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  1. The first team under the current finals system to lose in straight sets in back-to-back seasons. Melbourne break another record! Woohoo!
  2. Remember how we were on the verge of a dynasty a few years back? Fast forward two years and we're back-to-back, straight-sets chokers. Maybe do some kicking practice in the off-season... or, y'know, after last week? When we lost a final for the exact same reason?
  3. Giants have never recovered from that Grand Final bloodbath a few years back. Ditto Adelaide.
  4. Enjoy the final hour as reigning premiers, lads!
  5. Yep, ridiculously soft draw in the lead up to finals. Pair that with the bye week, another week off before the prelim, then a soft kill for the prelim itself, it's no surprise they've got plenty of fuel in the tank. Didn't expect Sydney to be this bad though.
  6. Yep, a lot had to go exactly right for them to have that run in the back half of the season.
  7. Yep, reckon they had all the momentum to beat the Cats next week. They just blew a great chance at a Premiership.
  8. Unbelievable. Swans fans would be livid right now. How do you blow this so spectacularly?
  9. I feel sick. So, so many easy shots missed. This would've been over by now.
  10. They had so many opportunities to put the nail on the coffin and blew them all. Even Heeney at 3QT would've stopped the Pies momentum. Looking like a carbon copy of us versus Brisbane last week.
  11. This is like watching a slow motion train wreck. You. Cannot. Give. Collingwood. A Sniff. Reckon they will run away with this if they get the next goal.
  12. Thought the same. The margin was just that fraction too close and gave the Pies a sniff. 40+ points would've just about sealed it but they left the door ajar by missing so many shots. Swans desperately need the first of the 4th to halt the Pies' momentum. Just waiting for the umps to start getting involved now.
  13. Swans supporters would be filthy if they lost from here, with all the easy shots they've missed.
  14. Let's see how involved the umpires start getting here. Collingwood might need a hand. A few cheapies in front of goal to start the quarter would do the trick.
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