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  1. I've always enjoyed looking at both 'ology and 'land, partly because they are quite different. Some say the mod here is too nanny-like, but I think that encourages less sniping and ridiculous posting. There tends to be more considered reasoning, it is more structured and, dare I say it, respectful. Generally, that is - many would shoot this down. On the other hand, I have also liked 'ology for its emotion, biting humour and often obscure football related discussions. For various reasons, there is more of an almost anything goes approach. I have tried to sign up, but like many others over the
  2. Very clumsy attempt by Zeibell at intercepting. Regardless of where his eyes were, it looks like he was trying to make maximum physical impact on his opponent while disguising it as an attempt to make the play. Resulted in severe concussion. With 30% loading I think 4 matches was probably to be expected. However, I agree that the MRP have been full of inconsistencies this year.
  3. And the reciever of a handball has a higher risk level than a kick, in that the receiver of a handball can be tackled. That is why you will find clubs like the Hawks and Pies chip the ball around so deftly by foot. And then we handball to a stationary team mate who gets pinged...
  4. Nate Jones puts his head over the ball more than Tappy and Clark, much more.
  5. Doesn't mean he can't be traded if a suitable deal came along.
  6. I believe someone on here said that Neeld (or someone within the FD) has indicated that there will likely be considerable turnover of players at seasons end. Neeld seems like the sort of guy who knows what he wants and makes the necessary decisions to get the job done. He won't want to trade players that fit his plans and that includes tough inside mids, even if they are sometimes considered depth players. Having said that, everyone has their price and if the right deal was offered, we might just see a Tapscott for Caddy, or Jamar for Boak, or Silvia for Beams, or pick 4 for GWS 17yr/o deal ge
  7. And just what are you trying to put forward? Nothing new here. Yeah, we all know our kicking efficiency is not good. Tell us something we don't know, Blind Freddy.
  8. Neeld loves him. Didn't he say something in a DeeTV draft discussion something about Melbourne needing more grunt? That he would put his faith in a grunt stopping Dane Swan on a queens birthday Monday? Didn't refer to his name, but was talking about a late pick or rookie selection. Was pretty clear that it was Magner and perhaps Couch. Every other team could have drafted Magner before us if they wanted to, and they didn't.
  9. Really good point you make O50. Geelong have also had strong elements of that culture, which came out in 2 of their 3 flags. Can turn a good team into a great team. It is the antithesis of what we have ATM. If we can instilled a small amount of that in our Casey based MFC players we benefit in the long term. Could be a positive of not rushing Cook, Fitz, Gys, etc into the seniors before they 'earn' it.
  10. Amazing what predictive text can do four spelling!
  11. Yes, I see your point. However, I hardly think GWS or GC will take what CS has to say seriously. They know what they have to do to make us take him, and so far they have both indicated that they will do just that. I was making the point (separate from yours) that it annoys me to hear CS talk about the list and up coming draft as if it is his place to manage that. It was one of the main criticisms of him last year, that he tends to get involved unduly in matters of the FD.
  12. I did like the tread title on Demonology that said something like: "Jamar admits: I only like the tapping part!"
  13. Honestly, get over it. And if a young 'gun' wanted to come to us in similar circumstances...? I think we'd be rubbing our hands together with delight. This Scully sooking is getting very boring.
  14. Is this CS picking the list again? What MFC team did he write on a napkin this time? Keep your hands out of the football dept, Cam. Not impressed, if true.
  15. Honestly, we are hardly top 4 material so let's stop puffing our chest out to denigrate a young man who will, in all likelyhood, prove to be a very good player, whatever he is paid. Sure, he's not staring ATM, but there's a reason he was pick 1 and is on good coin. FFS, we are 1 game + % off last place! I find it interesting to read threads about who'd we like (or not) to get with FA and RFA coming in at the end of the year. We won't hear any players saying before the season is finished that they'll be leaving for greener pastures. Yet many of us hope like hell that one or two come across to u
  16. Unduly rough contact? Intentional? Contact severe? Just shoot the dog.
  17. Oh, well its sorted then. Thanks for letting us know. We were all concerned.
  18. Yeah, I think you are right on that one. Martin seems to really enjoy having the first ruck roll to himself. He seems to need consistency and continuity in one position. Looks more settled covering the ground as a whole and not being kept solely up forward, in the back line or on the pine.
  19. I reckon it won't be long before Judd starts squirrelling or doing a Hopoate. Great player, champion, but what a weasel act to do to a defencless player on the ground. If I was a Norf supporter, I would be very proud of my players reaction to Judd's arm twist. Putting him straight on his arse.
  20. Every game is winnable. I thought we'd have 3-4 games won in the first half of the season. I honestly don't think that we can win more than 2 for the rest of the season. Who else are we likely to beat? GWS and GC? After GCs performance today, that's not a lock in. I think we'll finish 16th on % only from GWS and GC.
  21. Great comeback match from McDonald. For a young guy to have a punctured lung (or what ever was wrong with his lung) and play so well on his return match was a highlight for me. Showed considerable poise and maturity for a teenager. Thank god we re-signed him!
  22. Has anyone considered that we are only one game (and %) away from last?
  23. Would he prefer to stay at Geelong and end his days as a one club player? Leaving as a FA would perhaps dilute his legacy down in Sleepy Hollow. Some players are not concerned with this. To others this is important, especially if they have played during a great flag era. If he was available to us, I guess we'd have to weigh up what he would provide (and cost) in only one or two years, as opposed to a 25/26/27 year old high level player who might be with us for 4-5 yrs, into a so-called premiership window. These sorts of issues are going to be more and more important in the next few years as FA
  24. Didn't know I was your 'son', old man. It's pretty hard to reason with someone who uses the justification above to prove their case. If you argue with fools, you end up looking like one. Over and out on this thread.
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