from basically top of the goal square and hits the post, then his last attempt he shanks one over the man on the mark and doesn’t even make the distance. Nothing that really stood out in his general play. This highlights package is actually embarrassing for a potential top ten draft pick. In these highlights he takes a couple of nice marks and slots through a couple of goals, looks better in general play but hardly elite disposal but overall a better highlights package. I then read Cal Twomey’s latest phantom draft and he has him going at 6, Humphrey stormed into being a top-10 lock in the final six weeks of the season, when he came back from a mid-year knee injury to dominate for Gippsland Power. That’s all well and good but if we’re going to have comparisons about other players dominating at junior level what about his? Why do we read nothing about him dominating at the U18 championship. In the above two clips there’s only really the one clip of him at the championships running in and kicking a goal. But then there’s this. Nothing there really to say he’s a top 6 pick. Again we can only assume these were the biggest games he played in. As we know club recruiters have been tracking these kids for years, that being said if he’s as good as everyone says he is, where’s the footage of him dominating at the U18 championship. Would love to see a link if anyone has one.
  6. We currently have the greatest game not only in Australia but the world, but it’s not without its problems. Yearly and mid season rule changes. Inconsistent umpiring. An absolute joke of a tribunal system. Our 2 most recent expansion teams currently a mess. During the recent trade period the trend of quality players leaving GWS continued (but yet again I’m reminded of all their draft picks, the cycle continues….)and the Suns effectively giving away their first rd draft pick due salary cap issues. St.Kilda (enough said). North Melbourne (see above). I spent 8 years living in Tassie as a child, it’s where my love for the game begun and was holidaying there as recently as two weeks ago. I am 100% behind them getting their own team but it must simply be at the expense on an existing Melbourne based club (The Giants and Suns are here to stay and 2 clubs in each of WA, SA, NSW & QLD provides options). We cannot continue to dilute our product. Just as the MCG has an agreement in place to hold the GF for the next 50 odd years there must be a similar agreement in place that we must remain at 18 clubs for a similar time frame for the good of the game.
  7. This has some TAC Oakleigh Chargers footage, his marking is a highlight. As for his kicking (I can only go off the two highlights videos on utube), he slots them from different angles and ranges, let’s not forget how bad at times goal kicking was from out team last season.
  8. Cadman is meant to be physical yet there wasn’t a lot of footage of him taking contested marks. Look at the Hawks when they had Rough, Bruest and Gunston, none of them overly physical yet won 4 flags. Attacking the ball is a form of physicality. Out of interest, how many young KPF kicking bags of goals most week paid a lot of attention to the defensive side of their game.
  9. Nick Riewoldt is listed as 193 cm, I always thought he was 196cm. Jefferson is 194cm.
  10. The top two things for me that a KPD should have as part of their game is contested marking and goal kicking. After watching the two highlights packages of both Cadman and Jefferson several times IMO Jefferson has Cadman covered in both those areas. I’m then asking myself why is Cadman rated so far ahead of Jefferson phantom drafts. Cadman kicked 34 in 12 games this year which is a great achievement, Jefferson only played the six games (I’m guessing he was injured) for 14 goals. Cadman is more imposing at under 18’s at 88kg, 12kg’s heavier than Jefferson. Aaron Cadman National Championships, 2022 Victoria Country (National Talent Database) National Talent Database Player 4Games Played 2Best Player 10Total Goals VICTORIA COUNTRY U18 BOYS GP BP G TOTAL 4 2 10 NAB AFL National Championships 4 2 10 VS Victoria Metro U18 BoysRound 7, 22 Sep 2022 1 1 3 VS Western Australia U18 BoysRound 5, 17 Jul 2022 1 1 3 VS Allies BoysRound 3, 03 Jul 2022 1 - 2 VS South Australia U18 BoysRound 2, 26 Jun 2022 1 - 2 Mathew Jefferson : National Championships, 2022 Victoria Metro (National Talent Database) National Talent Database Player 4Games Played 3Best Player 14Total Goals VICTORIA METRO U18 BOYS GP BP G TOTAL 4 3 14 NAB AFL National Championships 4 3 14 VS Victoria Country U18 BoysRound 7, 22 Sep 2022 1 1 2 VS South Australia U18 BoysRound 4, 17 Jul 2022 1 - 3 VS Western Australia U18 BoysRound 3, 02 Jul 2022 1 1 7 VS Allies BoysRound 2, 25 Jun 2022 1 1 2 Aaron Cadman : NAB League, 2022 Greater Western Victoria Rebels (NAB League) NAB League 12Games Played 8Best Player 34Total Goals GREATER WESTERN VICTORIA REBELS BOYS GP BP G TOTAL 12 8 34 NAB League Boys 12 8 34 VS Northern Knights BoysFinals Round 1, 27 Aug 2022 1 1 2 VS Geelong Falcons BoysRound 16, 21 Aug 2022 1 1 4 VS Gippsland Power BoysRound 15, 07 Aug 2022 1 1 3 VS Eastern Ranges BoysRound 14, 30 Jul 2022 1 - 2 VS Western Jets BoysRound 13, 23 Jul 2022 1 1 5 VS Oakleigh Chargers BoysRound 10, 18 Jun 2022 1 1 4 VS Dandenong Stingrays BoysRound 9, 04 Jun 2022 1 - 1 VS Western Jets BoysRound 8, 28 May 2022 1 1 5 VS Murray Bushrangers BoysRound 5, 01 May 2022 1 1 1 VS Sydney Swans (NAB League) BoysRound 4, 24 Apr 2022 1 - 3 VS Geelong Falcons BoysRound 3, 14 Apr 2022 1 - 0 VS Bendigo Pioneers BoysRound 1, 02 Apr 2022 1 1 4 Mathew Jefferson : NAB League, 2022 Oakleigh Chargers (NAB League) NAB League Player 6Games Played 4Best Player 14Total Goals OAKLEIGH CHARGERS BOYS GP BP G TOTAL 6 4 14 NAB League Boys 6 4 14 VS Bendigo Pioneers BoysFinals Round 1, 28 Aug 2022 1 - 3 VS Sandringham Dragons BoysRound 16, 20 Aug 2022 1 1 4 VS Calder Cannons BoysRound 4, 23 Apr 2022 1 1 3 VS Eastern Ranges BoysRound 3, 16 Apr 2022 1 1 0 VS Northern Knights BoysRound 2, 10 Apr 2022 1 1 3 VS Sandringham Dragons BoysRound 1, 03 Apr 2022 1 - 1 I’m thinking the National Championship is the biggest stage these kids have played on so their respective highlights for these games should be regarded higher than their TAC games. I would not be disappointed if we selected Jefferson with our first pick.
  11. That’s massive, awesome effort. Next year will be my 19th consecutive. What gets me is when the club has promotions for members to renew their membership “now” to enter a certain draw or for new members to be entered into something else, yet those on auto renew aren’t included. I don’t expect to ever win but it’s the principal.
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