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  1. Today is why I do not trust this team or this club. I really thought I had got past that this year. But they were so far off their best it was like a different team. Will the real Demons team please turn up?!
  2. This was Bartel. “If you finish in the top 4, you’re guaranteed a GF berth.” That’s going to make a huge difference to my Quinella betting!
  3. This is when we find out if we have a killer mentality. Don’t stop hunting goals until the final siren. Don’t look at the scoreboard, just work together, repel their attacks, then move it forward as a relentless team and pile on score after score after score. I want to know if we have the substance to be a killer machine on the field.
  4. I honestly thought BB gave us more last week than Weid, even despite the goal difference.
  5. Haha. 20mins ago it was over the bay. You sure you’re not Ol Cap’n Greybeard??
  6. Agree. He was doing the same last week. Full of heart and great to watch.
  7. PS. I love a non-pretentious username Drunkn takes the cake
  8. Go Dec! Thanks for the update buddy. You, Dec and your family are Demon family members forever!
  9. GA, Ponsford again. But this time below the snow line and behind goals. Happy with that.
  10. Without elevating this above all the other great plays and players that have been mentioned, how good were Hunty’s multiple highlights of running and gunning and delivering cleanly today.
  11. It’s a dilemma, I agree. But the problem with predetermining that Jonesy will be back the following week, or any other week, is that it predetermines that someone else will be dropped. We can’t have players come into a side knowing they are only place holders for a teammates’ glory game.
  12. 1st hot pie at the footy for the season 1st [censored] burnt roof of mouth...
  13. When the butler asked me how I’d like my bath water I said: Jeeves, leave the still water on the shelf. The lid’s off. It’s time to break out the sparkling bath water.
  14. I’m level 4,652 in the Ponsford as well. Will have to dig out the binoculars. Maybe if we all sit near enough together and yell out what we would otherwise have posted on DLand, we can get to watch the game instead of burying our heads in our phones.
  15. Good for you brother. You’re a better and classier drinker than I am, Gunga-Jim(my)
  16. I hear ya, but I hopped into way too much of that last Sunday arvo at home. Piked out of going to the game, with a very exposed ground level seat allocation and crap weather forecast. Turned out to be a bad decision, based on how [censored] I felt on Monday. This week I’m going to the game to help keep myself a bit tidier. And the neighbours won’t have to hear me yelling and screaming as well.
  17. Thanks for doing the research work guys. I'm walking distance from Box Hill oval and have a ticket to the game at the G. Stoked to know about the Casey game because it comes around here only once/year and usually it clashes with a game at the G or some other commitment. As I recall, it used to be a $10 entrance fee, regardless of Dees m'ship. I think that our free entry only applies at Casey. I'll be with the horde heading to Laburnum to get to the G on time. I'm due up high in Ponsford and my sprinting days are behind me, so 3/4 time leaving VFL seems a good option. And for those who remember the great egg and bacon rolls sagas, I can also tell you that the food at Box Hill, while really quite good, is nothing on the egg and bacon rolls at Casey. There is a bar inside the stand on the wing for purchase of liquid refreshment. If I piffed the tinnies far enough, I could almost hit my own recycling bin. But they'd have to be full tinnies to get the distance, so that'll never happen.
  18. Tomlinson doesn’t look up to matching it with a key forward
  19. Anyone see what Selwood said briefly to Kossie as they were coming off??
  20. Umps disgusting in that term. I love the pressure that we are applying. Still room to improve from several of the boys.
  21. Good discussion - thanks EO for raising it. I read the article this morning and couldn’t put it down until the end. Like others here, I have a different view now vs what I had about him back when he was playing. Totally innocent question, triggered by LH’s comment: who do you think in our club’s past would have reason or need for the club to reach out and right some past mistakes? On a non-racial basis, I think Junior McDonald might deserve some arms around him. Are there others, particularly indigenous, who come to mind?
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