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  1. They'll probably bring in Cameron early then...
  2. Strange that the AFLPA is about the only union in the country that has so much power these days.
  3. Which Russian oligarch do you have in mind to own the MFC?
  4. Well that settles who I will be baracking (too strong a word) for in the GF at least.
  5. You are right - the lower ranked votes are more likely to be affected By the things I mentioned
  6. You are right, going to zero interchanges increases the chance of players injuring themselves staying in the game because they can't be replaced. While injuries affect the ability to interchange, they are less likely for an injured player to stay on the field. Maybe have 4 reserves? Or fewer interchanges.
  7. I agree the umpires are not in a great position to vote, but I'm not sure the coaches rankings are without issues. For example, I expect they sometimes use the vote to make a point within the club, reward someone for doing their job etc, all of which may not be relevant to them being best and fairest.
  8. How about a limit of zero interchanges, just 2 reserve players as it was in days of yore? With no chance to rest footy will no longer resemble an under 9 kid's game. And 16 a side only goes against the laws of the game if the laws are unchanged! Have you handled the out of bounds change yet? A move to fewer interchanges is the moderate version of zero interchanges - there might be a sweet spot where it stops congestion without losing whatever advantage having interchanges gives. Though I'm not sure what advantages they actually give. Can anyone enlighten me? Anything more than cou
  9. Well he could do a good job in one area (keeping this season going) and do a bad in another (look of the game). The latter may have a longer lasting effect.
  10. Sorry I don't understand why you asked that. I don't recall addressing how long we should give Goodwin in my post if that is what you are asking. I was just pointing out Dr's remark about Hardwick being under the pump earlier on may be relevant to Goodwin's position. But if you are asking that, I'd think Goodwin better show some very clear progress in 2021. But if someone has the stats on the number of Richmond fans calling for Hardwick's head year by year and when he started to come good, I am open to reconsidering.
  11. Of course it proves nothing but I don't think Dr was saying it did. Just the obvious one that people were calling for Hardwick head before he got to where he is now and maybe, just maybe, the same may happen to Goodwin. Was there any evidence that Hardwick had more ability than Goodwin at a similar stage? If not Dr's 'assumption' was perfectly reasonable.
  12. No. You forgot to say “we all know that”.
  13. Training will be difficult. There is no flat area there big enough for an oval unless the military base is razed.
  14. There is sufficient spectacle in our football game without the need for the manly gladitorial sniping and mocking actions which seem to excite some of the TV commentators so much.
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