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  1. Today is why I do not trust this team or this club. I really thought I had got past that this year. But they were so far off their best it was like a different team. Will the real Demons team please turn up?!
  2. This was Bartel. “If you finish in the top 4, you’re guaranteed a GF berth.” That’s going to make a huge difference to my Quinella betting!
  3. This is when we find out if we have a killer mentality. Don’t stop hunting goals until the final siren. Don’t look at the scoreboard, just work together, repel their attacks, then move it forward as a relentless team and pile on score after score after score. I want to know if we have the substance to be a killer machine on the field.
  4. I honestly thought BB gave us more last week than Weid, even despite the goal difference.
  5. Haha. 20mins ago it was over the bay. You sure you’re not Ol Cap’n Greybeard??
  6. Agree. He was doing the same last week. Full of heart and great to watch.
  7. PS. I love a non-pretentious username Drunkn takes the cake
  8. Go Dec! Thanks for the update buddy. You, Dec and your family are Demon family members forever!
  9. GA, Ponsford again. But this time below the snow line and behind goals. Happy with that.
  10. Without elevating this above all the other great plays and players that have been mentioned, how good were Hunty’s multiple highlights of running and gunning and delivering cleanly today.
  11. It’s a dilemma, I agree. But the problem with predetermining that Jonesy will be back the following week, or any other week, is that it predetermines that someone else will be dropped. We can’t have players come into a side knowing they are only place holders for a teammates’ glory game.
  12. 1st hot pie at the footy for the season 1st [censored] burnt roof of mouth...
  13. When the butler asked me how I’d like my bath water I said: Jeeves, leave the still water on the shelf. The lid’s off. It’s time to break out the sparkling bath water.
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