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  1. Another one of Goody’s Essendon mates. 😉
  2. 6. Gawn 5. Langdon 4. Pickett 3. Salem 2. Viney 1. Hunt
  3. Interesting that McInerney is #2 for goals scored when they picked him up from Casey (right under our noses)!
  4. VOTES BELOW! 6 Salem 5 Oliver daylight 4 Tracc 3 Langdon 2 Kozzie 1 Max
  5. 6. Lever 5. May 4. Oliver 3. Mcdonald 2. Petracca 1. Fritsch
  6. I see that we demolished the Bullants by 8 goals nine yesterday. Was anybody at the game who can report on how our AFL listed players performed?
  7. Staggered that we are momentarily top of the Ladder. It is undeserved but illustrates the evenness of the competition. The first quarter score of 4.4 to 0.4 was commendable, however we were then outscored over the next three quarters to eventually win by 3.4. When we start winning by 16 goals, then I will feel that we have truly made it!
  8. As an MCC member, when I finally got into the ticketec site I was told that all Level 2 & 3 seats had gone, apart from the 50 year members area! So I took a seat there and another seat on Level 1 and then went in the ballot for the Dining Room, when I was told that overflow was to be in the Committee Room and Long Room. As it turned out, there was no dining in the Long Room Carvery but the a-la-carte dining was extended into the Dining Members Bar, 15% of Level 2 seating was no-shows and the bars were all shut for stand up drinkers (despite there being no social distancing in the sea
  9. Not having Foxtel or Kayo, I watch down the pub. No need for a mute button as they never have the sound on! 😉
  10. Why wouldn’t you list him with Casey Demons (where we can keep an even closer eye on him and he would be training/playing with senior list players)? I am sure Casey players are outside our cap.
  11. Isn’t there sufficient lands at Docklands near the Bridge? At least trams can get there easily from the city and it would link to either Flinders Street or Southern Cross. The land is unattractive for any other use as people are now discovering. 😳
  12. Salem and Oliver aren’t playing
  13. I think that we might find Baker swapping roles with T. Mac with Petty also spending time at CHF.
  14. Nothing stupid about the President or Pert speaking at a supporters function. It’s their role to communicate across the membership. They didn’t select the venue. It would be bad if they didn’t support a group who financially back the club. Why should coterie members not be able to listen to the club management.
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