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  1. I reckon we need a vote. Something like ‘Is Goodwin the right guy’. Just throwing out there. Oh, wait.
  2. It’s been another sensational night. If you’re a keen deinon and you’ve never been to a Bluey do yourself a favour.
  3. Will sign over weekend. Maybe not filthy but close to it. I know his folks well. They’ll miss seeing him week in, week out (and interstate).
  4. I’m keen to see JVR. Yet to see him ‘live’. Expecting to see a 198cm 105kg beast in a year or two.
  5. I voted Clarry, Trac, May, Max and Todd jnr. Hoping to get a pic with RDB. Clarry an inch taller than me. I’m 6’1”.
  6. Not the right forum I know but Jayden will sign with the Eagles this weekend. I know mentioned elsewhere. Four clubs approached his manager.
  7. Counting the sleeps. Have missed the last couple of years but attended many going back to the 90's (at Melbourne Town Hall). From memory it's 6 rounds at a time with the highlights of each round played of the screens. Absolutely spectacular. It was funny during the Neeld years (5 wins from 33 games) that they could get enough material for the highlight reels.
  8. I understand that you are 'miffed' with the price increase. My Platinum membership has increased by $45 to $690 and I don't have any qualms about that given that, to my understanding, similar memberships at clubs such as Richmond, Essendon, Pies, Dogs etc are many $100's more (with a long waiting list). A couple of my Dogs-supporting mates dropped their premium membership after the club radically changed the cost and entitlements of their membership following their 2016 flag. The Tigers did likewise following their 2017 premiership. It's supply and demand, but I reckon our premium membership packages which include a gfg are reasonably priced.
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