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  1. Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania. If that holds, he's the President-Elect. ~130,000 votes left to count and around 85% of the mail votes have gone to Biden so far.
  2. The spin is hilarious. "A priority pick plus a few extra picks later in the draft." Call a spade a spade. It's FOUR priority picks over 3 drafts, PLUS insanely generous concessions regarding their Academy players AND an expanded zone to recruit from (stolen from us, of course). This allows them to use their last picks in any draft to select potential Academy guns, because no other team can bid on them. Just ONE of these concessions would be considered overly generous for a struggling Melbourne-based club, but the AFL gift-wraps the whole lot to one of their precious expansion clubs t
  3. "You get a priority pick, you get a priority pick, you get a priority pick! Oh, Melbourne want one? Rack off."
  4. Pickett wouldn't fit into Goodwin's "handball around aimlessly in circles until we turn it over" game plan.
  5. Hope Pickett gets the NS. Would be an amazing story, just too romantic to resist.
  6. My hope is this loss is so scarring that it puts GWS back a few decades.
  7. This match will do wonders for the growth of the game in Western Sydney.
  8. You'd think giving up weed in exchange for a six figure salary to play footy is a complete no-brainer. ...but apparently not.
  9. Some of the most beautiful imagery you'll see outside the Louvre.
  10. Made the same point myself. He should've been rubbed out the week before. But it doesn't change the fact that there's a palpable bias in the so-called 'objective' tribunal system.
  11. As if anyone should be surprised about the rigged goal review. The AFL put a bunch of Collingwood sycophants on the panel that gave Greene a week. They manufacture everything.
  12. They didn't even deserve to be top 4, if not for one upset in the last round they would've been out last week.
  13. You can all thank me later for jynxing both results with this premature comment and creating the best possible GF outcome for everyone! Next week should be an absolute cracker. I don't even care if the Giants upset the Tigers. I'll be happy with either result.
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