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  1. It's all been delayed a week due to that game being postponed. Just read that the highest ranked AFLW team at the end of the 2022 NAB AFL Women’s Finals Series will earn the hosting rights of the NAB AFLW Grand Final. So if Freo knock off the crows and we win ours, does that mean the grand final will be held at *gulp* Casey Fields?
  2. Here's the match report https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1070630
  3. I also have to add it was outstanding to see Sam Docherty get 38 disposals in his return game from cancer treatment
  4. And that's a wrap. FT Casey 13.8.86 Carlton 6.11.47 Sorry I couldn't give much detail, next time I'll pack the binoculars!!
  5. The big number 73 just kicked one from a free. With that big curly mop heads got a bit of the Spencil wild man look from a few years ago. Not quite as solid as Spencer was but still pretty big
  6. Mitch Brown slots a nice one from 45m out on a 45° angle. 80-45
  7. Blues with another one. All the play happening up the construction end where I can't see who's doing what. 74-45 Casey's way
  8. Blues getting a lot more of the ball, 5.8.38 to Casey 11.8.74 12 minutes left
  9. Forward line is is made up of numbers 38 (Brown), 66, 16, 54, 75 and 58
  10. Mitch Brown took a mark right in front of me. Tried to kick a set shot around his body but missed the lot
  11. 3QT Casey 11.7.73 Carlton with a last second goal 3.7.25 I don't recall seeing Weid that quarter, maybe he's being rested for tonight now?
  12. One of the rare times it's come over my side this quarter. Apologies for the low quality, broke one of the lenses in my phone camera so lost the ability to zoom
  13. 19 just kicked one, a lefty so guessing it's Rosman
  14. Another goal up the other end, maybe number 40 (Taj?). Number 73 for Casey is a lumbering giant with a bit curly mop. He's bloody huge
  15. Have just seen 27 get a few touches, could potentially be Dunstan. Although Mitch White is wearing Kozzy's 36 and someone else is wearing Joel Smith's 44 so looks like I can't trust all the numbers
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