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  1. Well to counter that, Melbourne don't really have any players I would consider super flaky whereas Port have a bunch. I was kind of banking on guys like Amon, Motlop, Rozee, Fantasia etc to have stinkers under pressure as our path to victory and it worked out that way. I look at Melbourne's expected 22 and there really aren't any weak links. It's going to be a grind for 4 quarters and if we do emerge as winners, it'll be a small margin. As fans, we'll be white knuckling all game I imagine. This was a quote I liked. There wasn't much ra ra and a lot of thought. One even pointed out the 25 to 11 frees for in our second meeting as a reason they won.
  2. I think Hunt is possibly the best match - up on the dangerous Weightman. I think Hibbo would do a good job though so happy with the selectors choice, Hibbo can body him and hold him at stoppages. He is a good mark as well Weightman, not sure who is the best stopper for his marking, maybe Smith.
  3. He's just coming to the years when he is going to be at his most capable of making an impact. He needs to look for a club that will give him a shot at the full forward role for a couple of years. We aren't ready to do that till maybe 2023 so he should look around and we should value him highly. 19 is about right.
  4. I agree I think he improves us and would be a good get, but if he's a lock in our back 6 with May, Lever, Salem, Petty and Rivers then missing out / interchange is Bowey, Hunt, Tomlinson, Smith and Hibberd. Rivers is probably our version of Maynard and I'd prefer Rivers every day. Also the money spent on Maynard can help hold talent like Rivers who is in line for a big pay-rise. The beauty for Melbourne now is they can low ball any talent unhappy with their present club. MFC has done a great job of identifying who it wants and sticking to the plan with Lever, May and Langdon all coming across on strong rumours and this year it looks like Maynard is the one who we're into, but we are now in a position to pick and choose and there will be lots of players "gettable" in the off season. Maybe we wait?
  5. I am one who doesn't like to see players go, from Hogan to Watts to Gysberts to Blease and recently Jack Viney and of course I have been proven wrong many times over the journey. I am biased and find ways to like our players more than others. Nothing wrong with that. But do we need Maynard? I would have thought between Tomlinson, Smith and Hibberd (if he stays for 1 more year) and a developing Bowey we had that half back sweeper spot covered. Maynard is a good player though, white line fever, hates to get beat. I hope we put a high price on Weidemann though because I think we might need him for structure of the team more than Maynard.
  6. I'm pretty sure Hibberd would have done a better job on Cameron than Smith did. He is a better defensive player than Smith. Smith doesn't always make good positioning and got caught with the wrong positioning in his one on ones with Cameron. Cameron basically ran rings around him. After the first quarter you could see they had made a mistake at selection as not only was Cameron on fire but their smalls were worrying us in the forward 50 and Rivers was nervous and turning it over. Luckily Daniher was rubbish, they got an injury freeing up Lever and we got well on top in the second quarter. Again like others I like Smith and think he can make it in the backline but he needs work and I don't think they'll ask him to lock down a player again. My biggest disappointment with Smith was when he was the designated intercept marker and did everything right but dropped the mark. He makes me nervous. I also thought Bowey was poor early but he kept attacking the ball and offered good run especially in the last so it was a great experience for him and he probably should hold his position. Tom Mac looked lost for the most part. I don't think he's comfortable playing second fiddle to Brown. I don't mind if they stick with him coz he deserves it and offers a plan B if something happens to Brown but if they make a change I would think it would be Melksham for TMac. For mine I love Hunt and his headband and his dash and bravery and when he's ready I want him back in for Smith. One change.
  7. He also coat hangered Kossie from behind. Was again just an act intended to hurt and or maim. It was late after Kossie got rid of the ball. It was definitely reportable and really "old school" stuff that Dermie loves but most people including the AFL want out of the game. Dermie laughing going "oh yeah, just made him earn it, nothing wrong with that" Well yes there is Derm, they are cheap and cowardly shots and when delivered by a guy that has no other skill then get him out of there. His only two acts that had any consequence out there were his hit on Kossie and then Gawn. These guys are champions of the game and need protecting. Same with guys going past the ball flight in order to put their knee into the back of players. Could end a career. Happens to Oliver all the time. It puts the lions in a bad light and he should be hounded out of the game.
