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  1. Well, you were a quarter and a couple of goals off, but you nailed it! As did the Dees! Super impressive win. Never seen them come out firing like that against such quality opposition and sustain it for so much of the game. North looked shell-shocked and quite flat to be honest, but their comeback was pretty much a guarantee and I thought our players weathered it well when they'd lost momentum. There were some shaky moments though! I wish we could have been there to cheer them on, but I hope the girls and staff felt the support anyway (and from the couple of people peering through th
  2. Karen Paxman will (all going to plan) play her 30th game on the weekend. For context, this puts her among only 22 players prior to this round who have reached that figure, and the first to play all 30 at Melbourne. Libby Birch reached the milestone last week with her games combined between the Dogs and Dees. At the moment, given the shorter seasons, it's effectively what a 50 or even 100 game milestone would be in the men's, so something to celebrate. Especially given it's not guaranteed (although I wouldn't count her out) that she'll reach 50, as that will take another 2 or so seaso
  3. Well, that was about as good a hit out as you could hope for in Round 1. Classic case of everyone being better for the run and to come away with the win is the icing. There was certainly a couple of layers of rust for our players, but they worked their way into it well before fading at the end. To be honest, I’d expected them to be even more out of touch given the nearly 10 months with only one practice game and the unsettled lead-up. Not sure if we’d have had second look-in if we’d had that kind of start against Adelaide. But that’s irrelevant now! Kudos to the club and ever
  4. Unfortunately hasn't - out for 4 weeks. A shame since she missed so much last season too. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/854336/aflw-injury-update-downie-sidelined-with-ankle-injury Rest of the injury/rehab list: Simmons - should be a test for Round 2 (ankle) Lampard - Round 3 (ACL) Sloane - Round 6 (ACL)
  5. Info on ticketing here: https://womens.afl/tickets/faq Basically, a reduced crowd will be allowed at all games but you must buy tickets in advance, including for free as a member for some clubs (I haven't heard anything as a MFC member so no idea what's going on there). Tickets are on sale round by round each Monday, home members at 9AM and general admission at 10AM. Never thought I'd get to the point where I kind of miss Casey Fields 😉
  6. Nice one! Definitely our best player across the 4 years. Would love to see Paxy in the site header to recognise this. If memory serves, Daisy was up there are some point?
  7. Yeah, I've always found that strange. For comparison, this year, 12 of the 14 AFLW teams have a junior membership. Most other clubs also offer a few tiers of adult membership for AFLW, whereas MFC only offer one priced at $99 (among the most expensive). Personally, I'm happy to pay to the support the girls and don't care much about merchandise or whatever in return, but our options are really lacking in this compared to other clubs.
  8. Yeah, I'll admit it was frustrating to watch them pulling up for tackles that would be fine in AFLW. It also felt like it was kind of subjective where the line was, but maybe I was biased!
  9. The Giants have already re-located to Albury, with only one staying back for work commitments temporarily. I imagine the impact for teams might vary quite a lot in that regard though. https://womens.afl/news/54856/sydney-s-covid-outbreak-forces-giants-to-move-south
  10. I guess this falls under 2021 preseason! A few weeks back I caught a replay of the All-Ireland Ladies Championship, featuring of course our Irish players in Goldrick, McEvoy and Magee for Dublin. The Dubs had an impressive comeback win to clinch their fourth straight title. It was interesting to see Goldrick and McEvoy in their natural element. I only really know the basics of the game, but it was clear that Dublin is a very professional outfit. Goldrick in particular was super impressive. She came to the fore when the game was in the balance, and was awarded the player of the m
  11. This is a first for me in that I remember watching Simmons play, it must have been the U18 champs last year. Though other players were more skillful, she stood out to me for the way she moved despite her height.
  12. I'm really happy we've gone and got some height. Good to finally have a second ruck again, which will free up Zanker with Cordner gone and in case L.Pearce goes down again (hopefully not). Of course, Caris is young and raw but what better way to develop a player than alongside one of the best rucks in the comp.
  13. I'd think unlikely as most girls stop growing mid-teens, but you never know.
  14. Loved seeing us get to play a big part of draft night. Obviously, all selected are future champions and premiership stars 😉 Seriously though, I'm looking forward to seeing what our new players can do in 2021 under the guidance of some great leaders at the Dees.
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