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  1. I was literally asking this question earlier today after getting my daughter's number 2 sewn on!
  2. I've been getting into this local fella, I like the message about taking some time just soak in your surroundings. Does make it very hard seeing such beautiful countryside and being stuck in Melbourne. I think it's the Otways in the clip, I'll have to go down there for a look when we're allowed out https://youtu.be/hLnNVFu941o
  3. Thanks just doesn't seem enough, I wish there was a way we could let him know how much what he's done means to us. You're a champion Nathan and we won't forget it
  4. I'm just hoping I'll be able to watch it with my mate across the road here in Melbourne. I really don't want to be watching the game at home with no other Dees supporters. But if I can give my guaranteed ticked to a mate in Perth so they get to go it'll make me that little bit happier about me not being able to
  5. This year I paid extra on top of my membership for the grand final guarantee option to purchase a ticket. Obviously being a Victorian I won't be able to attend if it's in Perth. Does anyone know if I'd still be able to purchase a ticket if the game is in Perth so then I can give it to my mate who lives in WA so they can go?
  6. Do you think he'll get named on the bench or as medi-sub before season's end so we get to say goodbye, and more importantly, thank you? I have so much love for this bloke, he was the reason I kept watching during those years
  7. There was one centre contest I think was in the second half that they won and I just couldn't fathom what the heck was going on. All 3 of our 3 mids were all behind Max for the bounce and he hit it forward. He knew where they were and he still hit it forward to their players
  8. Seems to be moving well. Took a defensive mark right next to Box Hill's behind post before and then contested an inside 50 at our end about 30 seconds later. Think he's got 2 goals so far
  9. Probably. With us winning games now I need something else to be disappointed about
  10. On 2/6/2021 at 5:00 PM, Redbeard said: So after 5 weeks since I called and said that I only got the scarf and not the personalised membership card I'd paid for I received my replacement pack. This time I got another scarf AND a lanyard. That's all, still no membership card UPDATE. It's taken almost 4 months. Countless unanswered calls, half a dozen callback requests that never came through, emails, tweets, pm's via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I finally received my membership card with the player I paid for on it. Crikey what a ride!
  11. Were the folks who did the writeups and stats for Casey part of the huge personnel cuts due to Covid or something? Not getting much apart from photos these days
  12. Thanks Dazzle. Hopefully he has a fair rip in the WAFL and we'll see him come back next preseason
  13. Any word on where young Kobe will play this season? Will he have a run at Casey or head back west?
  14. Yep I didn't get one either. I get myself a new pair of runners for work every year with the voucher
  15. Nope, specifically paid to choose the player on my membership card
  16. So after 5 weeks since I called and said that I only got the scarf and not the personalised membership card I'd paid for I received my replacement pack. This time I got another scarf AND a lanyard. That's all, still no membership card
  17. I do the same but drop mine one month earlier as all the finals are on channel 7. We bought a "Telstra TV" box on gumtree for $50 (don't need to be with Telstra to use it) and watch the games on kayo in hd on it. Have done this for the last 2 years and it's great
  18. I got a blanket made up last year and it's great. It's a lot heavier and warmer than I thought it would be so it's great in winter. With all the different lengths, widths, styles and colours we've had over the years it's a bit of a hodgepodge which I like
  19. They're all for the men's team, there's no junior memberships for the AFLW team
  20. I received a scarf before Christmas, that's it, just a scarf. No membership letter, no membership card with the personalised player I'd chosen, no lanyard, no stickers, no fridge magnet with the draw on it. Just a single scarf. Rang the club and they had no explanation. Then asked if there was any kids AFLW memberships or merch as we've just had a daughter and I want her to be a member for both teams like me. No memberships or merch available, thought that was a missed opportunity
  21. Did they do this last year? I have this vague recollection they tried to make an Americanised style show on the AFL website at 7.30pm to showcase the big last minute trades
  22. That was a ripper thread. His talk about "landing a big fish" had a lot of us thinking of the use of a Gaff to pull one in
  23. When did fingering your mate's balloon knot become a thing? I really have no idea why it's done and why people defend it. It's not normal in any way
  24. He's a long straight leading style of forward. Would we be able to hit him on the chest anyways?
  25. He looks like he's bulked up in the glutes and is bottom heavy, just doesn't seem to be moving fluently anymore
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