  8. What about the 7 day quarantine period as last time we played over there. I thought the bye may be after the semis to get four teams in Perth and quarantined in time to play the prelims. Or if travelling from either SA or Brisbane to Perth its more relaxed. I think it depends on who wins etc. If Port lose then win their semi they will have to come to Perth for their prelim, same with Brizzy
  9. Very emotional 58er. I'm very happy with Bowey and if we go with him then no worries, he deserves his chance and the match committee are backing him in. But Lions are the best scoring team in the comp. If we get pushed back and are forced to defend more I'm not sure Bowey is as good one on one as Hibberd. Close out marked him on the weekend. Hawkins gave him a gentle push and sent him flying. He is a first year player having played 4 games and shows a great deal of promise but this is a final and the Lions are a ruthless team. How do you think he'll go if they send Robinson to him on Saturday? As an addition and an alternative to Salem in clearing the ball from the backline he looks terrific. If we get the game on our terms he should play well, if we don't I'm not sure he adds much. So it wasn't a ridiculous hunch thanks. And why I was asking the question about Hunt is I wasn't sure where he was in his rehab. He may have been close last week and they gave him an extra week. I didn't know.
  10. I like your side but I don't think Cameron is in AA form. I think Papley should get the nod. Apart from the fact he has had a great year, you probably have to put a Sydney Swan player in and Parker, Mills, Heeney and maybe Tom Hickey come into consideration and may make the squad but I don't think any of those will make the team and while Papley may not make it I think they'll go for a second full forward in the spot rather than Cameron. I spose we'll see.
  11. I always think they should keep a spot in the AA for a small forward who tackles, terrorises and kicks goals. They are exciting and always one of my favorite players. I am so happy we have a genuine contender in Kossie, he is a great player in great form. His first goal the other night was a beauty and he had a big hand in our comeback kicking 2 more goals and setting up Fritsch with a beautiful kick inside 50. So I thought through all the contenders for that spot. Dees; Kozzie, Spargo and ANB all good players, Kozzie the X Factor that usually gets the nod in AA selection. Just a note on how good our coaching has been to identify a style of play with these 3 involved and stick fat with them when a lot of us were calling for them to be dropped at times. Looking at the list of other teams, we have a good mix of players and a dangerous forward line. Port; Butters, Gray and Rozee. No real contender. All good players but injury and Rozee is more a hff Geelong; Close and Miers, both good players but fringe players in Geelong side so nowhere near AA selection and a concern for Geelong going forward. Think how good Cockatoo Collins is now going at Lions for pennies. Bad list management by Geelong. Lions; Cameron, Zac Bailey, Coleman and McCarthy. A developing and dangerous lot of smalls the Lions finished top for points for for the H/A season due in no small part to their mix of small forwards, all offering a different set of troubles to backlines. Cameron is the genuine star but not in AA form but could rip a finals series apart. Zac Bailey is a star as well but has played a bit more up the field. Still is top 10 in this category but not AA forward pocket. McCarthy is more in the Toby Green mould and while handy is not AA. Coleman at 21 and 19 games is a coming star of the game, who we can hopefully shut out on Saturday Dogs'; Weightman. Is a star and will be top 2 or 3 in this list for the next decade. Max already hates him and he will have plenty of mark/goal of the year nominations over the next decade. I think Kozzie is just ahead of him as he's played all year but Weightmans rise has been impressive. Sydney; Papley. Rarely mentioned in AA talk but surely he tops this list. Is a genuine star and has the best celebrations in the comp. Should be in AA just ahead of Kozzie. GWS; Green will be AA and is a super star of the comp, top 10 in the league, but not a small forward by my definition. Like McCarthy for Lions or Fritsch for us or Rohan for Geelong is a mid sized forward that plays a different role. Can go in the other pocket. Essendon; McDonald Tipungwuti. No Others; Ryan for West Coast is a great player but obviously not this year Betts for Carlton. He could own the position. The Eddie Betts pocket in the AA side for the small crumbing forward. Another accolade and the naming of another pocket with the Adelaide oval as more decoration to a great career. I've possibly forgotten someone but I love the position, think it should be recognised in AA lists and offers some of the best and most exciting players in the comp. And we have Kozzie!!!!!!
  12. Does anyone know how far away Hunt is? I would like to see him back in the line up. Also I think Hibbo should come back in. As good as Bowey is and will be I think he might get exploited defensively, so maybe Bowey and Smith go out for Hibbo and hopefully Hunt.
  13. Grundy. Mind you Grundy never had the athleticism like Jackson has. Natanui looked a coming superstar early doors and now at times looks a liability. Too heavy and slow. I'm not saying it will happen, just playing a bit of devils advocate. He's good now. Why do we have to saddle players with expectation. I think he's just enjoying himself and it won't always be that way.
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