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  1. And yet some still call for 20 teams and or conferences….
  2. On one hand we dropped two games which screams typical Melbourne but on the other we dismantled Geelong & Richmond then the Bulldogs & Lions in consecutive weeks. It could also be argued the later games were done playing one short. The most frustrating thing is we were two games in the top two. In the run home we still have Port, West Coast & Geelong all away.
  3. Brown was playing well though, the Carlton game being the exception. Both Brown and Weideman struggled that game
  4. How generous of you. Brown did more in his first two games then Weid did In five.
  5. I don’t think that’s a fair comment. Weids played 5 games where as Brown has only played the 3, hardly a block. Brown kicked 2 against North then 3 against the Swans, he was just starting to get going when Jackson got injured. Against Carlton when both Brown and Weid played there was clearly no synergy. Weids had 4 games without Brown and his form had steadily declined.
  6. I only watched the last five minutes, while I agree about the kick not being 15 metres I also thought Richmond got away with a couple of throws in that period.
  7. First live game in 18 months…. Just popped up the shops in my VFL retro hoodie, picked up a MND beanie for my beautiful fiancé. Before the game I’ll be breaking out the 2021 membership scarf out of its cryovacced packaging for her to wear, I’ll be running a 2014 of similar. Aiming to get to Moore Park about 1, enjoy some lunch then of to the G, the SCG. Cant beat live footy, missed it so much.
  8. Gawn and Lever recently re signed after their previous ( large by all accounts) contracts finished. So I’d nearly be tempted to put them down into the next bracket and put TMac into that 700-750 bracket. You’ve also listed Petracca twice and I’d have Ben Brown in the 400-500 bracket. But yes things would be tight.
  9. He looked alright against North and the Swans. He kicked 64 goals in 2019, this season isn’t over yet.
  10. Comments like these…. Hasn't played for three weeks and has still achieved more than Weideman. A long way to go before this season is done.
  11. Due to circumstances out of my control I was unable to get to Melbourne earlier in the season and also missed last Friday night against the Lions but I’ve secured two tickets to Queens Birthday. Can’t bloody wait.
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