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  1. MFCSS suggests we will play in this first game in Perth, back to Arden St, a week off, Round 1 in Perth, Round 2 at Kardinia Park, second wave of COVID and off to Broome to Hub and play the remaining 18 games in the desert.
  2. That's him. The Melbourne Football Club, playing terrible opposition players into career best form since......forever.
  3. A fit and more mobile T Mac this season is still a very handy addition to our team, at worst as depth. Mobile blokes, with good tanks, good height and experience don't grow on trees. We were looking at Shaun McKernan (supposedly) and I'd definitely prefer TMac to that spud.
  4. My best 22. Highlighted are those that I'd like to see start there but with no real conviction. TMac - Tomlinson vying for CHB Lockhart - Jetta for back pocket Baker and ????? for other wing Melksham and maybe Hunt for the forward flank
  5. My brother and I watched the MELB v North game at Adelaide Oval this year and his two way running or defending in general was very poor. He was yelling and pointing and whinging with teammates and his opponent on numerous occasions simply ran past him and got a kick. One of their supporters near us dubbed him “the pointer” and was ripping into him the whole last quarter for no defensive effort at all. FWIW it’d be a no for mine based on the attitude I witnessed.
  6. Defensive pressure and structure pinged a hammy early in the 3rd last week and is very unlikely to get up for Saturday.
  7. That hasn't gotten them far the last few years, their list is shot!
  8. I reckon his success rate is about 50/50 which for an AFL recruiter is pretty damn good. Some of those players he traded in (not drafted) were exactly what we needed in the short term, to say some of them were errors because they didn't play 250 games for us is an error in itself.
  9. Being a Dees fan living in Adelaide is hard until your team play twice in 5 days! What a shocking game to watch for 3 quarters last night from both sides, the umpires and the crows fans who literally have no idea about the rules of football. Happy we turned it on in the last. Watching Jackson after he hits the ground from a jump for a ruck or marking contest is amazing, he literally sprints as soon as he hits the ground, looking for opportunity. Good to watch, he has an appetite to compete. Onwards and upwards to the Roos. Hopefully my head recovers by then........
  10. Agreed on Northey. He was bloody good. He also gave a very good spray, something I'm hopeful Goodwin did to the playing group last night. Something I don't think he has in him, rightly or wrongly. Daniher goes without saying. Jackson yes, we need him back. Agree on Pert, not sure he is the right man for the job, but at least he may be able to part with some knowledge from a large successful organisation. Winning culture takes time to develop and without the results on the field, even longer, but you need a team behind the scenes that believe it with their every essence,
  11. This club has so many deeper issues than the coach. Every coach over the last 20 years has been chewed up and spat out (bar maybe Roos). Underperformance on field, lack of support off-it from a funding/recruiting/support coaching/training facility point of view. What's that saying about trying to succeed by doing the same things that haven't worked? Something about insanity or stupidity...... Pert as CEO needs to implement change from the board right through the club. He would know what works from Collingwood (pains me to say), and lets build from that. Sacking the coach isn't the a
  12. Small forwards are a good selection given their tall backs, but the one problem with that is, we will struggle to compete in the air. So that means not bombing the ball in time and time again which we all know has been a problem. If we can have two talls down there permanently to bring the ball to ground then their talls can't just mark every entry and the little blokes can get to work. I hope this is the plan anyway.
  13. This is going to be the most boring winter of all time once they cancel all sport. I'm going to need way more beer than usual, and hope that staring at the wall is made more interesting by drinking said stockpile of grog.
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