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  1. Nope, specifically paid to choose the player on my membership card
  2. So after 5 weeks since I called and said that I only got the scarf and not the personalised membership card I'd paid for I received my replacement pack. This time I got another scarf AND a lanyard. That's all, still no membership card
  3. I do the same but drop mine one month earlier as all the finals are on channel 7. We bought a "Telstra TV" box on gumtree for $50 (don't need to be with Telstra to use it) and watch the games on kayo in hd on it. Have done this for the last 2 years and it's great
  4. I got a blanket made up last year and it's great. It's a lot heavier and warmer than I thought it would be so it's great in winter. With all the different lengths, widths, styles and colours we've had over the years it's a bit of a hodgepodge which I like
  5. They're all for the men's team, there's no junior memberships for the AFLW team
  6. I received a scarf before Christmas, that's it, just a scarf. No membership letter, no membership card with the personalised player I'd chosen, no lanyard, no stickers, no fridge magnet with the draw on it. Just a single scarf. Rang the club and they had no explanation. Then asked if there was any kids AFLW memberships or merch as we've just had a daughter and I want her to be a member for both teams like me. No memberships or merch available, thought that was a missed opportunity
  7. Did they do this last year? I have this vague recollection they tried to make an Americanised style show on the AFL website at 7.30pm to showcase the big last minute trades
  8. That was a ripper thread. His talk about "landing a big fish" had a lot of us thinking of the use of a Gaff to pull one in
  9. When did fingering your mate's balloon knot become a thing? I really have no idea why it's done and why people defend it. It's not normal in any way
  10. He's a long straight leading style of forward. Would we be able to hit him on the chest anyways?
  11. He looks like he's bulked up in the glutes and is bottom heavy, just doesn't seem to be moving fluently anymore
  12. I thought he was offered another year but he declined to go home and earn much better money with a job as an engineer or something? I vaguely remember reading something about him saying he set himself the challenge to play top level and he was happy with what he achieved. I also remember the Uber Alex Georgiou Facebook page was a bit funny
  13. Thanks for that. It was a great little riddle to keep us going in an otherwise dull period!
  14. There's a fella currently moving around town finding out. Lets us know what the minimum cost is and how much you get for that. Pretty sure the answer is a lot for not that much https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/food-and-drink/article/defining-minimum-chips-maximum-mission-melbourne-enthusiast
  15. Do we have to wait 53 minutes until 7.31pm @Yokozuna?
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