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  1. Isn't it remarkable how all those who have historically had good techniques can kick well in any conditions. Over and out.
  2. You learn how to control the ball drop and how be balanced for the kick. These techniques apply in all conditions.
  3. Practicing goal kicking in the wind should force players to concentrate and focus on their approach and ball drop. Skills and techniques learnt under pressure will apply even when there is no wind.
  4. Re; Clarrie's treatment. Arms around the waist in the goal square is paid as a free kick even when there is no interference or impedence. What a laugh. Arms around the waist that do impede Clarrie from running to a ball up of throw in is not considered to be worthy of a free kick. With three umpires on the field it surely must be visible to one at least. Time for S Hocking to fix this up.
  5. I watched the start of Christian's segment but, as much as I wanted to watch our boy perform well on TV, I had to change channels because I could not stand Robinson's dumb, insulting and offensive questioning of Christian's future intentions. Should this happen again, Christian should be primed with a quick, pithy response such as "you'll be the last to know", or "I'll let you know when I know" or "my contract is my business so please don't ask again". Or better still alert Whately before the show to control the mouth on his left. It might hurt Christian's media career on 360 but so
  6. Steve Tingay came on and with his first kick won the game. What a start to a marvelous career. I noticed how often the ball was kicked long into attack and came back out just as fast. Nothing has changed in over 30 years.
  7. There might be 10 v. 11 in a soccer match but a suspension in our great game of real footy still leaves 18 v. 18 on the field in the next match. No comparison with that inferior sport.
  8. No so simple. The average number of free kicks per game has been falling in recent seasons to somewhere in the low 30s total for both teams. With so few free kicks being awarded, for one team to have received 29 more than its opponents in only 2 games is more than a coin toss statistic. Say there are 30 in a match. For Adelaide to have received 29 more than their opponents the numbers equate to 22.25 per game (total 44.5) vs 7.75 per game (total 15.5), a factor of nearly 3 times. For once the Dees are all square although some of us one eyed supporter believe that the Adelaide distor
  9. There is no sensible and credible way to justify a differential of 45 between top and bottom after only 2 rounds. Is there any breakup of the types of free kicks eg. out of bounds on the full vs free kicks earned at the contest, high tackles vs incorrect disposal vs holding the man vs interference in a marking contest etc? I look forward to the AFL's attempts to explain away these differentials.
  10. The curse for taking the grand final away from the MCG. Let the AFL learn. Never again no matter what.
  11. Time to form the Maroons political party and stand for council elections to toss out the greens. Then get rid of the obnoxious rating system. Since when does a junior sporting club have to prove their value to the community. The best role for the council would be to produce a set of guidelines so that Kev and his mates can share the grounds in the area eg. stipulate when the grounds are reserved for the official organised sporting clubs who one would expect to assist in maintaining the grounds and when the ovals are free for others to use subject to a fair and transparent booking system.
  12. Goal kicking is a skill that can be taught and practiced. The components of where to start the run in, how to hold the ball, how to run in, how to drop the ball and how to kick tghe ball can all be taught but does not require constant repetitions. It requires only a proper mindset and an easy, regular and readily repeatable process that follows the player's own rules. I believe that the major impediment to better goal kicking is the now formalised 30 sec rule that ostensibly allows players to get their heart rate down (a la LLoyd) and to set up but also allows for all the doubts and
  13. I was at his first game v. Melbourne in the first round of 1963 at the Junction Oval. The combination of his young age (17), his athleticism and his spring had previously not been seen - he was a genuine one off footballer. To top it off (pun intended) he had a shock of long blonde hair that made him recognisable anywhere. On the day he seemed to dominate the game and yet his team mate Alan Morrow, a short c.185cm ruckman, was judged BOG for a stunning 22 mark game. But all we saw was Ditterich jumping ever higher above the packs.
  14. The umpire went up to Petracca as he prepared to kick after the siren and from the grandstand it seemed as if he was reminded him that any deviation from a straight line would mean a call of "play on". This in fact happened when Petracca moved slightly off the line and the umpires arms went into the air as if calling "play on". A Franklin deviation is one thing, a player adjusting his run up but still kicking over the mark from some distance (where the angles are not improved) should not be penalised. Imagine if this happened after the siren in a close final (heaven forbid a grand fi
  15. The new manning the mark rule is currently having little effect because the umpires, to their and their coaches credit, are calling play on very quickly so that as soon a the player with the ball moves an inch, or even thinks about it, they call play on. The umpires have also been lenient with the "stand" rule and some teams are now not manning the mark behind the mark where sideways movement does not count. In the end my guess is that, for the reasons above, it will not change footy much but I am always nervous about a trigger happy umpire who awards a 50m penalty with little justif
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