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  1. Dunn was the best one-on-one backman we had in those days but could not play zone defence or any other fancy model. He was badly treated but at least he managed a few more games at AFL level. Welcome back.
  2. It's not the quality of the kick under pressure that counts. It was the direction to the centre that allowed Hunt to gather the "lucky" bounce and kick long and straight to the goal square. Bang bang a goal!
  3. For years we consistently had more I50s but couldn't convert. Last year we found the magic. This year it's lost again. Where do we find it? Is it all about kicking to the left forward pocket instead of down the guts which worked for the last 2 goals on Saturday? I know we shouldn't compare but in the GF Harmes kicked to the open side and Tracca kicked straight down the guts for the bounce. Is it time to bring out our best tactics? GO DEES
  4. Where is Jake Bowey? He's gone missing. Premiership player, super talent, rising star nominee and now he's nowhere to be seen.
  5. What an appalling application of the law of natural justice. This was sports' tribunal, not the High Court of Australia. Too many lawyers on the panel. The concept of natural justice has been dragged through the mud and forever will be a blight on the AFL who should immediately seek to appeal to the courts.
  6. Because he was the best forward we have had in years. Beaten by some ordinary coaching and game plan. This can be fixed for an enormous talent.
  7. It was a reckless and dangerous attack on the player who was concussed. The AFL should appeal to increase the penalty.
  8. When, if ever, has a team won a flag with a % so low? By the end of the season, % is generally a good indication of quality. 106.3 is the lowest of the eight and less than doggies at 10.
  9. We just tweak our game plan a bit to accommodate for Jesse's strengths. As a second tall with BBB he would be free to roam the forward line and cause mayhem with his strong one on one marking and seriously good footy smarts. Please, please yes.
  10. Since Jack overcame his foot injury and is now playing pain free he has become a much more rounded player able to run and provide drive with ball instead of bullocking and getting caught. He is a much better contributor to the team. But still doesn't offer what Maxie offers as captain. An on field leader, great speaker and promoter of the club, imposing figurehead and all round good guy makes him the perfect choice at the moment. Oh, nearly forgot, Maxie is still the best ruckman in the league. Impressive credentials.
  11. The champions St Kilda got from Ballarat were Lockett and then Frawley. Not much for nearly 20 years. From Bendigo the lolly blues got Southey, Ashman and a couple of others but, from their pre zoning success in the late 60s, they had the money and the George Harris cheek to raid WA and SA sides to collect Kernahan, Bradley, Bosustow, Dorotich to toughen their squad. Nobody wanted to go to the sainters.
  12. Who tagged who? Wasting a player like Aish on a Clarrie tag when the team is getting smashed seems like a mistake. Clarrie kept him occupied and out of the game. OTOH how come the multiple umpires could not pick up the holds and jumper tags on Clarrie at ball ups. A couple of free kicks would have quickly stopped the tag.
  13. Finally some statistical evidence for what has until now been based on anecdotal evidence only. There have been a number of posts on 'Land on this topic over the years but only now are there numbers to support the story. Note that this only covers country zones that were fruitful at the time but the dorks' zone would today be mostly considered metropolitan (Mornington Peninsula, Berwick). It is the main reason that the dorks got ahead in the footy world. When gifted the calibre of players from their zone to the exclusion of all others (not just 100 gamers but 300 gamers) it is clear that zoning was unfair. Lolly blues did second best.
  14. Why is this a topic of discussion in the world of Aussie footy and the mangling of our language by commentators, coaches, players, umpires, supporters and administrators? We all know what is meant no matter what syntactible and idiomatic usage errors they make. It is, after all, our great game and we can describe it however we want so long a we kick sausage rolls and lemon skins.
  15. If this is so, then get him out of the team NOW. But I don't believe it is so. He, like Maxie, is still recovering from injury or illness and will only get better, we hope.
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