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KC from Casey

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The teams last met at Windy Hill in early May and the Scorpions won that game.

This time they meet at night under lights at Casey. It can be a very forbidding place and I'm not sure if I can make it so any input from posters who live close would be appreciated.


Saturday 6 August 2016
Casey Fields at 7.00pm


B: Grimes Garland Newton
HB: Dunn Hutchins Michie
C: Trengove Kennedy Kennedy-Harris
HF: Pedersen Keilty Terlich
F: Neal-Bullen T Smith Hulett
FOLL: McInerney M Jones Salem
I/C (from) Ainsworth* D Collis Gordon Morris Munro Pattison Scott J Smith White


B: Michael Grima Ashby
HB: Freezer Ferry A Heppell
C: Stokes Hams Redman
HF: J Merrett J Langford K Langford
F:  Simpkin Grimley McKernan
FOLL:  Nyuon Crowley Coghlan
I/C (from): Boyse Carboni * Eades Edwards Heavyside  Holmes Long McLeod Wallis     

* 23rd player


Sunday 24 July 2016
Ikon Park at 11.00am


B: Declase Foster Strachan
HB: Aujla J Cripps Jordan
C: Roos Ballard Brown
HF: Payne McKay Hickey
F: Cyster Bolger Corboy
FOLL: Korcheck Barrett Stevens
I/C (from): Adams Bradley Dawson Glover Iermano Jacques Krithararis  McCabe Malual Peet Roberts Vesnaver Walson 


B: Wyatt Moncrieff Kennedy-Harris
HB: J McDonald Gains Munro
C: Cox D Collis Scott
HF: Freeman Baker Ferreira
F: Hannon Max King Vander Haar
FOLL: McInerney Pattison Wilson
I/C (from): Ambler F Anderson J Anderson Beacom Briggs Cotte Di Pasquale Fritsch Gordon Hillard Daniel Johnston Stockdale

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3 minutes ago, KC from Casey said:

The teams last met at Windy Hill in early May and the Scorpions won that game.

This time they meet at night under lights at Casey. It can be a very forbidding place and I'm not sure if I can make it so any input from posters who live close would be appreciated.

Team to be loaded later this evening.,

Interesting turn of phrase there KC

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2 hours ago, hells bells said:

Thought he might have been a chance to be picked up by an AFL side.  I assume there'd be a clause in his contract.

Thats great news he's re-signed but I am also interested if he can still be picked up by an AFL club and does Melbourne have first dibs on him. Thanks KC for the news, I think he is a good player, maybe better than VFL and still only 20-21.

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From the Foxsportspulse site:

B 80. J Grimes 50. C Garland 70. B Newton
HB 81. L Dunn 1. J Hutchins 63. V Michie
C 54. J Trengove 69. B Kennedy 57. J Kennedy-Harris
HF 65. C Pedersen 15. D Keilty 62. D Terlich
F 72. A Neal-Bullen 20. T Smith 55. L Hulett
R 25. O McInerney 68. M Jones 60. C Salem
Int 79. J Smith 17. E Morris 6. J Munro 38. D Gordon 5. P Pattison 47. D Collis 27. A Scott 58. M White

23P 49. B Ainsworth

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Why is Kennedy Harris named in the Development League as well as on the wing in the senior team? I am presuming that it is the same player.

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13 hours ago, Akum said:

KC, what are your thoughts about whether Keilty has what it takes for AFL?

Not sure because he hasn't gone down the normal path of young recruits and tends to be a little inconsistent which does happen sometimes with VFL listed players in teams with reasonably large numbers of AFL players. If he got onto an AFL list (even as a rookie) and therefore trained in that environment, he could be a good player.

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Anyone seen Jaxon Briggs play recently. I saw him kick 4 goals earlier this year in Casey 1sts and he was impressive. I think he is only 19 or so.  He had pace and skills and goalkicking sense.

Named on the bench for the development team. Has he been injured or dropped off severely??

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Scorpions winners by a comfortable 43 points.

Casey Scorpions 4.2.26 6.6.42 9.7.61 11.9.75

Northern Blues 1.1.7 1.2.8 2.6.18 4.8.32


Casey Scorpions Max King 3 Freeman 2 Anderson Baker Ferreira Hannon Stockdale

Northern Blues Corboy 2 Bolger  Peet 


Casey Scorpions Moncrieff Briggs Hillard Gordon King Wyatt

Northern Blues Stevens Declase Aujla Roos Cripps Barrett

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