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  1. Happy Grand Final Day, Demonlanders (east coast!). Remember, in the words of a wise Demon this season: "Whatever happens, we still love you".
  2. Wow, where's this? Would love to visit, hopefully in my 10kms.
  3. I also loved Jimmy's autobiography, might be time to revisit! One part that stuck with me was also in the aftermath of the '87 prelim. Jimmy was travelling somewhere in Europe I think, enjoying the offseason and trying to get away from that nightmare moment. Just when he thought he'd escaped it all, he bumped into a Melbourne supporter or maybe just a footy fan in some really random place and they brought up the incident. It was then he realised that he could never escape what had happened and that he needed to embrace it to move on with his career and life (I'm a bit sketchy on the details because it's been a while, but that was the gist). His is still footy's greatest story, in my biased opinion.
  4. Maybe it's overly sentimental, but its feels like Nathan is showing us all the way in this strange week. Like him, many of us are potentially missing out on a dream. While obviously as supporters it's a different kind of thing, if we can take the same approach to it all that Nathan is, I think that would serve us well. Anger, frustration, hurt and bitterness are perfectly understandable and legitimate, but like Nathan, we know our part in getting to this grand final and the corresponding feelings of pride in the team are deserved and should be enjoyed despite the circumstances. He's lucky to have a healthy dose of perspective provided by the new twins and I only hope that we can all find ways (though maybe not so life-changing!) to make the most of this time. A true leader to the end, Jonesy.
  5. Guess I should go to sleep... 2.45AM and all. When I wake up, we'll still be in the GF, right? Sweet dreams, Dees fans 👹
  6. Also watch for Neal-Bullen's early start to the celebrations - he was confident!
  7. Weirdly, as another poster who falls in this category (although not in terms of post frequency!), I'm pretty sure I had Hunt listed in my faves at one point too. Must have been squeezed out. Although, looking at my current list, it could do with an update. It's just too hard to choose these days!
  8. Also, just watched the last 2 minutes for the, what, 20th time? Well done to the trainer who leapt over the fence and into the seats to retrieve the ball after the 50m penalty was paid. They were lightning (don't mention the lightning!) fast. Seriously, that could have been a crucial 5-10 seconds longer for Geelong to set up if this person wasn't so on the ball and dedicated to getting the ball back ASAP.
  9. For similar reasons, it's probably the closest I've ever come to walking away at half time. I didn't, but the urge was there in a way it never really has been before (despite some truly terrible performances). I put it down to the kind of day (week, year) it's been. Just a big case of "I don't want to deal with this right now". So I get where you're coming from and I don't blame anyone who was in a similar boat and made the same choice - we all deserve to savour every tiny bit of this victory. (Glad you got to see the end though!)
  10. We've got to stick together for this next part of the ride, even if (maybe especially if) it has to be virtual.
  11. Good to see our Dublin trio reunited for a semi-final win! Goldie in her natural game was great to witness (a bit rusty perhaps but definitely that same dynamic movement we see in Aussie rules). Lots of AFLW representation in this game, with the Kelly sisters from the Eagles and Rowe from the Pies for Mayo as well. Another composed performance from Dublin. Some classy precision kicking going forward and for goal saw them again build up a nice lead to then control the game. Mayo seemed put off by Dublin's physicality and got too caught up in that rather than playing their own game, in my humble opinion! A bit of carnage all round. McEvoy looked proppy at the end and Magee with that blood rule, though of course that couldn't keep her from returning late in the game. Onwards to the final in a couple of weeks. Following this has been a nice lockdown distraction!
  12. Just caught up with the game against Donegal - disconcerting seeing the opposition in the green and gold after binging so much Olympics! Another solid win for Dublin. Magee with the body on the line as always. In fact, all round one of the most physical games I've seen, plus a lot of 'chat' between the players. Thought this was one of the best games by McEvoy I've seen, or at least the most obviously influential. She really brings others along with her and sets things up well. Plus a classy finisher. I also like the way Rowe plays - wouldn't mind seeing her weaving through traffic with the Sherrin. I'm sure the team would have liked to do it a bit more comfortably but after a slow start they had fairly good control and kept the scoreboard ticking over well. I do like how the relatively small margin between a point and a goal means a consistent string of points is a valid way to build a score and a goal doesn't end it all. Or maybe I'm just frustrated from watching too much of the other round ball of late! Interesting post-match interviews with the coaches, with their comments about the lack of continuity in the game due to so many whistles for contact stuff. Seems like there's a desire for the whistle to be put away somewhat for a more free-flowing game. Although the Donegal coach also wanted more fouls called in his players' favour, so he kind of contradicted himself. In my biased and inexpert opinion, I felt the Dublin players walked the line well enough!
  13. Great selection to shore up our defensive line. A good player for Casey this season, so already part of the Dees' system, which is always handy with the short preseason.
  14. Thanks for posting! Will check it out at some stage. Is it likely that Goldie will make an appearance if Dublin go deeper into the finals? She's had such a long layoff, is she an immediate inclusion or does it depend a bit on match-ups and circumstances?
  15. Yep, I think you're on the money there. Other clubs surely came knocking - best of luck to her.
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