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  1. Didn’t make it sorry team. Industrial strength hangover got the better of me.
  2. I’ll try to get there and provide a report.
  3. Would Weed offer more or less to the team than Melksham at the moment?
  4. Pieces are in place. Now just go and win a flag Demons 🤜
  5. This is what I want to see. that being said I just reckon this will be the game we drop. We’d need a huge lift on what we displayed last week and the Swans seem to be a bogey side.
  6. The thing I thought through that game was how much better we are in the back half than the dogs. May, Lever, Tomlinson >>> Keath, Cordy, ??
  7. Michael West is a gun. Exposes a lot of dodgy [censored]
  8. If we’re serious the coach should challenge the players to win each quarter by 4 plus goals.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Lockhart? Was he a mystery casualty during the week?
  10. TMac to the wing to play on McIntosh Melksham out, M Brown out
  11. Petty only played a half for Casey. Same as Weed and B Brown. If he’s coming back from injury he might not be ready yet. Goody has said that both Brown and Weed are at least a couple if weeks away. The next best ‘tall’ defender was probably J Smith. He may well get the call up as May’s replacement. I suspect they’ll bring in Hibberd and just play Lever and Tomlinson as the talls.
  12. I thought he was ok without dominating.
  13. I didn’t try DJ but i think you could have. I didnt notice any barriers.
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