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  1. Maybe, but what if it was thought by the coach(es) that by giving him the role it would draw out his best again? Given how surprising it seemed at the time, I reckon this may well have been the plan. Would have been a masterstroke if it had worked. And risked being seen an insult to members, players if not. Sitting on the outside it is hard to make strong statements.
  2. as long as we continue to follow Richmond's path I'm happy with that name.
  3. I don't want to buy into the general argument here, but if you get a bonus just because the company does well even if you didn't shine, then there is a difference. (Also bonuses are not the same as getting better future contracts.)
  4. Which makes me wonder what fraction of drop kicks failed because the surface was poor. Could the drop kick make a comeback on today's good surfaces? Certainly was a thing of beauty, if not a joy forever.
  5. I don't disagree with much of that, but as you say, I doubt if anyone will be able to produce direct evidence that he doesn't listen. That will be just inferred from the team's lack of success. Given the large number of other factors that may effect performance, it's a big step to say he doesn't listen. Maybe when he fails to make the sort of changes some posters point to, it's because he's been listening too much - but to the wrong advice! Let's speculate as to who this conservative stick-in-the-mud is. (Yes, my tongue is planted firmly into my cheek.)
  6. I really have no feelings either way about Goodwin because I don't have any data other than our win/loss ratio plus some obvious externals like our injuries in 2019 etc. and who knows how much the players are responsible as soem posters have discussed. Several posters repeatedly say he doesn't listen. What is the actual evidence for that? (genuine question).
  7. Well it makes a good story, but if the PO is concerned with overall efficiency, such oddities may be inevitable. Maybe you should lobby for a "local mail only" post box.
  8. Surely the only reasonable thing is to just skip 2020 and do in 2021 what was scheduled for 2020. (If any of the 2020 matches did by some miracle go ahead with normal crowds, eg perhaps round 1 Carlton v Richmond, then stick to normal schedule of course.)
  9. Since quarters often run to 30 minutes total as they did in days of yore, perhaps he couldn't understand how that was possible if the actual playing time was less than 25 minutes. Do we now have 5 minutes more of conjestion driven ball-ups etc?
  10. Ah, the old excuses versus reasons issue rasies it ugly head again. I am reminded of the 'irregular verbs' of Yes Minister. But in this case irregular abstract nouns, "I give reasons, you make excuses".
  11. Well as much as it hurts to say it, he did explain how he fell into that fairly minor hole.
  12. That bloke in picture #16 looks pretty good. What a welcome sight.
  13. Definition of MFCSS: But maybe these pics the wrong way around.
  14. Surely you know it is a put-down for a well-off person who is a socialist. Whereas if a poorer person is a socialist he is just full of envy. They've got you either way.
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