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  1. Do we want to? Too much heartbreak there.
  2. Embarrassing performance. Twice in the third quarter Maxie took an uncontested mark in the backline and twice the ball came straight back after he disposed of it with first a kick and then a handball. If we have no plan or strategy to clear the ball from the backline then what hope do we have to plan and kick goals. Oh , I forgot, we have kicked just two in three quarters. Time to watch current affairs or documentaries because they are more exciting and interesting than watching Goody's dees.
  3. Some years ago I wrote regarding the draw up to round 17 and the final five weeks followed by a finals season and retaining the bye before the finals. I believe it still has merit especially after this year. Play a 17 round season and then break up into separate groups for the last five rounds. Groups to be as below to play a round robin within each grouping ie 5 rounds. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16; 2, 5, 8, 11., 14, 17; 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, The advantages would be that there would be no favourites, no guaranteed finals positions, incentives for all teams to pla
  4. Current: Oliver. A class above the rest. Has the skills, the size and the potential to be the best player in the AFL in time. All time: The incomparable, unmatchable Robbert Flower. Better by several orders of magnitude above all that have played VFL/AFL, not just Dees, in the 60+ years I have watched.
  5. Have to concede. well done to Diamond Jim. Some might say he ia more successful than his earlier namesake.
  6. It was first posted under 2020 Lightning Premiership on 6 April. Don't know date of podcast.
  7. Some months ago, a clever poster posted this suggestion: Send 18 teams with coaches and staff to Tassie, wait 2 weeks then start training for a lightning premiership season based on a truncated series of matches. Every team plays every other team once (there is of course no home ground advantage) over a short period, say two games a week with minimum 3 days rest with a new game every night for the season to clean up with the TV viewing (just like T20 cricket). If the season runs into spring and summer, so what as it never gets too hot in Tassie and there is no international cricket s
  8. Having a free kick reversed is penalty enough. An 80-100m territory (now that territory is spoken about as a real thing) loss is far too much.
  9. Was this game not more exciting and attractive as 2020 footy? No scrums, quick umpiring decisions, fast tough and uncompromising. Real footy that had not yet been sanitised by the rules committee and over-coached by so called modern coaches. And we won. And how good was Stinger's mullet.
  10. I am a bit older so my memory is probably more reliable. A good old wingman would patrol his side of the ground. They didn't run forward as much as they ran back to either help out or provide a target out.
  11. The late Dean Bailey used to say that a group needed to play about 70 games TOGETHER to bond with trust, understanding and cohesion. We are getting there with the core group of Tracca, Clarrie, Gus, Salem, Maxie, Harmes and others. Add to the mix Kozzie, Jacko, Rivers, Langdon togerther with the experience and stability of Lever and May and we have the makings. I had always predicted 2020 as the year when it all came together but in the midst of this madness it is hard to be confident. Watching the game from high up behind the goals is the best way to gain an appreciation of movement
  12. He runs and runs and runs. He is the Energiser man who plays like a wingman of old - up and down his flank with a regular support role in defence and not hunting for goals. Good pick up.
  13. Trade out Clarrie or Gus so we can watch them become stars of the game at another club under a better coach? Nuts! I would rather trade the coach and find one who can maximise their potential. Enough. The boys deserve better from the club. And more support and belief from us.
  14. When we had Jesse we kicked the ball to land on his head in a 1 v 3 contest. That he scored so many goals is a credit to him, not the coach, club or team. Without Jesse a the main target, we seem to kick to anyone in the forward line who is at best one on one or more likely 1 v 2 and in an unfavourable position. No wonder the ball comes out quicker than it goes in. This has been an issue since the days when we lost matches with a 50% advantage in inside 50s. It has gone on for too long. The whole world can see it except for the coaches and the players. It's now 11.55 pm on the change
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