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  1. Was just watching the draft version of gettable, they were speaking with Adelaide’s recruiter. They mention Adelaide has used a lot of first rd draft picks at the draft in recent years and asked if that would continue next year, the response was we’ll have to wait and see (what Petty does). Then he referenced Joel Selwood who went at pick 7 in 2006 when asked about selecting for needs v best available. I had to double check but their first pick wasn’t until 14 so he may of been referring to pick 2 Essendon : Scott Gumbleton or pick 4 lions : Mathew Leuenbeger.
  2. Some earlier comments regarding uncertainty over Petty should push us towards selecting Curtin. Petty should line up at CHF for us next year, but what about May, how many years does he have left?
  3. Hey, we still got the McLelland trophy…. Wasted year from both sides.
  4. Who are currently Norths tall defenders? For a young team rebuilding they’d be stupid to pass on curtain.
  5. I read this yesterday, what I found interesting was that many on here were waiting for Cal Twomey’s draft and he has Curtin going at 10 to Geelong.
  6. Does anyone see any big surprises coming in the first rd?
  7. Massive win for North, arguably could be back to back pick 1 for 2 & 3. If we’re not getting Reid, who would you think we’re picking at 2?
  8. 1 million in prize money for the McClelland trophy compared to the profits of merchandise sales after winning the premiership, more members and potentially more sponsors. Obviously we’ll take it but for me it doesn’t take away from the disappointment of this years final series. This year was a massive fail from the men’s team, even with our injuries we should have beaten the Pies easily in week 1.
  9. For those playing I guessed surnames are shared with famous Olympian’s from around the world and was wrong.
  10. Just got back last night from an 8 day shut down and effectively nothing new.
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