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  1. Butchers: Viney Players who bomb: Hibberd, Jones Better kicks: Sparrow. Melk
  2. I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere; does anyone know how many MFC memberships with a GFG have been sold? Disclosure: I've been a MFC member for close to 60 years and a Redlegs member (includes GFG) for 20 years.
  3. I'm 20km down the road from Kardinia Park, although I doubt spectators will be allowed. It would be handy prep for our Cats game to play there. Both MCG and Marvel occupied Sat and Sunday, and the Dogs v Crows in Ballarat. Tassie the only other option altho' it could well close also.
  4. They do have some good young talent, but 5 of their best 6 (Ziebell, Cunnington, Tarrant, Goldy, Atley) are all on the wrong side of 30. Not unlike the Cats. A look at their best 6 every week and it's the same (old) names.
  5. Sorta happy we don't play Norf again. Surely they have this.
  6. Two WC goals in less than a minute. Bugger.
  7. Pretty good camera work on Ryan's goal.
  8. Not able to check it ATM but from memory all events scheduled at Metricon for 2021 are on their site with date and time.
  9. Last time I looked at the Metricon Stadium site we were scheduled to play the Suns Sat July 23rd night.
  10. Three word summary Joeboy (or other)?
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