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  1. When Geelong won three flags in five years there were lots of player interviews at the time where players talked about capping their potential earnings in order to keep the core group together, for some reason 500k comes to mind. I don’t remember reading/hearing anything about the Hawks. Richmond seems to have Riewoldt, Lynch, Cotchin and Dusty on big coin then daylight second. They also had Rance who reportedly signed a massive deal before walking away from the game. Both models work in terms of list management whilst in the mist of a dynasty. Do we honestly think
  2. I think this year we will see the best of Lever. We know he’s not a key defender so I’m not sure why you referenced that? We may have initially payed overs for him to get him here but I’d like to think his new contract is more modest. The role he plays has it’s place and if played right can be quite effective. Out of interest which key defenders across the league have elite disposal?
  3. Have tomorrow off so was already up and about then this, very excited and looking forward to Gawn dominating from round one.
  4. Yes he probably would be but I like to think we could comfortably put all of last years bottom six away.
  5. Sorry, North. Neil Crompton feared my bet might jinx us. I listed lasted seasons bottom six teams as I can’t see North beating any of them, hence the bet.
  6. Bottom 6 teams of last year were Bombers, Suns, Hawks, Swans, Crows and North, going to be to interesting . Should we lose to them, that alone would nearly be the end of Goodwin.
  7. I’m going to put $100 on North not winning a game for the year. There’s no market as yet but when I ring up they’ll give me one. I can’t see who’ll they’ll beat. I know it’s never happened before but there’s a first time for everything.
  8. He’s had his payday and would be aware of that, we’ve had years to plan Oliver and Petracca.
  9. Harmes in some people’s teams, out of others. That aside I’m curious to see how his year plays out.
  10. Thanks to Picket and others that have shared their thoughts of training over the last few weeks. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many. Cheers
  11. Essendon’s game could be at the G on Saturday night and it’s scheduled time of 19:45, our game would not have to be affected. But as earlier mentioned it sets a dangerous precedent, so stuff them.
  12. And today this from the club.... “Join one of our premium match day experiences + guarantee your spot at the MCG when footy returns to the MCG” That was followed by two comments, both from members, one along the lines off “how about looking after the faithful that have stuck by this club first”. I did screenshot it at the time because FB has a history of when I go out and come back in everything is shuffled around, but I couldn’t find it even by going to the clubs page, so maybe it was an add. The club clearly is more interested in targeting its wealthier members
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