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  1. I was telling my mates the same thing, both games we should have won quite easily but we didn’t.... Looking at our draw asks based on current form I think it’s possible to win the rest of our home and away matches.
  2. I would put money on Geelong, Collingwood and Richmond to beat them if the finals were next week.
  3. Would like to see pressure applied similar to that Collingwood on Thursday night.
  4. In part I agree with what your saying but then I think with we’re at, we’re we’ve been at that every week is a test.
  5. I didn’t end up applying, I wanted to take my fiancé who has been to a few games at the G with me on a guest pass, when we’ve flown down in recent years. I understand the need for social distancing but 200 tickets for each club....The ground has capacity to hold a lot more fans, a lost opportunity.
  6. I’m a Sydney based member, I received an email from the club early in the week to go into a ballot to get a ticket/s to today’s game. I live 15 minutes from the ground so I thought I would apply, only to find out its one ticket per member. I understand the one ticket per member during the finals but this is a game against Gold Coast being played at Giants stadium. Not sure whether this an AFL or club decision but it’s a poor one.
  7. Did anyone else see the photo of the lockdown towers this morning on social media. The handmade signs with the word “help” were replaced with words “sack Goodwin”. Full marks to whoever came up with that. Bloody hilarious.
  8. So unlike Richmond to play on inside 50 and kick it to someone in a better position.
  9. Sorry, just to clarify, I’m talking about Himmelberg from GWS.
  10. What are our options? Weed will likely leave for nothing at years end. Throwing a truck of cash at someone is one thing, getting them to the club is another.
  11. I saw him as a cheap gettable option. Kicked roughly 30 in 2018 and 40 in 2019. I’d be playing Weed all season if fit but we’re not. You would think he’ll leave at years end if that is still the case. Whilst I don’t think Jackson will need years to influence a game, he will be managed this year, not quite ready.
  12. Would love to know what our salary cap looks like. We spent big on Lever / May, how much of that was front loaded. Many fans still citing we need a key defender and a key forward, we still lack midfield class. Thoughts on Harry Himmelberg as a fwd option?
  13. Because four days isn’t long enough for an accurate reading, that’s my understanding anyway.
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