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  1. I reckon you're right re surgeries. There'll be a queue. Petty and Ricky up front IMO.
  2. I agree with most of what you have to say. Fullerton ruck, resting forward but not crowding MJ. NI where BBB or Schach play. They're gorn season's end so it matters not. We know Tmac is very good back. So is Petty. Tmac goes well forward Petty doesn't. Do we have to spell it out for the FD? BTW James Cooke was shafted when Casey recruited Fevola. The latter telling any player who came inside the 50m to FO. MJ could use another tall, but one only. And he needs to play FF. End of sermon.
  3. I don't want to say I told youse . But I will. I told youse.
  4. Rioli was provisionally suspended in Sept 2019. In March 2021 he was formally suspended for 2 years (backdated). Rioli was due to play rd 23 2021 but was injured. He requested a trade to PA at the end of 2022 and WC reluctantly let him go. My guess is that he missed two seasons - 2020 & 2021. My bet is that JS will be a listed player until his contract expires. Sacking a contracted player does not free up a list spot (nor give you salary relief) AFAIK.
  5. IIRC the AFL took more than 12 months to decide Willie Rioli's fate (he got 2 year). I suspect we'll be waiting a long while to learn about ...
  6. FFS Clarrie ain't going anywhere. End of story.
  7. I think the durries have gone out the window. Metaphorically. Not literally of course.
  8. Not sure he's got the experience.
  9. Where I live (on the Surfcoast) it became a running joke a few years back. No malice meant. It's like saying 'hang on, you're having a go at him when he's only had nice things to say about you.'
  10. That's a bit harsh. He speaks highly of you 😄.
  11. According to the List and Contracts thread we have picks in R1, 4 and 5 and Swans 2, Dogs 2 and Saints 3.
  12. I wasn't never going to believe that. Coming as it was from his mum 😀
  13. So far we've dropped 3.4%. Drop another 2% and we'll go below the Dawks.
  14. I did mention a couple of days back that Treacy is 78% re shots at goal.
  15. OK. Safely seated in the morning sun and finally on-line. Expected top today is 35. Go Dees. Oh yeah ... I'm on Corfu.
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