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  1. I got bored with the experts who wouldn't know footy if it came up and bit them on the [censored] The negativity was and still is tiresome, especially the game day thread I read the forum now and again when I want a laugh, especially @joeboy 3 word
  2. I gave myself a break from here reading some the 'supporter' posts on this topic, tells me I made the right decision
  3. It was a 22 player awful performance, it is always the coaches fault, remind me how many coaches in last few years?
  4. The coaches don't coach for arm tackles, kicking on someone's head, not chasing It's always easy to blame the coaches, they are sent out with a game plan, up to now the players have failed to execute it The only 2 who can hold head up at the moment are Langdon and Tomlinson
  5. It is not an individual player's fault, it is a poor team performance
  6. Iv'e tried to explain before, as you see other posters doing, you need to.put reasoning behind an opinion, otherwise it's just waffle,so again why? I personally think Harmes is fulfilling the role he has been given, because he is not getting the numbers or goals he has in the past posters assume he is out of form. His inclusion in the backline, and as they both got used to it, makes the main beneficiary in Salem who can attack more, knowing Harmes has his back
  7. Well the vision I watched, obviously they regarded it as a clean mark, even though there were players around Of course Goodwin says, you don't have to mark, just a contest and bring the smalls into play, which is exactly what he did against Collingwood
  8. He is playing a completely different role If push comes to shove, he can go into the midfield, doesn't need to due to healthy list Can go forward if need be, doesn't need to So he is playing the 7th defender, when he, Lockhart and Salem are on the field together, he frees up Salem to join the attack more, not noticed that, or you one of those just looking for something to criticise? Also has the speed to plug defensive gaps Guess who was fastest player out there tonight Also, AVB another slow player, according to experts on here, was in top 5 as well
  9. Damn dropped my designer handbag and misspelt
  10. What is his role? Any idea? The defence is working, all the media pundits and Goodwin agree, now where is Harmes playing?
  11. If you knew his faults, why weren't you there coaching them.out of him Weid wasn't picked because he wasn't in form and had to work on a couple of things, picked when ready and is showing consistency The AVB thing is tiresome, what role do you think he is playing, coz obviously Goodwin believes he is doing it Hannan, Jetta, Hibberd, Hunt etc have all been dropped
  12. So how many games are you making that sweeping judgement on
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