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  1. Are there Victorian clubs interested in him?
  2. I thought Daisy suffered a bad knee at the end of the last season and might miss part of the season?
  3. The pool of genuine ruckmen in the current draft is not deep. Remember, the mid season draft took some of the best prospects out of the picture 6 months early. See below - players bolded can play in the ruck - 2021 MID-SEASON DRAFT SELECTIONS 1. North Melbourne - Jacob Edwards (Sandringham - athletic key forward/ruck) 2. Hawthorn - Jai Newcombe (Box Hill Hawks - powerful inside midfielder) 3. Collingwood - Ash Johnson (Sturt - high leaping third tall forward) 4. Adelaide - Patrick Parnell (Murray Bushrangers - aggressive rebounding defender) 5. Gold Coast - Ned Moyle (Oakleigh Chargers - competitive ruck) 6. Carlton - Alex Mirkov (Carlton VFL - project ruck) 7. St Kilda - Max Heath (Sandringham Dragons - aggressive ruck) 8. GWS - James Peatling (GWS VFL - damaging utility) 9. Essendon - Sam Durham (Richmond VFL - skilful general defender/outside midfielder) 10. Richmond - Matthew Parker (South Fremantle - talented forward) 11. West Coast - Will Collins (Swan Districts - negating defender) 12. Sydney - Lachlan McAndrew (Sydney VFL - project ruck) 13. Port Adelaide - Jed McEntee (Sturt - small pressure forward/midfielder) 14. Brisbane - Kalin Lane (Claremont - competitive tap ruck) 15. Melbourne - Kye Declase (Werribee - tall utility) 16. North Melbourne - Charlie Ham (Geelong Falcons - quick general defender/outside midfielder) 17. Hawthorn - Jackson Callow (Norwood - strong marking key position player) 18. Collingwood - Aiden Begg (Eastern Ranges - competitive key position player) 19. Gold Coast - pass 20. Carlton - Jordan Boyd (Footscray VFL - rebounding defender/small forward) 21. St Kilda - Cooper Sharman (Oakleigh Chargers/Woodville-West Torrens - high leaping third tall forward) 22. Essendon - pass 23. West Coast - Connor West (West Perth - speedy outside midfield) 24. Melbourne - Daniel Turner (Murray Bushrangers - strong marking third tall defender) 25. Carlton - pass 26. St Kilda - pass 27. St Kilda - pass A mate of mine is involved in the system of one of the NAB League Under 19 squads and his view is that there’s not only an extreme shortage of capable ruck prospects but also some of the clubs were using “short” ruckmen. Only a few decent candidates and the older ruckmen in the pool are mainly duds.
  4. Has he played much on the forward line? Also, why is he not getting games at lowly Adelaide?
  5. Correct. The big Moment for that is 3 weeks away when trade week starts. We do have other things to deal with first.
  6. Declase is more of a utility who is capable of playing as a tall defender. Turner will hopefully learn from May and Lever to fill in the breach when there’s time to for them to go. We aren’t guaranteed of getting Andrew and Bradtke is said to be less than 50/50 to remain. The best option you’ve suggested is Petty to go forward. The next is we draft a young key tall. Otherwise, do our best to keep him.
  7. Hoping Razor Ray’s Melbourne %age goes to over 70 tonight.
  8. I remember watching one of those Norwood premierships and cheering them on to the flag against Port Adelaide. I think it was about 1984. They had a couple of champion Magery Medalists in Michael Aish (uncle of Fremantle’s James) and Garry McIntosh who several clubs tried to lure to Victoria without success. Watching their victory celebrations was a shallow substitute for the feeling of winning a flag that’s eluded us to this very day. Norwood people hated Port Adelaide and I hope they come out in their numbers today.
  9. And it did exactly that. Carlton went on to become a premiership force and we went downhill quickly.
  10. Does anyone have a link to the game which is apparently being streamed on the net?
  11. Bombers are playing for their season. I’m not a big fan of theirs but will be interested to see how they deal with the situation compared to how we did in recent seasons when we had our chances.
  12. Interesting story about how we recruited him and how he worked hard on his game to become a Brownlow Medalist and then how we lost him due to financial and salary cap issues. It never seemed right to me that he played out his career at Collingwood. Brief mention of his family but not of the fact that Taj could be in the AFL system next year.
  13. That Toby Greene needs to be stopped. He snagged 5 last time.
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