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  1. Petition to get our club doctors x-ray vision googles and a crystal ball for maximum duty of care.
  2. Dale Thomas talked about how Carlton had the hard conversations with each other at the exact same point in the season last year. Following that, they shot into the 8. We need to do the same, discuss how we are going to make the most out of this year and don't skirt on the hard truths. We may not play finals, but we can't be fixated on results - it's about attitude, intent and commitment.
  3. Was done for a while, copped a knock in the ribs in the last contest
  4. Great to see a high scoring quarter - how's our game style today?
  5. JVR about to put in his 'power of work'
  6. I was sitting near the bench and Fullarton stated he shoulder was subluxed (translation: A shoulder subluxation occurs when the humerus partially slides in and out of place quickly) and was holding his arm quite gingerly. Would not have helped but he also had some poor moments, especially the timing in flying for marks or rucking was quite poor.
  7. We've only drafted 1 genuine midfielder in Windsor for the past 4 or 5 years. Paying the price now.
  8. Dees by 16, midfield and ruck battle will be immense. Our class in the forward line will take us over the line. They simply don't have the same fire power we do, if we get supply we should win.
  9. Absolutely agree, we have both been on the same page since day dot on this one. I think the FD were taking a punt on a Luke Jackson 'style' player. With boys being having basketball backgrounds, very athletic with great a leap. However Fullarton has no love for the contest and very little craft. It also has created a very bizzare team balance issue at Casey that now we are supposed to have (if fit) all of Fullarton, Jefferson, Schache BBrown and Luker K all in the same forward line.
  10. Great insight, thank ya Saty good to see you around these parts
  11. My thoughts AMW - Showed some spark today, when he got involved we often were able to move the ball into the f50 through the corridor. Reminds of Rivers, breaks lines, runs and carries and defends well in the air and on the ground. Ball use was not great but overall Casey did not function well as a team so my judgement is not harsh on him, he had little support. Howes - Really lacks intensity but had some moments. To be honest, i did not notice him until the 3rd quarter. Jed Adams - Puts his body on the line and had some big marks in defense today. Kynan / Sestan / Tholstrup - All 3 boys played a lot of time in the midfield but they're all half-forwards. Kolt showed the most out of the 3 today IMO. Would much prefer Kynan being stationed at HF to play the traditional ANB role. Horses for courses atm as the Casey midfield is bare. Jefferson - Looked strong, fast and aggressive today. Limited supply but i see the development. Laurie - Just not up to it. Very disappointing. 0 damage and he does not defend well. Verrel - Rucked okay, nothing notable. Fullarton - First time seeing him play in person and my worst fears were confirmed. He is allergic to contact. Did not see him affect an arial contest once. Great leap but often mistimed his jumps both in the ruck and when attempting to mark.
  12. Any time Andy gets involved in play we seem to run and carry a lot better, reminds of Rivers
  13. We have pretty no small or speed forwards at the momen, Kynan, Tholstrup and Sestan all being played in the midfield and struggling to pressure at the same time
  14. Awful verrel turn over leads to goal
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