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  1. umm, if the RAT images uploaded were essentially fake (ie. previous images from old tests), how can you be so sure that failed tests weren't covered up?
  2. I'm glad to hear we planned for what to do near the end of a close match when behind. And possibly putting Frisch as far back as allowed at the centre bounce when ahead. But why has Gawn not planned what to do at the centre bounce with 10 seconds to go?
  3. Still not sure who I want to win out of Syd & C'wood to increase the chances we finish in the top 4 IF we lose to Brisbane (yes, sorry, I'm looking at the pessimistic case). I think in that case we want C'wood to thrash Sydney and Sydney to not get their percentage up in the last round? Views?
  4. It's not the first time he has done that. I can't recall when he last did it in a close game, but the memory was clear enough in my mind so that I said as the ball was bounced "I hope he remembers to just put the ball at his feet so that everyone can jump on it". I hate to criticise him, but that is a major brainfade. A quick kick forward and a mark and we lose especially with 6 6 6.
  5. In any case I thought he had stopped and then played on beyond the mark. SHould have been called back.
  6. Agree. But why if 3 opponents are taking on Brown can't we get more out of our crumbers. (It's a seperate and more complicated question as to why we don't kick to our 2 free players whose opponents are heading to Brown.)
  7. Cameron goes to ground with ball, taps his face to try to get the umpire to pay a free rather than punch the ball away and then eventually punches it. Presumably it wasn’t paid holding the ball out of sympathy.
  8. Should have been charged with assault then.
  9. If the AFL is not worried that "some concussions, like this one, will go unpunished" they may find themselves in legal hot water in 15 years. But by then those currently with the snouts in the troughs will be retired to their beachside havens so worried, but not too worried.
  10. Nor do I. But fundamentally I expect sport to be conducted in a fair manner. It should be possible to do so and be commercial at the same time. When commercial interests override fair play, then I call it corruption. Not neccessarily brown envelope corruption, but corrupton of the sport nevertherless.
  11. When you see a pattern of behaviour indicating the AFL is more concerned with commercialization (and the accompanying fat salaries for execs) than running a fair competition, then corruption does not seem too strong a word to me.
  12. Agreed. Except booing is the only way to express our feelings about the AFL and it's special 'rules' for stars from big clubs. Hold up a sign instead - I'm sure the TV cameras will zoom in on you (not).
  13. There's no need to wonder. Clear as day that the AFL is fundamentally corrupt. Whetver you think of the origianal decisions, the 5 hour saga last night smelt.
  14. So Daisy P says: “I still watch that contest and think it’s still a footy contest with an unfortunate outcome.” Did she say the same thing about Chandler? I hope so. If not I will have lost all respect for her as she would have joined the integrity-free zone that is the AFL and it's media hangers-on.
  15. I am [censored] off with those few here still posting that he should have got off. Can't they see that even if that was true, the whole process is clearly a sham and that's what drives most of us to despair about OUR game. It's not a time to dilute the outrage about the AFL's lack of integrity by making excuses for the scumbags.
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