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  1. I’m not sure about that. If a player is contracted and retires as far as I’m aware his salary is still part of the TPP. Possibly the reason both TMac and BBB are going around again.
  2. Agree re Tomlinson and Windsor for Langers. Just reckon the latter needs a wake up call. Not sure who Verrall replaces. Maybe goes in as sub.
  3. Well I agree. A 10 zip start to 2022 and crumbled. Not much better last year. All teams have injuries. Pies had Daicos missing for some weeks. A true forwards coach would be handy addition. I’m hoping McQualter can get a better ‘connection’ between Max and our on-ballers. (no offence Ooze).
  4. I'm keen to see if Joeboy has been spending time in the g̶y̶m̶ library.
  5. For his parents to watch him play in Adelaide I'd assume they'd need to fly (6 hours by car). There is an airstrip at Wundinna but flying would be by private aircraft. I'm not sure a move to Adelaide would make it all that more convenient for his family. BTW Travis Boak is a friend of mine. He misses his mum Chicki terribly given that he lost his dad to cancer when he was 17 yo. Trav is incredibly loyal to Port and has never contemplated moving back to Victoria. Port have been terrific in regards to Chicki - flying her and Trav's sister Sarah to Adelaide at any time. I suspect the MFC has, and will continue to be, supportive of Harrison in regards to catching up with his family. The events of Oct 17 last year were a beat up by Ch9 Adelaide - click bait.
  6. My sources tell me that Werridee has reported this post to admin. Something about ‘cutting my lunch’.
  7. I've heard sillier ideas - moving May forward et al
  8. Clint Stanaway on Channel 9 approx 1845h from Seymour. My guess is that, with hot weather predicted, they changed training time to beat the heat. Clarrie very popular in Seymour (looking at clip).
  9. Myself and 25 mates from Torquay starting at the London Hotel in Paddington. Approx 23 minute walk to the SCG.
  10. I don’t think Redleg was defending Goody. He was just stating a fact viz ‘clearly Goody disagrees with you’.
  11. The two words I like seeing in the same sentence are ‘Oliver’ and ‘training’.
  12. Agree. He's often spotting an opposing ruckman 10 or more kilos. Far from ideal for a youngster to take frequent knocks to the torso.
  13. Gawn rucking all game? I assume JVR would ruck forward of centre as per last season but then that was on the FF line.
  14. Like Sparrow his powerful boot makes him a real threat playing in the midfield. No concerns about connecting with the forwards when you can have a shot from 60 metres.
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