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  1. I get that this is a niche sponsorship but in that being said, how many people here have bought a Jaguar since they became a sponsor of Melbourne or Vauxhaul before that? It's not everday you decide to go out and buy a new car, especially with the only thought being oh they support Melbourne so I'll buy whatever they make.
  2. Do women not have mates?
  3. We never get crowds against interstate sides, matches against Freo, GWS, Gold Coast, Port etc and always around the mark that turned up yesterday. Theres a myth that we have large supporter base in hiding after the Geelong and Hawthorn finals. There were lots people at those matches who were neutrals just supporting Melbourne out of pity after years of failure. A few of my friends who support other sides came to those games and did exactly that.
  4. I understand why a lot of people are dissapointed from todays showing. But the way to look at it, we won and there were probably about 16 or more players who played no where near their best. Fix the connection between Max and the midfield group, fix the goal kicking, get back some key forwards, gradual improvement from the kids. Need to be playing well in the back half of the season not the first.
  5. Aside from Anzac Eve and Queens B'day I don't there will be any issues getting tickets for us.
  6. You can technically start from the start at any point. So if your out and about and come home at half time you can start it from the start rather than live rather than waiting for the match to finish. But as soon as the match is over you can watch the entire replay.
  7. I'd put Jackon in the middle as mid to try and help with the clearences. Need to try something differen't if the starting mids areb't having any impact.
  8. I get what you're saying 58 as I wassn't quite but I also stated I wasn't enritely sure. I wasn't saying the men started training in October. I was suggesting that possibly the AFLW preseason had already started by the time their draft was held which was in October. Just like the men had already started preseason training when their resepective draft occured in December.
  9. Not quite sure when pre-season started but the draft was in early October so assuming it's like the men they were probably in pre-season at that point. The season is 9 weeks plus I think 3 weeks of finals, quite a substantial amount of time that you would have to input for $14k if you're classified as a Tier 4 player.
  10. They're mostly on year to year or two year contracts. The pay is definetly low which is why theres a number of cross code players still playing other sports. They generally have normal job and use "annual leave" to play their matches, still a few years away before they would be able to make it their sole profession. https://thewomensgame.com/news/how-much-do-aflw-players-get-paid-533116
  11. I've enjoyed DL a lot more the last 6 months, lets not jinx it...
  12. There's no crowds allowed at either the GWS v Adelaide and Freo v WC games because of the COVID case in Perth the other week.
  13. While they need to know who was at the ground, it's more about knowing where in the ground you were. So I fully expect that everyone will need to book a ticket and that will have your designated seat for that game. I had to do the same thing as a SACA (MCC equivalent in SA) member for the cricket this summer.
  14. Sounds like Tom will be the new Cameron Pedersen, will play where/if required.
  15. I guess not many on here have changed jobs for more money or a better job.
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