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  1. Yeah, at this stage. But he's only 19 or so, and this will get better. Loving his push 'n shove attitude aggresive with Patton.
  2. I'd rather be a cop than be best mates with $cully.
  3. What are they thinking? Get Miller into the ruck, now!
  4. Good work fellas! They just highlighted them on TV now!!!
  5. Jack is exactly what we need over the next few years (and beyond) - hard at the contest, strong bodied, great endurance, good developing skills and leadership potential. Why the hell would we risk that on some sort of bluff calling game? Let's get real. We WILL take him with our first pick if another club below us bids. Plain and simple.
  6. IF... The Blues finish outside the 8, is there a chance he might get the flick? Club going backwards and all of that. They have a history of cutting what they perceive as their losses. KB on SEN this morning has them finishing 9 or 10, for what his opinion is worth. Not the easiest run home to the finals. Should we have a go at getting him back as midfield coach (and p!ss off Brian Royal) if he's available? I liked very much what he did for us previously. Comments?
  7. Shame he doesn't feel comfortable back at the club, because he still follows the club closely and his passion for the Dees on SEN is clearly evident.
  8. They'd play hard ball and want more, like Jones or Tappy. Over the last 4 yrs, Morts and Bate have struggled to even get picked. Who'd want them? Bulldogs offer of pick 237 for Bate last yr indicates a generous offer, IMHO. GWS and GC are not a rubbish bin for other teams to tip in their discards, especially when they hold the upper hand.
  9. What about Fev!!! Kicked a squillion goals in Tassie today. 15 or 18 or something. Looking as big as Filthy Phil Scully. Must be chewin through the beers.
  10. How bout we swap Scully for him? Oh, ummm, hang on.... would you believe... (apologies to Maxwell Smart)
  11. Just what I was thinking TT. It's all hypothetical, but given our poor seasons, I think he would've gone close to leaving. The wealthy clubs always seem to 'find' space in their salary cap for big name players.
  12. Has a red hot go every week. Getting paid a fraction of what Moloney, Silvia and Davey are. Rookie listed and best 1st year player by a mile. Showing heaps of heart. Liability? Only in terms of thoroughly embarrassing many of our more experienced senior players.
  13. 2012..... Why is this happening in this day and age? Another terrible pre match 'initiative'.
  14. They will both be nervous come trade time at seasons end...
  15. Geez the hit on Fasolo looked clumsy and reckless. Would think he'll be up before MRP. However, if it were Franklin doing that, he'd get off for sure...
  16. Plenty worse than Morton today. He's having a crack, albeit with poor disposal at times. Good 1st qtr when all hell was breaking loose. Hasn't exactly got too many others pushing him out of the side. Davey? No. Green? No. Bate? FFS no. Neeld will hopefully persist with him. Only 22 yrs old. Will develop further with a full preseason and another 8kg of Misson muscle.
  17. Hate for a training rapport to get off track and turn into a Beamer bashing session...
  18. Bard Green?!!! Heard him say he wasn't sure of his of his future beyond 2012... To be a Dee, or not to be a Dee. That is the question.
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