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  1. If anyone has a spare MCC Guest ticket for Friday night I’d happily take it off your hands.
  2. Jeez I'm edgy... Haven't felt like this in a long time.
  3. Maybe why Smith is training with the backs.
  4. Luca Goonan injured his shoulder on the weekend playing for Frankston YCW. He’ll be out of the Casey line-up for several weeks. Noted that he’s at the bottom end of the Casey list, but thought it worth noting.
  5. Is anyone having trouble with the stream?
  6. Assume both Mitch Brown and Luca Goonan will miss with concussion protocols.
  7. Why does Max keep tapping it straight to the opposition midfield?
  8. Has anyone seen a running sheet with the times of the Flag unveiling and other parts of the before game activities?
  9. General Admin Tickets still not on sale. Anyone know when they are available?
  10. I think about this a lot. It was incredible.
  11. Has anyone heard any update on the date for this Practice Match?
  12. Heard that Sunday the 5th of December will be the day of the party. Clear your calendars.
  13. I listen to a fair bit of SEN but it’s always turned off from 12 till 3pm.
  14. It would be good for Ch7 to have BT and JB on one channel and Jason Bennett/Hamish on the other channel. Let the people vote.
  15. I dread the thought of having to listen to BT and JB in the biggest game in 21 years. Does anyone have any tips on how to synch the Broadcast on TV to the radio, digital or otherwise? I'm thinking SEN with Gerard and Huddo. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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