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  1. Previously I held the view that Premiership Medals are due to each of the 23 players who played on our in our Premiership Team. I also put the view that the MFC should strike a special (souvenir) medal to be given to everyone on our Senior List: Jones, Smith, Jetta, Tomlinson, Weidman, etc irrespective of whether they played a senior game and even if they were on the long term injured list. I now feel that should be extended to take in our coaches and Jason Taylor. All have contributed to out achievements this year! 🥇
  2. Simple really. 23 players (only) receive a Premiership Medal. In addition, each of the 40+ senior players players should a Souvenir Medal, designed and struck by MFC. All played a role, whether playing in the Casey Demons, Melbourne Demons or on the long-term injury list. Jones, Smith, Hunt, Weidman, Jetta, Tomlinson, Chandler, etc contributed to the Club’s success.
  3. If the Dogs bounce back against the Power, then we finish top 2. If we beat the Cats, we are minor premiers! Also, with the other two top 4 teams playing Friday night we can rest however we like Saturday night if we are content with 2nd place.
  4. Flick the Kangaroos down to Tassie (as we did with the Swans and Lions)! Stay at eighteen teams. Maybe send the Saints or Hawks to the NT? 😉
  5. I don’t think booing Walker (or any other sportsman for that matter) is helpful. To me booing is another negative aspect of the game that has intensified in recent times but should be nipped in the bud. All booing achieves is setting one section of the crowd against another and risk unsettling players not actually targeted. It is low-key ‘lynch mob’ mentality. We should stick to applauding great moments in a game.
  6. I studied (Architecture) with Max Walker. He was an all-round good bloke.?
  7. Research Rule 1 start off with your ‘Conclusion’ Research Rule 2 make sure that you write a good ‘research question’ to support your ‘Conclusion’ Research Rule 3 assemble roughly 80,000 words of indecipherable tables, surveys, statistics and quotes from the ‘French philosophers’ and insert between your ‘Introduction’ (Research Question) and your ‘Conclusion’! ?‍?
  8. Glad to see that my post finally lured you out! ? You should drop in to say hello more often. ?
  9. Demonland and ‘Melbourne Demons’ are not the same these days! ? Where is Saty and where are all the naysayers calling for Goodwin’s removal? It is as though you cannot post unless you have good news and it gets worse each week. I have to keep pinching myself that it is actually a MFC supporters forum. How about some negativity? It started fine at the beginning of the year with celebrity footy tipsters such as Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, picking against her own city, predicting certain losses against GWS and Geelong but now we never start as the underdog and still manage to get across the line. (Adelaide was an apparition.) I am not used to wearing my scarf 7 days a week ?
  10. Ironic that we overlooked Oscar McIneirny when he was playing as a Casey Demon. ?
  11. I was at the Mountain View last Saturday to watch the match. When I arrived the place was teeming with pre-match Carlscum and Essendrug supporters but all screens were on Dees vs Roos. Ten minutes before the MCG kick-off, the place was deserted as the rabble had all charged down to the G, leaving a few tables of Demon supporters. The pub then switched all screens to the Blues vs Bombers, halfway through the final quarter in Hobart, and the manager, in an Essendon jumper, claimed it was a Foxtel issue and he couldn’t do anything about it. I think not! I suggest the ‘Sporting Globe’ for your reunion!
  12. I am assuming that Viney is out for a second week, in which case, I would bring Harmes in!
  13. Nailed it IMHO. Nibbler on the interchange, Bedford to replace Fritsch (if suspended), Jones to be medical sub again (which adds to his tally). Baker, Petty & Melksham as emergencies.
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