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  1. We're not much of a team if we couldn't get a big win on Friday (with our opposition not fronting until 2:10pm Sat). Sorry to be a pedant.
  2. Probably more chance the Dockers beating Dogs in the last round altho' in Cairns. Hogan to boot 8.
  3. Are you the bloke asking $450 for jousting sticks?
  4. Yellowtail Chardy - overpriced at $8 a bottle.
  5. Off to Cazaly. I think we're undefeated there.
  6. Hope the boys sing the song in the plane.
  7. Led by AVB and includes Spargo, Hannan and Jones who had the wrong jumper on,
  8. 7 disposals to Clarry. Following on from where he left off last week.
  9. Geez, we are p15s weak. Don't deserve to win.
  10. We're a man short when Jones is on the ground.
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