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  1. In a season where our talls have been injured, suspended and smacked around. Weid (and our other 2nd string talls) have stood up to keep the team afloat. He is similar to Tomlinson, high draft pick, probably has little development left but can fill a spot and is reliable and consistent when called up. I'd love for him to be kicking bags, clunking marks and roaming the f50 but if his career ends up being apart of the supporting cast in the best team in the league, that's not too bad.
  2. He also gave a cheap coat hanger on the weekend that led to a free kick, similar to his VFL suspension. Very important for our structure, but definitely needs to work on some things.
  3. Really enjoyed that. Tough, gutsy win. Battled injury, umpires and a tough Adelaide team. Go Dees.
  4. Point proven but Cameron is clearly an outlier, Gunston is closer to the rule
  5. For sure, balance between short term and long term is hard here. Imo B Brown was the forward vet pick up for our cup window and I wouldn't over commit further than that.
  6. While i don't think Guston fits the category, i agree that crafty veteran players can make an impact. However, lets say Jackson leaves and we pick up Gunston. In 3-5 years time Gunston, B Brown, M Brown, TMAC all are retired/delisted. We then have Weid and V Roo as our talls. Not good.
  7. Cameron is in his prime, won the coleman 3 years ago and is the second leading goal kicker this year (42 goals!) Gunston is injury riddled and a year a way from retirement (15 goals lol)
  8. We don't need to burn salary cap on pre-retirement forwards from other clubs. We need established players between 23-27 (unlikely) or to go to the draft.
  9. Who else feels more confident when we lose the first quarter these days?
  10. I'd like to give Hunt another go as a medium tall to replace M brown Just have him lead hard from deep 50 to the 50 arc to mix up the deep kicks to the square
  11. I feel we will target a handful of talls in the next 1-2 years. Just like we did with picket, bowey, Laurie etc. I would not be surprised if again trade up to pinch a top tall as we have in previous years.
  12. Definitely different histories but in this specific instance, he hasn't done much wrong
  13. Agree with him in this instance. He has a bad history but otherwise was doing nothing out of the ordinary. My mates saw Darcy Moore out and about in Bali too, but he got 0 attention at all.
  14. Footy is a tough game, saints with some heavy legs mid season
  15. Jimmy Jordon is not too shabby from 50m either
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