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  1. Got tickets!!! Here we come Dees!!!!
  2. The Cat 1 tickets go on sale at 9am Perth time not CST or EST
  3. My brother and I live in SA and are life long MFC members and have a cat 3 barcode. We're all booked and ready to go, but if people keep giving away their cat 1 and 2 passes we're going to miss out. Please stop!!!!
  4. Hope we play Bris in Adelaide, then I can attend another Dees game and try and get as many Crows supporting mates along to barrack for us as well!
  5. I'm in SA and don't watch much live TV apart from the footy, but by the sounds of it I'm missing out on a Petracca blunder?
  6. I lost all respect for Cameron Ling (and Simon Black for that matter) the first time I saw that Cash Converters ad. Has to be up there with the most disgraceful sell-out of a modern footballer I've ever seen. Also it's just a woeful ad regardless of who is in it.
  7. I'm and Adelaide based Dees fan as well mate. If we see a crowd gathering around beating someone up let's promise to help the other out! In all honesty the Port fans are way better than the Crows fans. At least they understand football and the rules and will respect other supporters. Crows fans are so one eyed and have absolutely no clue about the game.
  8. I don't rate his hairstyle.......
  9. Roof will be closed. https://www.afl.com.au/news/621344/open-or-closed-afl-makes-call-on-marvel-roof-for-monster-top-of-the-table-battle
  10. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/tigers-preparing-to-fly-to-sydney-for-crows-clash-20210527-p57vjj.html
  11. Unfortunately I have the same feeling. The old MFCSS creeping back in. Sadly a feeling I don't think any of us will see disappear in a hurry!
  12. Just a hunch. If they're out and COVID free, I don't think they'll risk them being exposed now they're out, like a mini-hub.
  13. It's unlikely the Vic clubs that have left today being Essendon, Hawthorn and Carlton will be allowed back into the state to play before next weekend. There may be a fixture shuffle I think. This may mean we won't play Brisbane in the NT next Fri and may play another VIC based team we're supposed to play between now and the end of the year. Just a thought........
  14. In: Viney (if fit)/ Sparrow (if not) Salem (if fit)/Lockhart (if not) Out: Melksham, Jetta My main worry is the likely McNaughton vs Petty match-up. Doesn't have the pace or leap to go with him. May likely to take Bruce. Maybe the other way around but McNaughton is a worry. Harmes to tag Bont Jordon to run with Libba Back in Oliver and other rotating mids to at least hold their own against Doggies mids. Spargo as defensive forward on Daniels.
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