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  1. Copy that, I saw some photos behind the goals and some on a flank. Would like to think it could have been a like for like from where we sit at the MCG.
  2. [censored] me it’s like someone’s died at my place, going to have to put on some music and liven things up. Never again this late….
  3. Mine will be at 4, got a couple of 17 year olds so need to set some kind of example. Mind you if we win all bets are off!
  4. Has to finish with little bit off “We take them here”
  5. Sounds reasonable to me, I think we can smash them. I’ve put some money on Dees 40+.
  6. I’ve lots of posts/articles about Who tags Libba. Do we tag Daniel. Who goes to Smith. The Dogs are going to target Max, how will we respond. I read a comment from Jake Lever during the week where he said we’ve discussed what the Bulldog’s will try and we’re ready to counteract it. I think the Dogs have more to worry about than we do.
  7. All good mate, I do agree with your initial point. I’ve been a Redleg member for 17 years, the one year we make it this happens…. But I’m confident we’ll win tomorrow and I’ll take that for now.
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