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  1. I have advocated elsewhere for TMac and Jackson to be tried as running wingmen. TMac has the tank but not sure about his skills for the wing and Jackson has the size and speed to play well. Let's try them all out including Rosman. I can see it in the practice matches - four wingmen playing on each other in various combinations to find the best combination. Imagine having three (Langdon plus 2 others) in the 22 to rotate and fill other roles such as back up to Gawn. Hard for other teams to match.
  2. Understanding a game plan should not be difficult. However, unless you are at the ground and observing from a reasonable height, it is difficult if not impossible to watch where the players run to receive the ball relative to their team mates and opponents. A game plan should comprise instructions on where to run, when to crowd and when to open up, how many at the ball, a consistent and planned approach to clearing the ball from defence and a structured path to goal. Not an accident waiting to happen. MFC in 2018 exhibited a successful game plan (chaos ball and players at the ball) a
  3. The best kicks were from full back after a behind. Phil Roden was unquestionably he best at MFC, if not the league. Perfect balance, timing and style made his left foot drop kicks lower than most but long and accurate. Worth getting to matches early just watch him kick in in the ressies. Bernie Massey and Tassie Johnson were next best from FB.
  4. Mark Williams has a background in teaching and in footy. A footy teacher is always what we need. I have heard glowing reports on his manner with players and I have seen up close his understanding of our great game and what it means to players and supporters. A wise choice. I look forward to watching his pupils improve and excel.
  5. No one can compare to Robbie. He was in a universe all of his own.
  6. I think that I don't care whether he makes as a ruckman so long as he makes somewhere on the filed. I see him as a potential forward or, even better, a potential running wingman while he develops a body and a tank. In the past there were many top players who started out on the wing eg Hardeman, Roos, Clay, Bourke and who were given time to develop. Let the club and the boy figure it out.
  7. His pass mark is the same as for all coaches of all teams at all levels. He has to show that he can make a positive difference and enhance and sustain our team's performance. 2018 was a good example but unless he can show a similar result, then perhaps he will not be able to demonstrate that he can make a positive difference. It's tough being an AFL coach but that's why he earns the big bucks.
  8. That is why they created the centre square - because players weren't holding their positions so well. Check the history of Kennedy's teams in the 60s. Today the problem is that the play can be so easily held up by mauls and stacks where the umpires are too afraid to pay quick frees. Go back a generation and a single umpire managed to keep the game open and flowing by using the whistle quickly and often. Did not harm the spectacle of the game. Watch black and white replays on Fox.
  9. +1. +1. Good suggestions. One tackler only should be allowed. Eliminate ugly mauls that are a feature of other inferior codes. Improve adjudication of holding the ball. Remove the confusion and just call it incorrect disposal because it was either not in accordance with the rules ie dropped, thrown or it took too long. Why can a player be turned 360 and not be penalised but others get penalised for much shorter possession? Make it a simple decision - players must dispose of the ball by the first option or be penalised if properly and fairly tackled ie retarded, not just touched, as i
  10. If the AFL through Shocking truly wanted to reduce interchanges and reduce congestion, they should restore one of the features of the game the old kick in rules to provide extra time for the players to "catch their breath" so asto allow them more time on the field without the need for regular interchanges. The current "pick up a ball from a bag" and start running for often more than 15 metres so as to kick to to the boundary line is not an attractive or appealing feature of our great game. As for the interchange rules, maintain four interchanges but one player, a different one each q
  11. +1. Brown at FF, Weideman at CHF, TMac FP and back up ruck and Jackson on a wing where he can run, run and run and outmark any opponent.
  12. As always, it will depend on the role that he is asked to play on the field. I like the idea of him playing as a "defensive" forward playing on the defence's sweeper and allowing the other smalls to run free. Each team seems to have one player designated as a sweeper to fill the gaps and to provide an extra at contests. Let Jones sweep the sweeper away by negating their influence and role. Any goals he kicks will be a bonus but he will keep the ball in the forward line.
  13. Wing. Running up and down the ground marking and winning the ball on the ground. Back, centre and forward. Langdon's apprentice rotating with Harmes, Hannan and others.
  14. tiers


    As I have said before in a post, the late Dean Bailey used to say that it takes 70 games played as a group to build the sort of cohesion and understanding needed for success. We are getting to this target - Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw, Salem, Harmes, Gawn, TMac(?), Viney, Jetta and maybe others. It is significant that Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw and Gawn have been prominent in recent Brownlows. MaCartney used to say that it takes 5 years to build an AFL footballer. Combine the two and 2020 was supposed to be our year but it will now have to wait for 2021. With good coaching and leadership
  15. A stable team structure with few injuries. Consistent and reliable game plan that secures wins. Fit, match hardened players who play to their capabilities and roles. Two to three match winners on the day. No fear.
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