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  1. Our repeat entry system generated very bad goal scoring opportunities. Constant kicks against from the boundaries compound issued with accuracies. It also stopped us using any slingshot style moves that create space in the forward line.
  2. Thank you Gus, your on field leadership and courage will be sorely missed.
  3. Unfortunately he will be competing with Hunter, Langdon, Windsor, and possibly Billings, Brayshaw or Woewodin. Hard to see where he fits in. Foot skills aren't very notable, good athelete and runner but contest wasn't exceptional in defence. Tall-ish, but is he good overhead? Fingers crossed he shows something.
  4. Howes in no man's land, if he finishes the year uninjured, and not in the 1sts, I call bust
  5. We might need Gus on the wing over Windsor, hunter is an exceptional runner and we may be missing it. Would explain our issues in transition running.
  6. This was the knock on the Pies game style last year, hopefully the positives out weight the negatives
  7. The grundy-schache-goody finals discussion is just a cover story for the re sparked MFCSS from last season. Take a breath and get ready to support our team this year, dwelling in the past is no service to anyone.
  8. I am happy with the sub rule as is. I love how fitness, both in game and as a factor throughout the season is managed as a strategic area. I also enjoy seeing the games break open in the 2nd half as the fitter teams push harder. 5 man bench will lead to stingier defences and more boring game styles.
  9. Instead of Daicos, he may be closer to Nick Blakey running HB, at least for the start of his career
  10. I would love gus at HB or wing again. He is a good runner but lacks burst speed and when clearing contested ball he is prone to hack kicks. Out of the contest, he shines with his positioning, intercepting and overall footy smarts. I hope we experiment with other players like bowey, rivers, Taj as the mid option. If we want to take our team to the next level in 2024 we will need to take chances. I think we know what Brayshaw offers and I don't think our midfield mix is at our best when he is there.
  11. The team's instagram put up a photo of Koz, AMW and McAdam all together recently. It feels just right to have all 3 boys tear it up in forward line next year.
  12. Assuming he will ruck a lot at Casey next year otherwise I do not understand why he received a contract extension
  13. Bit of a sink or swim year I feel for Howes. Everyone can see how he can fit into the team but we've decided to recruit similar players because he hasn't quite stepped up.
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