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  1. Three squads - Richmond doesn't field a VFLW team anymore but instead sends their players to Port Melbourne through an alignment.
  2. Following on from that, and in the context of this thread, it's so good to have such an independent platform like this for all things Demons. Club-sanctioned media by its very nature has to be restrained in what it can communicate, and while there are thankfully limits to what can be posted here, it does often fill the gap that lies between what the club can say and what the fans want to know. Especially because there's such a range in fans' levels and areas of interest, from those who are perfectly happy with the social media happy snaps to those who'd like to know the nutritional content of each MFC player's pre-game meal. I'd wager that most on here are leaning towards the latter end of the spectrum, which probably isn't a need that the club would ever or should ever be aiming to fulfill! So yep, thanks to everyone involved in keeping Demonland up and running, and all the contributors here.
  3. On Patterson's comment on existing players in new roles, could they have someone in mind to replace West? Can't say anyone we've rotated through really stands out as a more permanent option there. But none of the ins fill that gap in an immediate way, possibly Wotherspoon but yeah, she's a pretty raw (though the same could be said for West originally). Apparently Saraid Taylor will be played back, so she might break into the team. Gillard also mentioned for more ruck time. Hopefully we'll be able to try some stuff out in VFLW.
  4. Pretty sure Goldie made the move to Australia with her partner earlier this year, so I'm guessing Irish. I think they intend to return to Ireland eventually though, hopefully that's a few years away.
  5. The above article in video format. Seems like there were decisions made mid-season that prompted some of the player movement. Says that a few of our incoming draftees will allow for some positional changes in the existing list and a change in our game style. Reading between the lines, Pisano, Wotherspoon, Rigoni and Madigan are all considered ready to play at some stage next season. Hose a very long-term prospect, not surprisingly. Also some pointed remarks about the 11-club trade on the last day of trade, referring to "different sophistication levels at different clubs" in how trades are done, so a bit going on there...
  6. Mentions Goldrick as a player she's followed particularly and wants to learn from - I can't think of a better player to emulate in terms of attack on the game. I knew Jemma had a few games at Casey last season but glad to hear she's been a train-on and clearly involved at the club for a while even rehabbing after her draft year.
  7. So true, these are the 12 year olds of 2017 that were a big focus at that time - choosing in greater numbers to keep going with footy rather than give it up, having continuous access to youth girls teams, etc. (albeit pandemic interrupted for some). You could tell from the way they spoke that their idols are very much AFLW players and that AFLW was a career choice for them.
  8. #43 jumper is ready and waiting - if she wants it! https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1478752/aflw-draft-pick-no29-rigoni-legacy-continues
  9. Pick 23 Jacinta Hose Big cheer in the room - looks like she was there for a teammate so a happy surprise. Has done two ACLs, 3 months out from most recent.
  10. Immediately nicknamed "Reese", surely? Was mentioned in the broadcast that clubs were requesting footage of her today so clearly garnered some attention late. Previously a train-on with Brisbane. We must've done our homework on this one.
  11. Alyssia & Alyssa forward combo, add in Zanker and Hore, pretty exciting.
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