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  1. "Cook was a Barry Prendergast brain fart. I can’t see how this could be any comparison whatsoever." That may be so but Casey did us no favour by recruiting Fevola which stymied Cook's development. Fevola demanded to be played at FF and Cook didn't have the body to be played at CHF. Not sure how well JVR and MJ will develop if they're side by side at Casey. IMO a tad different than playing two talls in the Seniors FF line. t
  2. Bloody hard to read the names with my phone upside down.
  3. I have reservations about Tomlinson. I’d want to see he or Schache show they are up to his standard before moving Petty forward.
  4. Is ‘buyer beware recruit’ and ‘DH’ one and the same? And speaking of ‘DH’ I gather our policy on not recruiting them is now null and void?
  5. We're his third club and he's done nothing of note at his first two.
  6. I said to Adem on Friday night that he may have dodged a bullet by not getting the Dons gig. Imagine Sheedy waiting in the wings for you to fail so he can say ‘I told you we should have appointed James’. I sensed that Adem was gutted. I spoke with my Dons mate yesterday. He dined with Sheedy, Hird and one or two other board members three days after the Hawks review was released. When mention was made in the report of a Hawks assistant coach possibly being involved (or at least privy to the actions of others) Yze was out of the running.
  7. I got the impression that Harmes wanted to meet with Scott and be given some sort of assurance that he be given some midfield minutes. Maybe if Yze had got the Roos job James would have pushed harder for a clearance.
  8. Sam Edmund just reporting on Harmes. He wasn’t able to get an audience with Scott over the weekend. Our FD has stepped in and said he’s a required player. He ain’t going anywhere. Harmes wants more mid-field minutes. Spoke with the club earlier in the year. Had their ok to explore his options.
  9. I reckon we need a vote. Something like ‘Is Goodwin the right guy’. Just throwing out there. Oh, wait.
  10. It’s been another sensational night. If you’re a keen deinon and you’ve never been to a Bluey do yourself a favour.
  11. Will sign over weekend. Maybe not filthy but close to it. I know his folks well. They’ll miss seeing him week in, week out (and interstate).
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