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  1. Nervous about Vandenberg’s involvement in the warm up tbh. 😬
  2. I find playing Lego with the kids quite calming. Maybe I should do that for a couple of hours.
  3. Things I want. 1. a reasonable run with the umpires 2. to kick accurately for goal
  4. Is it televised on the AFL website tonight?
  5. Surely Clarry picks up 10 in the final game. Anyone know when this award is announced?
  6. Anyone know when the Rising Star award is announced?
  7. Didn’t make it sorry team. Industrial strength hangover got the better of me.
  8. I’ll try to get there and provide a report.
  9. Would Weed offer more or less to the team than Melksham at the moment?
  10. Pieces are in place. Now just go and win a flag Demons ?
  11. This is what I want to see. that being said I just reckon this will be the game we drop. We’d need a huge lift on what we displayed last week and the Swans seem to be a bogey side.
  12. The thing I thought through that game was how much better we are in the back half than the dogs. May, Lever, Tomlinson >>> Keath, Cordy, ??
  13. Michael West is a gun. Exposes a lot of dodgy [censored]
  14. If we’re serious the coach should challenge the players to win each quarter by 4 plus goals.
  15. Does anyone know what happened to Lockhart? Was he a mystery casualty during the week?
  16. TMac to the wing to play on McIntosh Melksham out, M Brown out
  17. Petty only played a half for Casey. Same as Weed and B Brown. If he’s coming back from injury he might not be ready yet. Goody has said that both Brown and Weed are at least a couple if weeks away. The next best ‘tall’ defender was probably J Smith. He may well get the call up as May’s replacement. I suspect they’ll bring in Hibberd and just play Lever and Tomlinson as the talls.
  18. I thought he was ok without dominating.
  19. I didn’t try DJ but i think you could have. I didnt notice any barriers.
  20. Willy with the tap, clearance run and goal from 65m out.
  21. Daw with a good mark 25m out. Kicks truly. Casey by 16
  22. Strong mark to Willy but the kick misses.
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