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  1. If they review every goal, then do they review goals that go through the high-diddle-diddle at the height of the top of the posts? Maybe a seagull touched it. And, by the way, how did the more senior goal umpires from earlier times in their white coats and hats manage to get is so right without the benefit of modern technology. It must have been good eyesight and good positioning as well as cooperation with the field umpires. Who would have guessed?
  2. Robbie was the incomparable package - grace, style, speed, lightness, skill and every other attribute that can be bestowed on the greatest ever. But, and this was only for a fleeting moment, the way Windsor stood and held his arms after a play, reminded me of Robbie. Just that sweet memory, even if never repeated, was enough to bring me joy. Let's give him time to develop in his own way and not expect too much too soon or make comparisons with the incomparable.
  3. There are now four boundary umpires at each game and it seems to me that there are more than four different throw in styles. Throw ins are too high, too slow, too short, too low, too (pick a word). In other words they are hopelessly inconsistent and the ruckmen can very rarely set up in a position where there is a fair contest. How often is it a speed contest to reach a short ball at hip level while at the same time grappling and wrestling in a manner that would be penalised in a marking contest. A blot on our great game. Surely the AFL can coach and then select boundary umpires who are consistent with their throw ins and can produce a fair contest. GO MAXIE
  4. In 2021 Ed had the luxury of being the only hard running winger and at times played both wings to advantage. With Hunter (who could only play left wing) and now Windsor, Ed seems to be restricted in his territory. It might be time to rethink his role and let him roam over a wider area.
  5. As I recall, Neale had instructed the rucks to Not punch the ball clear. Schwartz ignored Neale's instruction and won us the game.
  6. One of my most abiding memories of Jack was how he was seemingly ignored and wasted when leading from the forward line. Jack was able to read the play and position himself to best advantage but time and again he was ignored. Whether this was deliberate team plan or just plain lack of awareness by his team mates is unclear but it definitely wasted his enormous talent. As for field kicking, Trapper was better. Trapper had that rare and unique ability to draw players to the ball in an advantageous position like no other.
  7. In 22 and 23 we started big and stayed big until finals when we ran out of puff or playing skills. Let's try staring small and slow for a change and build to the peak in September. Who knows? GO DEES
  8. tiers


    I hold my head high when I proclaim my devotion to the dees. It's been like that for over 60 years. For my taste, there are far too many "Monday morning armchair" strategists and tacticians on this site whose comments are neither helpful nor encouraging for true supporters. We have picked a coach and coaching panel and let them get on with the job. GO GOODY GO DEES
  9. It seems to me that no matter which way we attack, we get plenty of opportunities to score. It's just that we don't convert opportunities to goals often enough. Let's not overthink these strategies. What we really need is an on field mentor to guide our kicks at goal. I nominate ANB to fill this role as he already speaks to the players. GO DEES
  10. In 2021 Langdon played both wings (although not at the same time) and could pick and choose which side was most effective. I recall that there were times when he stayed on the same wing all game. Hunter plays left wing only, out wide, so that he never has to play through the middle. Langdon gets stuck on the right wing all the time and with all our kicks ins and forward entries going to the left side, the FD needs to work out a better strategy to keep Langdon more engaged in the game. His up and down running is too valuable to lose.
  11. Is it possible that with all these minor (?) injuries at this time of the year that we might be having all our bad injury luck now, not when it matters later in the year. Is it also possible that Richo's comment mentioned above (managing training loads) is a real thing and we might have less to worry about (although it might negate my comment immediately above)? Who knows? Why waste time and effort speculating? Let's get on with the season and deal with these setbacks if they occur. GO DEES
  12. Apart from JVR, and Petty, who else from our forward talls could be relied on to take marks and kick goals? So long as we can prevent the oppos from taking easy marks, then we have the "play tall" forwards like Fritsch and perhaps McAdam to compete in the air and the small forwards like Kozzie and Chandler to prosper at ground level. Balanced with a strong defence and an attacking midfield, the lack of dominant forward talls might not be a disaster yet. GO DEES
  13. Just thinking. May, Lever, Tomlinson, TMac, Turner for talls down back. Salem, Bowey, McVee, Brayshaw, Hore, Howes, for mids and smalls down back. Which other team would not be envious of our list and choices. Good sign for 2024. GO DEES.
  14. Go back and watch the last quarter in GF of 2021. Even when we were streeting them, after goals, Nibbles would talk to the players to keep their minds on the game and encourage. Even to Maxie. Do not underrate his leadership and encouragement on the field. The other players listen to him and I would not bbe surprised if Goody uses him in this role.. And his game is, at times, sublime. At the beginning of the last quarter in 2021 Nibble dribbled (deliberately) the ball to Sparrow on the outside who then kicked to BBB near the square. First goal in the last quarter and the doggies were gone.
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