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  1. What posters need to remember is Andy is direct from Darwin. So no junior development pathway to speak of. And defence is not part of the footy vocabulary up there. And when he arrived he was like a stick with hair, similar to Jefferson who is also now beginning to look like an AFL player. Because Andy had not settled into a position, which is the go in Darwin also, the club has had a blank canvas to work with I believe in some closed training sessions he is thrown into the middle to give the AFL mids something different to look at. Consistency is the key for him and he is beginning to show it in a team not travelling well. As for the game Casey, which I watched live, were smashed at centre clearances and stoppages, too many got sucked in and Coburg got the ball out and were away. Also the channelling back by the mids and fwds to support the defence was poor until the last qtr
  2. How I love the optimism you bring to each thread, it is refreshing. We have drafted him, let's wait and see.
  3. Geelong flying at 7 zip and everybody gushing they are the team to beat, then 3 straight losses, the last one by 64 points. Slumps happen to the best. We have had a couple of poor games, as long as there is a reaction against the Saints, the ship will set sail again. It is a long season, we are not halfway yet.
  4. I will pass on your vote of confidence to AMW
  5. Andy came from Darwin as a B class rookie, so has not had the junior grounding as the rest of the players. His main sport was rugby with AFL on the side, hence the excellent tackling technique. Unfortunately he has had a couple of injuries that have hampered his progress. Just needs a clean run, would not be surprised to see him given a run in the midfield to round out his experience. Versatility is the key in medium size players these days.
  6. He knows how to be a 'small' forward, Goodwin believes in versatility, players able to play more than one position. As for the injuries, he is still growing and his body complains now and again.
  7. I came on to read the thread in the hope of reading how AMW went, as I have a vested interest. Only to find Demonland hasn't changed much, posters writing off young players, reminiscing for the past, posters sniping at each other etc etc Any chance of an actual report
  8. Are you trying out material for the open mike night at the Comedy Club?
  9. You have only just realised this about Demonland, hence why I only skim through these days.
  10. There was another reason, a sponsors function afterwards, entertained whilst hill running was taking place by that well known stand up comedian Choco
  11. Rivers in the midfield is not the only difference during a game we may see. Our main midfield group, Petracca, Oliver, Viney need a chop out more during games. The game will be even faster this year. Noting we already have another big bodied midfielder in Grundy, who looked in great nick yesterday.
  12. If you get there at gates opening, run up the stairs, you will still be lucky to get a table how they do it I don't know😀😃
  13. The difference with young players at MFC is there is no need to rush.these days Earn your spot and try and keep it, Bowey being the perfect example of trying to keep it JVR will have all the incumbent medium and tall forwards looking over their shoulder, a good thing for the team Nice Instagram post of a fit Tommy Mc running around his local track at Edenhope On other young players my tip is keep an eye on both Taj W, who improved week to week and Blake Howes, was close before injury. If everyone stays fit, we finally have cover all across the ground
  14. Not claimed, observed, he has all the attributes, including a nice dose of aggression, pleasing thing is he hasn't been rushed
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