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  1. Kevin Bartlett on Triple M has said that "Aaron Hall, whose form has wavered at various times, looks a world beater sometimes…he also could be gettable for a club that wants to come to the Suns with the right offer." Just what Melbourne we need to add to their midfield mix, can break the lines and gives the midfield some x factor.
  2. Said to be on the outer at Port Adelaide and according to Caro, the Crows and the Denons are interested. Dead set, unless there's something wrong with him physically (or mentally), I would be disappointed if we didn't chase him hard.
  3. Rumor going around that we are looking into him. I'm very keen as I think he ticks a lot of boxes with his ability to play multiple positions. Commitment seems to be a slight issue, however with Macca in his ear, I'd like to think we could get him very cheap and have something really special on our hands. I'm all for him. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-11-15/meet-tom-lamb http://www.aflplayerratings.com.au/Ratings/Player/120116/Tom-LAMB
  4. Apologize if there is already a thread for this, but couldn't see it. Anyone else notice the article on the AFL website stating despite him being contract, Freo and trying to lure Jake the snake? Given he's contracted and our lack of ruck depth i can't see it happening, but if the offer were to good to refuse i guess we'd have to consider it. Article is big men set for big moves. Sorry i couldn't get a link working.
  5. Just a thought - no rumours. Could or should we trade for pick number 1? Weideman might be a perfect pick up to play CHF in front of Hogan. If we're lucky they could develop together and be the backbone of our forward line for the next 10 years. What do you guys think? What could get it done?
  6. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-01-16/trading-against-players-will The AFL website is letting their 'journalists' have an opinion on things - this time it is whether players should be traded against their will ie. clubs can trade their contract at their will. This will lead to nothing of course, but it is a huge plank in a more even competition. I know there are a few who agree with Michael Whiting in the link above but I have to say that I have not heard a compelling argument that is congruous with the draft that we have come to be very comfortable with. Jennifer Phelan brings out the populis
  7. Was speaking with someone who worked at the recent National U18 champs. It was raised by someone close to them that Tom Boyd is not happy at GWS at the moment. He is not getting a game and isn't overly enamoured with being in Sydney. He is currently 3rd behind Cameron and Patton and the feeling is he wants more opportunity. It was suggested that should a Vic club be able to convince him to come back home and play for that club, that he could seek a trade from GWS. The trade would obviously be costly- very high pick and possibly a player but if Boyd wants out then it is possible. Before anyone
  8. rpfc

    Josh Toy

    Junior star set to quit Suns for Victorian club Likely to be traded. What say the people who saw him in juniors?
  9. Doggies are pretty close to being just as bad as we were last year, the main difference being they won our game. They have picks 5 + 6 and we could use one, while the doggies could use a forward line. Martin + petterd + sylvia + pick #20 for pick # 6 One mobile big man, one marking medium tall and a classy flanker/ mid type Maybe wishful thinking but it fills some of their needs and other than sylvia the others are easy replaced sylvia would be a loss but to get something good you must give something good
  10. The trade window, circa 1936: 'Hughes then floated an idea: "I think you could probably have Len's brother Norm. But he's a bit slow for the half forward flank."' (from The Red Fox). These sentences have been in my mind for the past couple of weeks and it made me wonder what other catastrophes have been narrowly avoided. Can you think of any other examples of trades that fell through (rumoured or otherwise), leaving you wiping your brow with relief?
  11. With the recent departure of Moloney it raises a question in my mind. How are we going to attract new players to the club? We've made a play for Boak, don't know how it's holding up. Some of us would like to see Josh Caddy in the Red and Blue in 2013 as well. But 2012 was a really poor year. What would make a player join a club that, if not for GWS and GCS, probably would've only had 1 win for the year? Money isn't much of a problem as we have a fair amount of room in our salary cap. Can we still convince others that we are heading in the right direction? Or will they see the departure of Molo
  12. I would like to know everyones opinions on where you think Melbourne is going this off season with new players and players that will leave please format your comments like below: Coming to Club: Leaving club: Comment: How will Melbourne benefit: look forward to hearing from you guys!
  13. Please make all Drafting and Trading discussion in this board: http://demonland.com...-trading-board/ I have moved all current draft and trade talk there.
  14. With all the talk about our recent drafting, I thought it might be interesting to look at how we have fared at the trade table over the last 5 years given enough time has passed to allow judgement on most of these trades. Also, thought it might be interesting given we have declared that we may be looking to trade actively this year. 2011 In: Mitch Clark Out: Pick 12 (Sam Docherty) in: Pick 52 (Josh Tynan) Out: Matthew Warnock Verdict: obviously it is hard to tell what guys around pick 12 from last year's draft are going to go on to do, but the way Mitch Clark has perfor
  15. What about this scenario re the Jack Viney draft scenario: We trade away our first round pick for a quality mid, our compo picks cant be used for father/son draft, we pick up Jack in the 2nd round Any thoughts ???
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