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  1. He is that outside mid-fielder with class that would really suit us. Not sure about the coin but in the right team he could be a match winner. It compliments our midfield and I think we could become a very dangerous midfield with his addition. There is a spot waiting for him that we are sorely missing. I don't understand our desire to pick up another backman. Midfielders and half forwards with class. Yes please. Just on North, I reckon the coach can't coach and they are all gettable. In a terrible, terrible place. Like at the beginning of our decade of bottom four results. Hope we get to
  2. It's leadership on the field. If you look at the three areas, forward, mid and back, it explains quite simply our problems. It also would suggest we are a couple of years away from fixing it. On field leaders are very, very important. We only have one area sorted. The backline. Clearly May and Lever are in charge. May is so angry when things don't go right, he points and scowls and sorts things out. There was one comment that Rivers said after his great game against GWS. he praised May for telling him what to do. That is so important. The midfield has problems. We had the Viney
  3. His kick to Weideman in the second qtr (I think) was fantastic. He waited and waited then Weid led and he kicked perfectly. Weideman dropped the mark but it was good footy and if you keep doing it they'll start to stick. Spargo is generally a very good user of the footy. His returns for goal assists and goals etc for a small forward for the games he's played would be pretty good. He can still go missing for part of, or indeed whole games, and consequently the haters on here carry on and demand he be dropped, and it is clear he needs to work on being effective when he has a good opponent
  4. All this scuttlebutt is why it's so important to win against Essendon and finish the season with two solid wins. Wilson always has stories on a number of clubs, she can wheel out to keep herself well within the AFL system. Melbourne has always provided stories. We don't really do losing well (not many do) and we are like St Kilda the most losingest club. That's a lot of baggage. It's sad because it means until we win another premiership we are never far from imploding. I, like a lot of Melbourne people think there is a lot of promise out on the field and I'm sure just like us all,
  5. Whats wrong with both clubs getting it right! Melbournes trades are looking as good as anyone over the last couple of years, so stop suggesting otherwise. You're just showing yourself up to be a dill. Or a troll. Or just an agitator who doesn't even believe his own posts. Also Salem is turning into a gem as well. Having his best year to date. Taking responsibility finally. As you know but conveniently leave out we got Salem in the Kelly trade as well as Tyson. I'd have Salem over Kelly any day.
  6. Dr D cool your jets a bit then, its hard to have a balanced discussion with someone injecting so much emotion into their posts. It is more than likely our last game for the year and the difference between winning and losing is immense. If we don't win against Essendon all hell will break loose and the whole club will be de-stabilised. I know some people want this but I personally don't. If we win as we should and head into the off season feeling we can push for top four next year we can retain players and maybe even attract more. The club is in a better position. So at this stag
  7. Get back Roos. He owes us, is a clever man (had an exit strategy) was great with the media at protecting the team and individuals from being torched and if he had of stayed rather than passing on to Goody would have us in a better place than we are now. He also likes Melbourne and genuinely would like to see us win that elusive premiership. Given the list is in better shape than when he took over last time he might get excited by the idea. And he owes us. If he wants a succession plan get Hodge.
  8. Stick fatt! Part of a strong culture is backing in your coach and playing group when you're backs are to the wall. Part of a strong culture is never admitting you got it wrong, even when it is blatantly obvious you got it wrong. How often did Sheedy suffer a bad loss and come out in the press conference and mis-direct the press corp and talk about anything but the truth. Keep telling the f#ckers to f#ck off even when they have a point. So Dermie et al can go and GET well and truly F#CKED. Even if they are right. I'm well and truly looking forward to tomorrow
  9. While I totally disagree with your silly reference to 2014, I will concede he is more than likely done for the year and after a reasonable game against the Saints he should never have been put out there 4 days later. Consequently the poor game he played was enough to see the coaching staff can't and or won't protect him enough to make sure he only plays on his terms. Which is probably fair enough. Mind you after the game in the Alice to ask a team to perform as well 4 days later was a tough ask and the whole team was flat. The thing that stood out to me was how Langdon needed help out the
  10. Saw that. Unbelievable. For all the rubbish ones they give out this was the perfect example why they brought in the rule in the first place.
  11. If umpiring was anywhere near up to scratch, those sort of acts could be taken out of the game, and to be fair they have to a great degree. The rules though are a mess, the adjudication of those rules is a mess (very hard game to umpire), the MRV is all over the place and yet no-one is allowed to speak up or they get fined and commentators get told off or run off the roster. Each year we are watching a different game. Not wanting to derail the topic but its hard to trust an organisation to make the correct adjustments to change when to a great degree it doesn't have a clue what its d
  12. I wasn't suggesting gifting Jones to 300 and I agree Cheesy, he has earnt every game he's played. I just saw in Jones a determination that is important in a team. If it means that much to Jones the younger players tap into that. Also the one goal assist that he was involved in was at an extremely important time in the match. Matches turn on moments like that.
  13. I notice Nathan Jones has got a bit of heat from posters over last nights game and I want to rally a bit of support for him to not only make the 300 club but to commit to a full season next year. He has had a year of continuing change being asked to play differing positions and styles. When he got back in the side he not only looked a bit confused, but unloved and I think he sooked a bit. But I thought Jones had a great game last night and we should shout out some love for him to finish his career on a high and in style. At the end of next year. To elaborate on last nights game
  14. 6. Oscar (by a fair margin) 5. OMac 4. Oscar McDonald 3. May (but only coz Oscar was there to make him look good) 2. TMac for being the brother who got us OMac 1. The rest of the team can share this point (for all being aboard the OMac train)
  15. Theres one bloke out there who should be a very good coach in waiting. Hodge. Same as Hird, hasn't been an assistant yet but he virtually was an on field player/ coach for the last two years at Brisbane. Get him on board with a succession plan with Goody and Richardson to help him into the role, he takes over in 2022.
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