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  1. And Simon says for a few days Demonland will have different topics full of guff and twaddle, all saying the same thing but in a myriad of different ways. We lost for any number of reasons, it happens because it is a game, where surprisingly there is an opposition t.rying to win as well. We get another go next year and the year after and thev year.........
  2. Not interested in scaremongering I leave that to the FAKE news
  3. It was a quick blow the cobwebs out....similar to a Captain's run..there were no issues that I observed. Group was up and about in the sunshine
  4. It was lovely at Gosch's this morning for a short sharp session
  5. Up early in the cold, busy at work, cheer me up, read the changes thread on Demonland that's better a really good laugh..... Same as I got watching the so called Melbourne supporters leave before the end on Saturday night
  6. I only read this forum. Mainly for the comedy, the game day thread is entertaining, but the Team Selection wins hands down. We won a premiership last year, we have had a few ups and downs but we are still top four So selection must be do something right AMD is in NT, maybe his housemate JVR is with him, prefer that instead of rushing in a player who is developing nicely in the VFL without any pressure. Bowey is understandable, the extended bench predictable
  7. If he is jolly, surely it's a pirated copy
  8. Oh dear, don't post any more coz of the constant negativity about players and coaches, thought it might change after last year but sadly no, still the same posters who one handedly bag players the Club has signed and kept on the list, Rather than post on here thought they may be better served applying for the vacancies at North, they seem to know better Everybody is entitled to an opinion but repeating the same faults ad nauseum no matter the player is just tedious
  9. A missing soldier is Jayden Hunt, on Instagram and Twitter last week in a moon boot didn't see him in any of the photos
  10. Collingwood tried to get him last year but the Salary Cap debacle [censored] on that Nev thinks there are not enough Indigenous coaches in the system and letting them just leave is a blight on the AFL So the Nev way is show them it can work by doing rather than saying Playing in the VFL allows him to 'lead' on the field as well, the Casey award did him no harm in this respect They are assembling quite an off field group there, if they can get the on field group right
  11. Thank for your concern, I am fine, I have put my little bit on Insta under Demonpk https://www.instagram.com/p/CUWc90LhYE3/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. I got bored with the experts who wouldn't know footy if it came up and bit them on the [censored] The negativity was and still is tiresome, especially the game day thread I read the forum now and again when I want a laugh, especially @joeboy 3 word
  13. I gave myself a break from here reading some the 'supporter' posts on this topic, tells me I made the right decision
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