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  1. Any Melbourne team that throughout the nineties had a choice of Lyon, Schwarz, Neitz, Jackovich, Farmer, Charles, Tingay, G. Lovett, B. Lovett, Prymke, Viney, Woewodin, Powell, Johnstone, White, Stynes and more would have to be the best team in our history. The tragedy is that only Neitz, Farmer, B. Lovett, Woewodin, Powell, White, Stynes of that group were ever consistently available for selection in that period and we were weakened whenever we had a real chance in 1990, 1994 and 1998 by missing players and a lack of cohesion that comes from playing together over an extensive period.
  2. The only time to say it will be on the last Sunday in September if it comes to pass. Until then, keep quiet and pray hard.
  3. Percentage also counts in contest for positions in the eight. Percentage has hurt us in the past and could again. Let's not be comfortable with wins only.
  4. M Brown is much more versatile as an emergency than B Brown. Bide your time Ben, your opportunities will appear.
  5. I like how the changes to the team are always minimal. No more than needed. Building consistency in team selection is a feature of recent successful teams. Get the balance right and let it continue.
  6. Sam has great judgement and gets his hands to the ball first regularly in packs. It's just that they don't stick. Maybe better resin (sticky stuff on the hands), maybe squeezing a squash ball in each hand to develop strength in the hands, maybe screaming "it's mine" to switch on his brain and body; maybe short, sharp kicks into his hands at training to build muscle memory; maybe he should stick to leading rather than pack marks. He has the ability it's just that it is stuck somewhere. Find the release and he will be good.
  7. The first time I heard a reference to playing a role was when Paul Roos discussed the 2005 Sydney premiership team. He spoke glowingly about the role played by the CHB Lewis Roberts-Thompson who nearly won the Norm Smith. Roos explained that all LRT had to do was compete in the air and deny his opponents and it was the role of the smaller players to then win the ball on the ground. Not only did he compete but he also won more than his fair share of the ball. Finally the dees have twigged to Roos's message. Build a team and then implement a game plan and structure where each play
  8. If it hasn't been said in the previous 10 pages, the only venue is the Colosseum now that we are loaded up with Christians.
  9. Yes it is predictable but it is predictable in our favour. We set up for it. The ball is kicked well outside the so-called"danger zone" into a contest near the boundary line. It plays to our strengths and minimises to risks if it comes unstuck. Regarding Dunn's kick outs. He was also highly predictable and so the rest of the team and the coaching team should have accepted and set up for it. When Maxie says that they didn't know it was perhaps their own fault. Wouldn't happen today.
  10. +1. His main job is to kick goals not to be a pressure forward. Note how many times he is on his own as the leading, or loose, forward 30-40 out. He doesn't fly with the big guys but provides an alternative target for non-long-bomb kicks. For as long as he keeps scoring at over 2 goals a game, he is doing his job.
  11. 1. No matter how much the dees gesticulated and pleaded with the umpire he would not have changed his mind. 2. The reason it was wrong is that the deliberate OOB rule has been so badly interpreted and ruled this year that no one is sure of the correct interpretation - players, commentators and umpires. It was suggested that if a crow had been close it would have been ok. Yet there have been many decisions paid where the ball, kicked from within a pack close to the boundary and with no other realistic option, did a leg break and not an off break when it landed, as if the kicker had Warnie
  12. Have watched highlights only but the only team mate who has figured out Clarrie is Langdon who seems to receive an inordinate number of handballs because he runs with Clarrie and positions himself to assist on the outside. Clever. The rest of the team should look and learn and so should the coaches.
  13. Clarrie's game against the crows was something that Mitchell could only dream about. There is no comparison to Clarrie's dynamic running, ball extraction from packs and inventive, literally "over the top" handballs.
  14. TMac on a wing was, and is, a good idea. If not for his sterling performances kicking goals he would have been played there. In any event Brayshaw is now learning the craft and has become an effective interceptor and support for the backs. Langdon is in a class of his own as a wingman - runs up and down and helps out from front to back. As for the "one player syndrome", it is real when the one player is a Martin who can win grand finals by his own efforts. In any other situation, it is a myth because there is no such thing as an un-replaceable player, even one as good as Max or Oliver (or
  15. Should be automatic free kick against piling in team. Obvious attempt to obfuscate.
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