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  1. Who was Lynch’s opponent last week?
  2. The Australian Academy team to play Geelong tomorrow morning:- FB: Blayne O’Loughlin, Rhett Bazzo, Josh Fahey HB: Jase Burgoyne, Josh Gibcus, Finn Callaghan C: Nasiah Wanganeen, Tyler Sonsie, Matt Roberts HF: Matthew Johnson, Jacob Van Rooyen, Blake Howes FF: Neil Erasmus, Jack Williams, Josh Rachele FOL: Ned Moyle, Nick Daicos, Jason Horne BENCH: Mac Andrew, Toby Conway, Cooper Hamilton, Austin Harris, Lachlan Rankin, Ned Stevens INJURED: Braden Andrews, Sam Banks, Campbell Chesser, Ben Hobbs, Cooper Murley, Josh Sinn
  3. A Saints supporter admitted to me over the weekend that he’s envious of us for having a player with Jackson’s talent and ability. Say he rates him higher than Max King because of his athleticism. This bloke rarely concedes anything about other clubs but on Jackson, he says he’s convinced.
  4. Sounds promising. You don’t get selected as captain for nothing.
  5. “Melbourne all over us, we can’t seem to move the ball at all, delivery into forward 50 very poor.” “MAXXXYYYYYY. What a star.” (not referring to our Max) “Nice kick King. Melbourne should be a few more up, umps got us back into it with a few frees to King. Our running game is non existent, gotta figure out how to get it going in the 2nd quarter.” “We had them on toast and let the pressure off by lairising, turning the ball over ... Brad Hill... are you serious?” “Who's playing on fritch ?” (posted three times) “Clark has been abducted by aliens and replace
  6. Absolutely - joeboy must have gone to the kitchen to make a cup of tea in the second quarter when Jordon got 10 disposals.
  7. Alternatively, we might be going after Cedric Cox for him to trial as a possible Pre-Season Supplemental Selection in the same way that Harley Bennell tried out last year.
  8. Wishful thinking to expect Hawthorn to beat the Bulldogs who are coming off a very benevolent draw which has seen them stay in Queensland for quite a while and with a recent bye, all of which ensures that they have plenty of petroleum in their tank. They have all the incentive to win today and should do it easily against the Hawks who gave up caring a little while ago.
  9. Jeez, they’re really savage on Billings and King over there.
  10. A former top 10 pick and only 23 years old will probably be on the lookout for a new club at the end of the year. He’s been hit by injury over the last couple of seasons and might relish being at a new club. Would we look at getting him?
  11. We won 4 out of the 5 games we played in the month of August. The one which he didn’t play in was a loss and it was the game Jonesy didn’t play in.
  12. Long time since I played footy but will never forget the season when I suffered a quad injury. It was painful trying to kick the ball and I ended up missing four matches. When I came back, I felt a niggle as I ran onto the ground after half time and when I got a kick, the same pain was there but worse. Missed the finals and was still having pain in the quad area well into summer. Advice to Pendlebury: give it a rest for another week.
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