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  1. Don't forget the absolute swag of picks they gave to St Kilda a few years prior, very few young players getting developed for them atm
  2. Good players look great with an effective game plan, two way running, selfless play and strong coaching Backing in our development team to get the best out of Dunny and totally suspect he will be pushing for best 22 next year
  3. Don't underestimate the value of an extra year of development into a young player. Let's say we picked Kozy (or another small forward) in the same draft year as Bowey, much less likely that he'd be playing the same grade of footy he is now
  4. Riv also laid a great shepard on Treloar to set up another Trac goal
  5. C - Lever VC - Brayshaw
  6. He might be able to able to play in the GF like we all hoped. But has earnt every bit of it and will hopefully have as much joy and pride as any of the 22 running the field on Saturday. Much love Chunk
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