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  1. Gerard Whately talking with Mike Sheehan about the World of Sport Tony Charlton interview with Norm Smith. Playing the clip now. Viewable on Youtube.
  2. Great initiative by the club on a number of fronts: hit members whilst we're on a high no price rise - unlike at least two other clubs (Dogs, Tigers) who increased or downgraded membership packages following their premiership (not that we've won a flag recently) the option (which I took up) to donate the membership package back to the club. I've recently taken a dozen scarves to the Salvos. I mentioned in another thread how the Bulldogs alienated a very significant number of their members in relation to point 2 above. Dogs membership climbed by 9k after their flag win, but then only 6k in the next 4 years. And that includes their introduction of a Ballarat 2-game membership.
  3. I stood next to his dad (not knowing that fact) one night at Docklands. We got chatting. Just a ripping bloke. Easy to see where Nev gets his down to earth, humble approach to life.
  4. M_9

    GF Umpires

    It's a given that Werridee will announce his Demons team well ahead of Thursday. Shirley he'll yell us who the maggots in green will be?
  5. Back to the thread title: "In terms of Jackson, he doesn’t have a huge tank. Only spent 68% time on ground against the Lions. When English comes up against him in the ruck when Martin needs a rest, we can gain an advantage here. Martin being in is absolutely enormous for us. From a planning perspective, it just throws the Dees off, as will our Dunks and Treloar inclusions. You can see them play on TV all you want, it’s not the same as playing against them in person as a collective. Melbourne hasn’t." "They've got a number of flaky players.. it's all good & well to look amazing when you win by 14 goals, but their entire forward-line is just as likely to stink as opposed to look amazing." Dogs booted an average of 0.6 goals per game more than us. "Schache/English/Weightman will take mark after mark on Hibberd/Petty." "If they win, they beat that team that copped a raw deal. These guys have surprised me this year with their new found mettle; I'm waiting for the real Demons to appear." "I'd roll the dice on Jackson as I don't think he has the hurt factor I50. He averages less than 1 mark I50 per match and 0.5 goals per game so I'd be happy for Williams to play on him and try and be an offensive weapon for us.. if it isn't working we have other options." "Dees are predictable. We know who is playing and how they play. They only have one game plan and we will rip it apart like we did in round 19." Love this: "If it isn't on their terms they have a few backs who cough it up and also start finger pointing. Have been protected all year"
  6. I didn't like what the Dogs did re their membership packages following their last flag. All prices rose and members got less for their money eg home games became 7 Docklands- no MCG and no Ballarat. Two of my mates dropped a tier or two in protest. Tigers did something similar a year later. As did the Cats in 2012. I sincerely hope the MFC doesn't pull such a stunt should we win. I very much doubt it. Aside: I asked Brian Cook why, in 2012, the Cats removed KPark from my H&A Dees membership. He didn't have an answer.
  7. I have to be honest. Steve planned to knock down the house next month. He lives next door and plans to build the Jan Juc Taj Mahal on the block. Even so, I reckon he could have got a few bob for the place. He's not short a quid so a few $'s spent on paint etc wasn't an issue. John his TA is a Dees tragic like you wouldn't believe. Drove to Adelaide for our one point loss and refused to take Mrs Demon Tragic as he was 'too nervous' (only to see us lose by a point). It's amazing the number of Demon supporters on the Surfcoast. Flags and scarves everywhere.
  8. I think I'd prefer Hunt to Hibberd - just a little more versatile in that he's able to play forward. I fear that Weightman would be too 'agile' for Hibbo although it may be Bowser on Cody. If Gus was too slow for Smith then Hunt could take him and Gus to Hannan may be an option.
  9. Max has been added to the chimney. Steve's house (in Jan Juc) to feature in the Geelong Addy tomorrow. I'm sure all our Cat supporting mates will be lining up early to make sure they get a copy. Not!
  10. We played the Dogs at the Western oval in the penultimate round of 1991. The Coode Island fire 5 days earlier had engulfed the whole area in a thick black toxic cloud. Whilst it had cleared by match day I wore a face mask as I walked past the home crowd to the Barkly St goals. It drew quite a few laughs from the locals. Aside: face masks were rarely worn in them olden days.
  11. I'm channel surfing. How's Stef Martin going? Can't possibly run out the game.
  12. I'm thinking Hibbo on Hannan although Mitch plays tall. Doubt Smith will replace Hibbo.
  13. I'm a 50+ year member and I thought I was fanatical. John (in the second pic) went to every game before the lockdown - MCG, Docklands, Canberra (by car), Hobart (not by car) and Adelaide (by car).
  14. My mates in Jan Juc got busy today:
  15. Is there the equivalent of DemonDeb (of the Qld Demons) who could co-ordinate deserving 'recipients'? Myself and a few mates are all Redlegs. And just remind me; are our barcodes transferable (I haven;t read all the preceding posts)? Aside: please do not PM me.
  16. Ratugolea out and Tom Stewart in, just to stick it up Doc Larkin. Oh, wait.
  17. I've been saying it for a while, Tom Sparrow has very good skills.
  18. Jayden Hunt had Tightrope surgery and if he's not in full training he's very close to it. I'd be surprised if he is not available for the PF.
  19. I reckon Petty is improving each week. Far more confident than he was early in the year. Also there was an element of OMac/Frosty about him when he did get a possession.
  20. I saw it and thought it was pretty good. Funny that the Lions didn't get 'equal time'.
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