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  1. Misleading title from the AFL - I was hoping to see more angles.
  2. Hopefully everything they are doing has the stamp of approval from our fitness team. Still, I'd expect it would be hard to argue that makes it an official club workplace activity.
  3. Funny how Lever says he was wishing for the last quarter to end. Many supporters were proably happy for it to keep going.
  4. This is another of the unwritten rules of AFL. If he didn't mark it, it would be a free. If he marks it, it is mark of the year.
  5. I've started at round 1 and watched the entire Freo match. Pretty scrappy and only the occasional glimpse of what the team became. As WWSW says, the difference between the Freo match and late in the year is amazing. (I usually only watch the games we won over the summer and spread them out to last until Feb/March. This summer I'll have trouble fitting them all in.)
  6. If he over-egged it, he must have got it wrong seeing as how his head bounced on the 'turf'. You try bouncing your head like that without an external force being applied. Just because Trac makes a joke of it, doesn't mean that the action wasn't dangerous. How it did not lead at least to a free kick is beyond me.
  7. It's like weather forecasting before the days of lots of observational data and decent computer modelling. The best bet was to assume tomorrow's weather would be the same as today.
  8. Agree. The only nasties were the hit on Clarry (which while deliberate and reportable, was in play) and the sling of Max. Neither of which would you call the result of some nasty rivalry. There was very little of the -off-ball and in-packnasty behaviour we often see in matches.
  9. Yes, it was reasonable to list all our previous woes, but there was no justication for her saying it was almost as bad as injeccting team with performance enhancing who-knows-what. Leaving aside how absurd the comparison was, why mention Essendon at all? She was just looking for a spot to put the boot in since the team left no room for that on Sept 25.
  10. Normally at this time I add up the number of weeks till the next season to work out how to spread out watching the recordings I made of wins during the year. Usually I have to ration myself to watching one every few weeks, but this summer I don't know if I can fit them all in at one per week.
  11. I never read that thread after the game starts, not being a masochist. But will now.
  12. perhaps DNIMD wants to hear crowd noises and umpires, but not BT. Hmmmm, heaven.
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