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  1. Think the bench will be Bail, Morton, Dunn and Tappy. Blease injured? Green not up to it anymore, unfortunately. Bate needs to dominate at Casey for many weeks before consideration. Hoping Couch gets the nod sometime in the second half of the year.
  2. I didn't know Neeld had brain surgery in 2010. Not possible for David King to have brain surgery. Guess why...
  3. Needs another good one next week. Perspective says he's had one good match for the season so far. Here's hoping he gains confidence and cements a spot in the side. Big body and has some talent. And wasn't it great to see the joy and passion on Clarks face when the siren went! Only been in the club for a short time but wants us to win desperately. Copped a heavy knock in lower back early in the match.
  4. Gotta love how Jones and Magner go in hard and take hits as a consequence. Tough nuts. Thankfully the Bummers have missed many simple shots at goal.
  5. ... but you will anyway. Source? It's easy to hide behind a keyboard and claim to be in the know. If someone inside is giving you info about our list changes at the end of the year, they will surely be looking for employment elsewhere as well. Loose lips.
  6. Or as the researchers say: unless it can be measured, it doesn't exist.
  7. I'd like him back as the orange boy at half time...
  8. Just announced as new head of recruiting at the Filth. G Walsh to move on, apparently.
  9. Missed this. Is there a link to the speech or it's contents?
  10. And while we're at it, let's also sign up Sammy Blease for 2 yrs before he flies off to join his mate interstate.
  11. Is his contract up at years end? Really like his development so far from only a dozen or so games. Staminar, composure and a good size too for a young fella. Had some tough learning experiences, but seems to be a good one to keep. Anyone know if he's close to signing?
  12. And so how do you hear this? Your source is?
  13. And while you're at it, Bate into the ruck, Clark as the sub and Jones to full back. Sure, you'd be a great MFC coach....
  14. Not a chance WCE would let go of Nic Nat. And I think Watts will develop significantly in time. He is still very young... 21yo, I think. Neeld,, Craig and Miss will put more meat on him and he will harden up in the next couple of years.
  15. Lucky I'll be riding a bike to the ground! http://thedailymaggot.com/?p=2082
  16. Brent Moloney says hi...
  17. If you look at that article thinking of us instead of the Dorks, it's a very similar story. With a few exceptions, of course (partic the Battle of Britain bit at the end...), but much is familiar.
  18. We are supposed to have no debt and a little money put aside, so either get them both or get Rendell till the end of this draft and then Jason Taylor after that. Why would Eddie want a guy sticking around for the super draft who will be employed elsewhere the following season? is he trying to screw us or partially screw himself, so to speak. Help me out here...
  19. Some Rendell background... 2007 AFL draft T Walker, pick 75 (NSW scholarship) A Otten, pick 27 P Dangerfield, pick 10 (over local fav Ebert, taken elsewhere at 13) 2008 R Sloane, pick 44 2009 D Talia, pick 13 J Gunston, pick 29 Before Rendell arrived at Adelaide they picked one J Sellar at 14 in 2006 and in 2005 their first 2 picks were R Douglas and D Pfeiffer at 16 & 17. (Oh, and Tippett at 32 in 2006 and Vince at 32 in 2005)
  20. Just think how much better these guys (well, maybe not all of them) would be with 100 games under their belt. Free of major injury setbacks, playing together consistently, learning what's required to play at the top level.... I've read interviews with many of the Cats stars wjho say that playing together for quite a few years was a major key to their success.
  21. Noticed in the papers that he's being sought by a couple of Vic clubs. A second chance, so Vlad says. Gee, the Adelaide list has been picked well, given how few top draft picks they've had over the last few years. Thoughts? Edit... carp spelling.
  22. I did notice a severe lack of punctuation.
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