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  1. Umpiring plumbing new depths
  2. The 15 metres standard must be made of rubber. Same umpire 2 successive kicks. First one "not 15 play on", the shorter kick "mark"
  3. It is remarkable how infrequently back players fall forward when pushed in the back compared to forwards. The reason why is obvious. You'd hope umpires would judge whether a forward deserves a free by the push necessary to move a backman.
  4. That's unfair. They are perfectly happy repeating the same ones for as many minutes as are available.
  5. As a paying customer I want more for my money, not less. 😀
  6. New definition of front on contact
  7. Whenever they say "you heard the umpire" I always ask "why the bloody hell can't we hear them all the time instead of you cretins?"
  8. But it remains a mystery why he can't do that for set shots.
  9. This analysis overlooks the 'assist' of a forward player #1 doing a good kick to another forward who marks inside 50 who then misses the goal. Hardly the fault of player #1.
  10. Who writes these rules? When does a player ever 'elect to incorrectly dispose of the ball'? Perhaps when they deliberately throw it, but a fist missing an attempt to handpass is hardly 'electing'. But what about a player who had prior opportunity who is then tackled and genuinely ATTEMPTS to kick the ball but misses it. No free kick according to that. Any guide to the perplexed?
  11. I'm driven crazy by commentators giving a lecture on what players need to do, either during the play and then again immediately afterwards as if that somehow proves the wisdom of the original comment. But why do I say 'original' - usually the comment isn't original at all. It's stating the bleeding obvious. As if they are lecturing to 6 year olds or people who have never seen AFL before.
  12. Because we hadn’t lost to the giants yet
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