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  1. Pretty sure he was an emergency a few times, I just thought he was omitted
  2. Poor fella literally missed out on his AFL comeback by a couple of days. In the week Max and Jackson were both down he blew out his pec at training. If that hadn't have happened he would have been back in the ones for a week or two
  3. Didn't he quit the blues to start an Instagram influencer management company or something?
  4. Key forwards don't mean squat when all you do is bomb the ball in. Ben Brown had those 60+ goal seasons because the ball was delivered out in front of him on the lead. If he didn't mark it he got a free for his arms being chopped. How often have we seen this year Brown taking a mark with arms outstretched in front of him from a pinpoint pass? I reckon we saw him spoiled by Fritta in a long bomb to a pack a hell of a lot more times
  5. Definitely missed that Darren Burgess fitness that made us destroy teams in the second half every week
  6. Blind Freddie knows that Ben Brown kicked his 60+ goals a year at North from kicks direct to his lead. He's a leading forward not a pack marker. Whoever's idea it was for the mids to just bomb it in has lost the plot
  7. No no no no no. You didn't say that and I didn't hear it. It never happened. It can't happen!
  8. AFL site says club members 10am Tuesday
  9. I reckon it's a typo and club members would be on the Tuesday
  10. Obviously someone has overheard it so he knows he can't deny it now
  11. This is the cheatsheet I needed, blooming legend!!
  12. Brown should be called out for victim blaming. The attitude that blokes shouldn't cry is one of the reasons we see so many fellas bottle it up until they can't take it any more and then something horrible happens. It's a dinosaur attitude and needs to go
  13. I reckon he was the reason Nibbler had the chunder. Hope there's an alternate camera angle that's looked at
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